Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 633

Chapter 633: Dark knight

In a mere moment, Cai’er took the lead to finally reach that black knight emitting particles of purple color.

These skeletons visibly became more powerful with the addition of the black knight. Cai’er’s speed of advance was lowered, and the skeletons glinted in purple, becoming far more powerful than the previous skeletons, be it in offensive power or resistance. Cai’er had therefore to protect herself, as well as Long Haochen carried on her back, and couldn’t advance prematurely. But even so, these purple skeletons were still decimated one by one in front of her Sickle of the God of Death, as she approached the black knight.

 The black knight had a purplish black flame pulsing inside his eyes. His look was focused on Cai’er, slowly taking up the five-meter-long spear hanging on his horse’s saddle.

This knight was over three meters tall, and that height reached over four meters with the addition of that mount, a skeleton horse extending over two meters. This was simply a giant compared to Cai’er.

Purplish black flames instantly rose on the top of his blazing spear, and the skeleton horse’s front limbs were raised. Immediately the air in the scope of the purplish light became suddenly sticky. Cai’er felt clearly that her body became suddenly stagnant, and immediately, that myriad of purple dots of light gathered to the spear in his hand. In a flash of purple electric light, it was thrust at Cai’er like an electric shock.


In just one move, this black knight startled the whole Bright Glimmer of Hope. The aura liberated by this guy clearly reached the standard of a powerhouse of the ninth step. Even if that was the initial stage of the ninth step, that was still quite a thing. What’s more, from the interaction they had with the other holy guards, their strengths were definitely not limited to their ranking. They had all mastered martial techniques far above powerhouses of the same grade.

Cai’er didn’t dodge: as a comrade was at her back, dodging would just make Zhang Fangfang bear the brunt.

But right at this time, a golden shadow streaked across her side, turning entirely purple in the midst of its elevation. Myriads of streaks of thunder appeared, bombarding all directions. That was Sima Xian’s Purple Thunder Electric Frenzy.

Sima Xian was not assisting Cai’er in resisting the black knight’s attack, but assisting her in disposing of the surrounding skeletons, so that she could focus wholeheartedly on the black knight. This was a sign of their trust in each other: they all believed that Cai’er would be able to deal with this attack of the enemy.

If Long Haochen was the one confronting this attack of the black knight, he would without doubt stop it with the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

But Cai’er wasn’t Long Haochen. She didn’t have such formidable defensive power, so if she just defended passively, there’s no way she would stop this mighty attack which reached the ninth step in power. As an assassin, her greatest force was her attack, so all she could do was to meet force with force.

Her left feet abruptly treading forward, continuous overlapping images of Cai’er appeared behind her. The Sickle of the God of Death struck forward, a grey crystal condensing on its front end, precisely striking the dark purple glow.

This instant, the air seemed to congeal, as a strange scene came to view. The series of overlaying images on Cai’er’s back abruptly flashed down again, and as she turned, similar to an illusion, uncountable overlaying Cai’ers took shape.

Immediately, the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand lit up, and in the midst of its grey radiance, the black knight’s purple glow was obliterated.

The black skeletons surrounding Cai’er were all smashed away by the purple thunder, so only one enemy was standing in front of her at the moment.

A large figure rushed upwards, that was Sima Xian. In the air, he followed after his Energetic Ball of Light, his spiritual wings extended. The whole Energetic Ball of Light was glinting in purple light, and Sima Xian’s chest was shining in a scarlet colored brilliance.

Sima Xian’s previous spot was already taken over by Yang Wenzhao, which didn’t create any hole in the formation.

Blocking the black knight’s attack, Cai’er’s face looked slightly pale, but she didn’t pause. Her figure flashed, appearing in front of that black knight at rapid speed, practically the same as teleportation. But one must know that she was carrying Long Haochen on her back, yet this seemed not to affect her speed in the slightest.


The spear in the black knight’s hand flashed, immediately turning into a large shade shrouding Cai’er. In the meantime, a dark purple halo rippled from his body, only reaching a diameter of ten meters, but rising from the ground with a solidified feel. The darkness essence in this third floor of the Tower of Eternity immediately rushed forth to him. This felt a bit close to Long Haochen’s knight ability Storing Power, except that Long Haochen needed to remain unmoving to use it, while the black knight didn’t suffer this restriction. As long as his body would remain in the area of this halo, the Storing Power would persist, making his fighting strength even more terrible.

Cai’er acted as if she didn’t see all of it. In front of his myriad spear strikes, Cai’er’s body suddenly turned illusory, and all the illusory images were shattered by the spear strikes. Her real body appeared behind the black knight. The Sickle of the God of Death became ready to strike then, aiming right at the black knight’s back. 

The black knight didn’t turn back, because he was far too late. The back of his spear approached, pointed toward the sharp end of the Sickle of the God of Death.

Cai’er’s body shook violently. It was natural that she had no way to compare with the enemies in spiritual energy.

But a whole piece of that black spear was sliced by her Sickle of the God of Death. And more terrible, a multiple layered blade projection came out like a lotus flower from the Sickle of the God of Death. It shrouded that black knight all the way from behind, giving him no opportunity at all. 

The black knight was also a tough opponent. Making prompt decisions, he squatted down from the horse and abruptly dashed forward, as a dark purple shield made of energy appeared behind him.

The Sickle of the God of Death really had a terrifying offensive power. In a mere second, that shield of energy was crushed and disappeared, but that managed to stall some time for black knight. Turning, the spear in his hand was swept horizontally.

Bang. With a stuffy groan, Cai’er’s body was immediately swept back. It wasn’t that she didn’t think of dodging, but she couldn’t at all. The instant of that black knight’s move, all the surrounding air congealed, and her speed dropped greatly.

This very moment, a violent surge of thunder rumbled. Nearby came down a purple pillar of light, rushing straight toward the black knight.

Sima Xian’s Godly Purple Thunder Cannon was done gathering power since long ago, and was only waiting for the black knight to show a gap.

And he was not the only one making a move. A resonant phoenix cry was concealed in the midst of the bombardment of thunder. The Phoenix of Blue Fire lifted itself high and dashed at the black knight behind the purple thunder.

Sima Xian and Lin Xin were using their full power: Purple Godly Thunder Cannon and Phoenix of Blue Fire were their strongest attacks!

Bright Glimmer of hope wouldn’t let a single person fight alone. Cai’er having drawn the black knight’s attention, their attacks displayed the greatest efficiency.

Lin Xin’s Phoenix of Blue Fire had an enormous change compared to two years ago. First, it was much smaller in volume, and didn’t reach two meters even with its two wings unfolded, looking just like a large bird. But, this Phoenix of Blue Fire was much prettier than before. With no flames rising around its body, it looked like a perfect sculpture of crystal. Three pretty tail feathers were undulating on its back, standing out even in the midst of the pretty hairs all over its body, making it feel just like a living creature. Its eyes were glinting brilliantly, filled with intense flames.

This black knight was really powerful. Flying past Cai’er to confront the incoming attack, he suddenly jumped from the bone horse’s back, raising his upper body and blowing a dark purple flame which turned into a shield in front of him.

But how could this dark purple fire possibly resist Sima Xian’s Gigantic Ball of Light wielded alongside the evolved Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder?

The shield was instantly crushed and the attack from the Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder bombarded the skeleton horse.

Immediately, the skeleton horse let out a loud sound as if clashing against the opposite wall and producing a large bang. As the dark knight was knocked back, the horse’s head and half its body were reduced to shreds, the dark knight naturally getting thrown down as a result.

Against the panther Demon God Anxerre, Sima Xian had managed to fend off the enemy using this Purple Godly Thunder Cannon, and that was when the latter was in his Demon God Transformed form. Neither the black knight nor its mount could compare with that Panther Demon God in strength, so naturally they couldn’t stop this blow.

However, the skeleton horse’s sacrifice was not futile at all. Although it was reduced to pieces in the explosion, this blocked a great part of the Purple Godly Thunder Cannon’s attack strength, and only some aftermath landed on the black knight. But purple light lingered in the knight’s whole body, slightly reducing its speed. And at this time came Lin Xin’s Blue Fire Phoenix.

A resonant phoenix cry finally resounded in the whole third floor of the Tower of Eternity, as the knight fell to the ground, pointing his spear forward to shoot a spear projection at the Blue Fire Phoenix’s head in an attempt to destroy it.

But the Blue Fire Phoenix suddenly became stagnant in midair, abruptly turning into a blue light in the air and instantly disappearing.

This was a needle sized blue light which took a flash to pierce through the black knight’s spear.

The black knight clearly sensed the immense threat. As it let out a shrill, an intense purple light rose around his body, where all the darkness aura gained in substance. A ball of dark color, wrapped in purple lit up on his chest. his body came to a standstill, and as the purple light curled up, he seemed just like a sculpture which had been standing for a long time.

This was clearly a technique of passive defense, quite close to Divine Obstruction.

The next instant, the power of the Spiritual Stove of Blue Fire Phoenix flared up.

The spear in the black knight’s hand melted from the tip, and the blue color extended at a frantic speed, reaching its arm in the blink of an eye. Just looking at that black knight’s spear and right arm, one could shockingly see all of it vaporizing under the blue light, leaving not a single trace behind. And, the blue light kept extending through its body, locking onto that purplish-black ball on the skeleton’s chest, and clashing intensely.

The Blue Fire Phoenix was just too powerful. That terrifying temperature already caused twists in the nearby air. Although that black ball made it stop, the black knight’s right arm still dissolved swiftly, up to the chest.

And this time, a sharp flash of grey swang at the black knight’s back. The incarnation of death that had appeared priorly then shot a gray ray into the sharp flash of gray.

The flash of gray caused the purplish-black ball to shatter in response, at the same time as the left side of the black knight’s body.

The Blue Fire Phoenix having nothing to stop it anymore, immediately extended at an astonishing speed, igniting that dark knight’s whole body thoroughly in the blink of an eye.

A purplish black flame extricated from the black knight’s head, and a quite sharp voice resounded, “Eighth holy guard, listening to your orders.” As these words came to an end, he turned into a purple glow, disappearing inside the Eternal Melody hanging on Cai’er’s neck.

The whole process from the start of the battle to its end wasn’t very long. Even Cai’er herself didn’t expect that they would actually vanquish this eighth holy guard so easily.

Without a doubt, the greatest contributors in this battle were Sima Xian and Lin Xin. Purple Godly Thunder Cannon and the Phoenix of Blue Fire were the greatest contributors in disposing of this knight of darkness. Cai’er herself didn’t get to show a display of her full power at all. 

Along with the death of the black knight, the surrounding world of darkness immediately distorted, and those black skeletons also disappeared in these twists.

When the surroundings became more clearly visible, they found out that they were now in an extended pathway.

This place was a bit similar to the first floor of the Tower of Eternity, except that the surrounding pillars were all black. Afar off, a drizzling white curtain of light came to sight.

Cai’er took a deep breath and nodded to Lin Xin and Sima Xian.

Right now, the two of them were already sitting cross-legged. Sima Xian was better off, as he had the Scarlet Dragon Armor to weaken the backlash of the Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder on his body. It was just his spiritual energy that was rather used up. But Lin Xin was not so well off. His Spiritual Stove of Blue Fire Phoenix gained a much greater might than before, but it also made the backlash even stronger, and the consumption of spiritual energy considerable. As a reminder, they were facing a powerhouse of the ninth step, but even this black knight of the ninth step was melted in front of his Blue Fire Phoenix. This was his strongest attack, actually far more powerful than Vulcain’s Finger. If it were not to gain as much time as possible to save Long Haochen, this wasn’t a move he would use casually.

Sima Xian said to Cai’er, “Vice-captain, don’t worry about the two of us. Now that we have passed through this trial, this place is already safe. Just keep advancing with the others, we will be joining after recovering a bit.”

Only light attribute users or Cai’er’s death attribute would be able to recover their spiritual energy in the Tower of Eternity. The other individuals would be unable to rely on the elemental essence in there and need to use magical crystals.

Right now, Lin Xin was holding a fire magical crystal of the eighth step in each hand, rapidly recovering his spiritual energy. These were not magical crystals coming out from demons but magical beasts, because only that way can it be devoid of darkness attributes.

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