Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 631

Chapter 631: Only one hope (II)


As the voice stopped at this point, the green traces disappeared.

Right, that was the thin hope of survival that Cai’er had, which gave her the strength to lead all of Bright Glimmer of Hope to fly away from Modu.

The instant she came in contact with Long Haochen’s corpse, this voice spread to her mind, telling her that Long Haochen still had a hope for survival. So no matter how sad Cai’er was, she brought Long Haochen away from there, to put him in safety in the Tower of Eternity, in order to find that hope of resurrection.

“That… That voice is...” Wang Yuanyuan blankly said.

“I know! It’s that girl from the Illusory Paradise. No mistake, that’s her.” Lin Xin bounced wildly.

Grabbing Lin Xin’s shoulder, Han Yu excitingly shouted, “Yes, yes! Ye Xiaolei! It’s her; she has a some kind of contract relationship with captain, and is the one who came to our aid. So Captain has some hope of revival. There’s a hope!”

The previous grim atmosphere was swept clean that instant, and everyone regained some hope. But even if they were doing their utmost to wipe their tears away, these tears were not wiped clean by any means. Unlike their previous tears, these were tears of excitement! Even if there was only a little hope, they had to grab it at any cost.

Cai’er tightly embraced Long Haochen and her tears flowed once again. But she didn’t keep immersing herself in the sadness, abruptly shouting, “Does anyone has a rope or a chain?”

Sima Xian responded, “I do!” Then he took out a dark golden chain from his storage ring. This chain reached about five meters length, just like his Gigantic Ball of Light’s chain. It was obviously used as a spare one.

Cai’er took this chain, holding Long Haochen in a standing position, as she looked at the top of the first floor of the tower, speaking in a categorical way, “Seven days. We only have a time of seven days; in this time, we must climb to the top of the Tower of Eternity and obtain the inheritance of the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux..”

“Yes--” Everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope agreed boisterously. That spurt of vigor gave the group a sort of torrential feeling.

“I am going too!” The same words came almost simultaneously from both Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.

Their wounds were much better, and although fighting would be a bit difficult, how could they cower at such a time?

Cai’er didn’t say much more, only telling the nearby Wang Yuanyuan, “Help me lay Haochen on my back with this chain. With him fighting alongside us, there is nothing that could possibly stop our advance.”

“Yes!” Wang Yuanyuan raised no objection and immediately got to work. The third girl of the group, Chen Ying’er, also let go of Yang Wenzhao’s embrace, and helped place Long Haochen’s body on Cai’er’s back.

The tall and robustly built Long Haochen on Cai’er’s back visibly made a baffling scene. His arms and legs had to be wrapped around Cai’er’s body, and in the end his legs had to be coiled around her waist, to bind him firmly.

Feeling Long Haochen’s weight, the determination in Cai’er’s eyes grew even further in intensity. In a flash of gray light, the Sickle of the God of Death appeared in her grasp. Maybe this was due to the recovery of her memories, but the instant it appeared in her hand, the brilliance emitted by this divine tool was completely different from before. Letting out blasts of killing intent, the sickle became even more sparklingly radiating.

“We are going.” Saying that, Cai’er took large strides toward the second floor of the Tower of Eternity.

The members of Bright Glimmer of Hope plus Zhang Fangfang, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi on the rear formed a total of nine persons, who stepped up the stairs directly.

The trials on the first and second floor were all already completed ahead of time, and they had the four holy guards’ approval. And now, the four holy guards inside the Eternal Melody on Cai’er’s chest all became her guards. Only, they couldn’t give help in their fights inside the Tower of Eternity.

After entering the second floor, everyone released their spiritual wings and headed deep ahead.

They had never entered the third floor of the Tower of Eternity before: after they came to learn from the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, that Elux had put the human world in a terrible state and was the main cause of their extremely weakened state that followed, the group never kept going up these stairs. But now was different: Cai’er was taking the place of Long Haochen to become that successor, and had to succeed at any cost to resurect Long Haochen. They had not only to continue to go ahead, but moreover reach the seventh floor where they would be able to obtain the inheritance of the Slumbering Calamity Elux.

So, they didn’t dare tarry in the slightest. Seven days, that was all the time they had. If Long Haochen wasn’t resurrected by then, they would have no more chance ever again.

Now was no time to ponder over the difficulties that would be encountered on the next four floors. Even if they would face trials on the Demon God Emperor’s level, Cai’er wouldn’t stop their advance. If Long Haochen were to really die, she would definitely follow him in that fate.

Very rapidly, they reached the passage from the second to the third floor. Then Cai’er turned back and looked at her comrades following behind her.

Han Yu announced her, “Cai’er, until Captain resurects, please be our captain. Issue your orders, and even at the cost of our lives, we will give you our help until the very end.”

Cai’er took a deep breath. She didn’t voice her thanks, but nodded vigorously, and was the first one to go through the teleporting passage.

With a glint, a fantastic teleportation brought the group to the third floor.

Right after entering, everyone felt a chill at the same time, as the surrounding atmosphere visibly became sticky.

This was a world where they no longer needed to remain afloat, and where they could see just an expanse of darkness.

The ground was made of black bricks and in the sky was a dark purple moon. Upon arriving here, they felt as if they were in another world. And this world seemed endless.

As far as the eye can see, there was no end to the scenery, only endless darkness. In the midst of this endless darkness, countless deep purple flames pulsed: these were soulfires, ones characteric of skeleton soldiers.

Right, in this third floor of the Tower of Eternity, what came to their sight were an endless sea of skeletons. And they were accompanied only by an endless expanse of darkness. In that place there only existed a darkness essence accompanied with a dense deathly stillness.

But no matter what the enemies were, all members of Bright Glimmer of Hope only had determination in their eyes. They only had one goal, and that was to go through all the obstructions to resurrect Long Haochen.

To the others’ surprise, Cai’er didn’t immediately break through that sea of skeletons, looking cold and calm, instead of getting in a hysterical state of frenzy.

She really wanted to recklessly make her way through, but she couldn’t. That’s because she knew that they only had one chance, and couldn’t waste the slightest time. So she couldn’t go fight blindly, but had to go through all the trials in the shortest time, which was her current objective.

“In the first and second floor, we were tested by the four great holy guards, whose elements were fire, ice, earth and wind, which are the four most fundamental elements. From how it looks, we are going to face darkness element in this trial of the third floor. As the holy guards had told us before, they are a total of twelve. So the one who will be testing us here is the holy guard of darkness element.

“The skeletons in the Tower of Eternity are different from the ones from Haoyue’s world. Everyone has already experienced their strength; so many skeletons are enough to stall us until death. There won’t be any end if we try to kill them all, and who knows how long it will take. So we mustn’t go kill them blindly, but look for that holy guard of darkness and defeat it to pass through this trial.”

Cai’er’s clear voice reverberated in the third floor. Her speech gradually calmed down the impetuous others, who found out to their surprise that even without Long Haochen’s command, Cai’er, who became their temporary captain, took that duty perfectly, managing to still remain cool-headed.

A feeling of confidence arose in every Demon Hunter from Bright Glimmer of Hope. Right, it was long since the establishment of this Demon Hunt Squad that it revolved around two cores. Only, Cai’er’s brilliance was concealed behind Long Haochen so far.

The current Cai’er was not only the one chosen by the God of Death, but had all her original memories back. With Long Haochen dead and having only one chance of ressurecting him, Cai’er didn’t have the slightest heart to keep concealing and exercising restraint. She had to lead the group with her all to win over this last chance.

“Han Yu,” Cai’er called out.

“Yes.” Han Yu stepped forward.

Cai’er ordered, “In a bit, we will be launching all out attacks. When the battle starts, that holy guard of darkness concealed in the midst of the skeletons surely won’t stay undisturbed. Use the best of your Demonic Eye Commander to find him and lock him down.”

“Yes!” Han Yu immediately responded while he summoned the Demonic Eye Commander.

“Zhang Fangfang, forward. Yang Wenzhao, Duan Yi, and Han Yu, behind. The rest goes as usual. Ying’er, don’t expend your spiritual energy on other summons than McDull. Go!!”

With her last call, Cai’er waved the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand. Zhang Fangfang stood behind his heavy shield, while moving over toward that sea of skeletons.

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