Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 632

Chapter 632: Only one hope (III)

The skeletons were all black, just like this world. The only light produced in this world was that which came out from the soulfire burning in their eyes.

When Cai’er’s group moved, the tide of skeletons also moved, flocking endlessly, and holding high various weapons to attack them.

Extending the spiritual wings on her back, Cai’er didn’t remain with the team. She originally should be a wandering unit as an assassin. In a flash, she outpaced Zhang Fangfang, and pierced through the frontline, like a sharp dagger thrusting fiercely in the midst of the sea of skeletons.

As early as two years ago, they had already passed the trials on the first two floors and could enter the third one but didn’t do so at all. Now that they had finally entered, the trial in this third floor should not be too difficult to them.

But upon really charging into the sea of skeletons, Cai’er immediately felt a massive pressure. The trial of this third floor was above the second floor in difficulty by far.

This was not just a mere stepping point, but an even larger test; not a one versus one, but a team battle.

In a flicker of grey radiance, a large area of skeletons were reduced to fragments as the Sickle of the God of Death was swept around. In just one strike, Cai’er extinguished the soulfire of over twenty skeletons, but she could sense that these skeletons actually had the strength of human powerhouses of the sixth step. They didn’t have as good battle techniques as the holy guards, but their numbers were simply endless.

But right at this time, their strength as a team became visible. Four halos of light spread out almost simultaneously, covering an enormous area.

These four golden halos were naturally released by the four Temple Knights in their ranks.

Long Haochen was not present, but their team was still formed mostly with knights. And they were all the top of the younger generation of knights: Temple Knights of the seventh step!

Four halos released the same ability, the Guardian Knights’ Halo of Holy Protection.

Able to raise the efficiency of any attacks on enemies of darkness attributes, it also weakened the elemental attribute and speed of the targets in question.

Because of being used simultaneously by four Temple Knights, this halo managed to cover an area of several hundred square meters. The incoming sea of skeleton was greatly slowed down, immediately overpowered by Cai’er who stood on the frontline.

This time, Cai’er’s terrifying offensive strength was fully displayed. Having recovered her memories, she also recovered the whole formation she had as an assassin since her childhood. The Sickle of the God of Death in her hand descended like a real incarnation of death.

Gray glints filled with terrifying destructive power came down on the battlefield, breaking a large area of skeletons in pieces everywhere it passed. Under her lead, all Bright Glimmer of Light went through the sea of skeletons at a frightening speed.

The Demonic Eye Commander was now floating above Han Yu’s head, releasing incorporeal waves of mental force through the skeletons’ ranks, looking for the main culprit behind their creation.

Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian defended the sidelines. With Long Haochen’s death, their hearts had been repressing extreme sorrow and anger, which was all vented out on this sea of skeletons. Their golden and silvery figures alone took out all the enemies on the sidelines, turning into fine powders all the black skeletons on whom their attacks landed.

Lin Xin did not stay idle either. The Fire Cloud Staff launched a Meteor Shower like a magic cannon, indiscriminately bombing the incoming skeletons.

As they attacked these skeletons, everyone gradually gained some benefits.

The same situation as in the first floor of the Tower of Eternity took place.

In the first floor, they didn’t encounter too many skeletons, but every one of them supplied with a boost of ten spiritual energy, causing the first burst of growth in the Demon Hunt Squad, surpassing their boundaries to make them the number one Demon Hunt Squad of the younger generation.

For now, these skeletons didn’t likewise supply ten spiritual energy for each of them, but every one killed boosted their spiritual energy by one unit.

Don’t look down on this single unit. A single one or two killed made nothing obvious, but all the hundreds of them that were killed provided hundreds of spiritual energy.

If Long Haochen hadn’t just gotten killed by the Demon God Emperor, they would surely all be cheering for this formidable discovery. There would be no need to actually look for the guard of darkness: they would only need to keep making a killing to greatly increase their spiritual energy.

But this was impossible to them now. They had to break through this stage the fastest possible to resurrect their captain in time.

Suddenly Cai’er, who was the deepest in the frontlines just ahead, made a sudden turn in midair, and returned to the midst of her comrades’ formation.

“Halt!” In a low shout, she stuck of Sickle of the God of Death to the ground. An incarnation of death slowly took shape behind her, becoming distinct rapidly. Crossing both its hands, a mystical symbol took shape in the hands of that incarnation of death.

The symbols were all white and rapidly formed a spherical ring of light, constituted with countless microscopic particles.

Cai’er stepped back while Zhang Fangfang immediately stepped up imposingly, rushing toward the large tide of black skeleton soldiers. 

His left feet tread on the ground, and as he kept hold of his shield, the heavy sword in his right hand was held upwards. Zhang Fangfang abruptly shouted loudly, and countless golden glints burst out from his sword, rendering an enormous surrounding area gold colored.

Light of Trial.

Of course, these skeletons of the sixth step didn’t all immediately die under the illumination of Light of Trial, but their soulfire pulsed violently, as they drew back in panic. Some closer ones were smashed to pieces at once, and the surrounding breath of darkness depleted to a large degree.

This instant, Cai’er’s spell was completed.

“Get purified!” These words came out coldly from her mouth, as the incarnation of death condensed in the air spread abruptly. With an extending white halo, those black skeletons all turned white, rendered motionless.

The sudden appearance of a large area of white skeletons in this world of darkness gave off a feeling of extreme strangeness.

Immediately, these white skeletons turned into white vapour, rising into the air toward the incarnation of death. Their souls were absorbed in the midst of that expanse of white, making the grey incarnation of death only more substantial.

A magnificent grey armor covered his whole body, seemingly every piece of the armor was formed with sharp blades glittering sparklingly. The only area unclear to view was its face, looking as hazy as the night, abstruse beyond compare.

Cai’er soared once again in a movement, appearing in front of Zhang Fangfang. Waving the Sickle of the God of Death, she returned to lead her comrades to keep fighting. In the mere previous instant, she had purified over a thousand black skeletons, raising her spiritual energy by over a thousand units as well.

This moment, the distant black skeletons came to a sudden stop, getting out the way and forming a passage.

This instant, the black skeletons all quieted down and immediately, tinkling sounds of a horse’s hooves rose. These clatters became more and more distinctly heard.

A stalwart figure came to the group’s view.

This stalwart figure was entirely clad in black armor, mounted on a huge horse armored as well. The two of them dispersed a dark purple halation, and upon his appearance, the dark essence in the air immediately rose sharply. In an area extending to a hundred meters around him, dark purple blossoms of light were seen rising up.

Coming out on his own? This black knight coming to view should be the one testing them. The trials in the Tower of Eternity were hard, but certainly not impossible to pass. If the black skeletons in here were really inexhaustible, even a powerhouse of the level of the Demon God Emperor would sooner or later be stalled to death. So these inexhaustible skeletons were only a kind of preemptive test toward them. Because a certain amount of black skeletons were killed, this black knight which was very possibly the eighth holy guard appeared as a matter of fact in front of them.

“Come have a go with me” Cai’er shouted and immediately rushed forward. The Sickle of the God of Death was placed on her side, its sharp end leaving a deep mark on the ground. A fierce murderous spirit burst out instantly from her body, and that instant, Cai’er’s whole body was covered in a sparklingly translucent grey drizzle.

She very rapidly approached the center of that sea of skeletons, and the time she tried to breach through that passage, the black skeletons on both sides threw themselves at her, attempting to stop her advance.

Cai’er had a cold demeanor but a fiery temper, burning like an inexhaustible flame. In that very moment, all kinds of memories from her time with Long Haochen resurged. No matter how powerful the enemy was, she would only keep advancing. Nothing else than death could stop her advance anymore.

That incarnation of death that had just absorbed a large amount of souls followed Cai’er forward, just like her shadow. But it didn’t use any apparent abilities, only releasing the same grey color as Cai’er from its body, an extremely auspicious grey.

Zhang Fangfang and the rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope followed behind Cai’er at a rapid speed. In the meantime, as Cai’er faced off the encirclement of the black skeletons on the sidelines, they also breached through this sea of skeletons.

How could these black skeletons of the sixth step simply block their advance? Just like before, they kept advancing and were rapidly catching up with Cai’er.

Every wave of the Sickle of the God of Death in Cai’er’s hands was certain to take the lives of many skeletons. After getting killed by her weapon, these black skeletons all turned into gray streams of air, pouring themselves into the shadow of death in the air.

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