Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 619

Chapter 619: Yue Ye’s network (II) 

Actually she was a very calm and steady, wise and farsighted girl, but at this instant, she really couldn’t control her repressed feelings. Long Haochen actually appearing so overtly in front of her was just such an inconceivable thing! Even if he was now very close, she still felt as if in a dream.

Long Haochen showed a calm smile, “Why wouldn’t I dare come? So what if the core city is the den of the tiger?”

Yue Ye lost her voice, “So what? Could it be that you don’t know that, in order to kill you, the Demon God Emperor had no scruples against making the Holy War last over two years? This Holy War has already lowered the demon population by more than thirty percent. For the sake of killing you, the Demon God Emperor personally went to look for you in the Exorcist Mountain Pass alongside my father and some demon gods. For the sake of killing you, the Star Demon God Vassago did not refuse to burn all his life to use Great Prophecy. And you are just appearing in Modu like that! You… you are simply a madman!!!”

Long Haochen didn’t make a sound. He could understand Yue Ye’s emotions: although Long Haochen was not among the Alliance’s top in cultivation, he’d surely rank near the top if one were to speak in terms of reputation and influence. It was for him that the demon side launched this Holy War.

Yue Ye took large gasps, her whole face covered with unbelief; watching Long Haochen’s handsome face, she felt out of control of her own body.

Suddenly, she took large strides forward toward him, and hugged him tightly.

This unexpected hug startled him greatly. Coming into such close contact, Long Haochen could clearly feel her intense heartbeat. In a daze, he didn’t know how he should face this situation. He obviously couldn’t return the hug: in his heart, Yue Ye was only a comrade, a friend. 

Yue Ye didn’t utter a word, and Long Haochen stayed motionless in this calm secluded room, but didn’t push her away. Deep inside, Yue Ye’s feelings caused some reactions in him. It wasn’t that he didn’t think of rejecting her, but as this mixed-blood beauty in front of him had just saved his life not long before, how could he bear to push her away like that?

Holding Long Haochen tightly, Yue Ye’s intense heartbeat gradually came back to normal. She suddenly realized that this was the first time of her life that she felt so alive. And this feeling of substance was due to this man: what a good feeling. She was almost unable to resist the urge to let out moans, but still restrained herself in the end. She didn’t want him to see through her, yet really hated to part with him.

The two of them were calmly standing there, not budging for a while.

When Yue Ye came up to hold him, her body felt slightly cold, but as time passed, Long Haochen distinctly felt that it was gradually heating up.

Filled with a deep fright, Long Haochen knew that he couldn’t let this go on. He was also just a man like any other, and Yue Ye was such a beauty: even if he could control himself even if this went on, he was afraid that this would change the friendly relationship between the two of them. This was something he did not wish to see.

“Princess.” Long Haochen said in low voice.

This appellation of princess made Yue Ye shiver slightly. The gradually warming Yue Ye was woken up just as if a cup of cold water was poured on her. Unconsciously letting go of his arms, she stepped back rapidly, and showed a somewhat pale, blushing face.

“Am I just a princess in your heart?” Yue Ye revealed a trace of distress. She had believed she had let go of him a long time ago, but seeing him for real and sensing the aura on his body, she realized that this feeling were still there, buried deeply in her heart.

Long Haochen let out a light sigh, “Sorry, Yue Ye. You should know that I already have Cai’er, and my heart cannot contain feelings for anyone else than her. I regard you as my friend, a lifetime friend. Thank you for your message which enabled us to narrowly escape from that crisis.”

“Your friend? So what if I am your friend? If I run into a life threatening crisis, will you be protecting me like how you protected Cai’er with your own life?”

“I will.” Long Haochen replied categorically, without showing any hesitation.

This startled Yue Ye, who looked at Long Haochen with an air of unbelief. Although they hadn’t been in much contact, she understood clearly that Long Haochen was this kind of person. He wouldn’t make this kind of promise lightly, but would be certain to do it if he said so.

Long Haochen declared with sincerity, “Since I received your emergency warning in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, in my eyes you have already stopped being just a cooperative partner, but also a real friend. I understand that you too were bearing an enormous risk. If you come to meet with danger, I will do my best to save you from that.”

Long Haochen’s words weren’t a flowery speech, as he didn’t have such rhetorical talents, but they deeply shocked Yue Ye's heart, and her pale face gradually came back to normal.

She turned her head, her back facing Haochen, and put great efforts into pacifying her thumping heart. A long time later, she turned back, back to showing a normal expression.

“You came to the core city because the Demon God Emperor and my father went away taking a large amount of demon gods, so this place should be empty right? If this is what you think, you are mistaken. Modu Core City is the foundation of all demonkind, and has five demon gods standing on watch. At anytime, the five greatest clans will leave powerhouses on guard in their Demon God Palaces. Coming here to look for a chance is nothing other than suicide. I can tell that your cultivation has greatly grown in those two years, but I can tell you with certainty that two Devil Dragon powerhouses of the ninth step are enough to annihilate your whole team.”

After recovering her calm, Yue Ye was back to her wise and foresighted self, immediately able to tell the reasons of Long Haochen’s arrival.

“No, you coming to the core city should be totally outside the Demon God Emperor’s expectations.

“No one should have expected that you would walk right into the trap, and with your intelligence, I don’t think you came with a suicidal plan. Tell me, just what are you planning?”

Long Haochen nodded, “Based on the information you gave me, the Star Demon God Vassago should be greatly weakened by the use of Great Prophecy and have only a tenth of his top-form strength, right? I have come here to request a confirmation of that fact first of all.”

After hearing his question, Yue Ye was once again in shock, “You… You can’t be planning to attack the Star Demon God?”

Long Haochen didn’t try to conceal the truth, and nodded to her.

Yue Ye let out a gasp, “Looks like you are truly mad. How could that be possible? Even if he has just a tenth of his strength, the Star Demon God is not an opponent you can deal with. Don't you know he has countless ways yet to increase his cultivation in a burst to an extremely terrifying level? I’m afraid you guys would not even be able to take a single one of his blows!”

Long Haochen replied, “We have already considered all these points; don’t worry, since we dared come, it is surely after doing careful reflection. I have already considered all difficulties, and it’s not as if we are planning to directly kill the Star Demon God. Can you tell me what’s the current condition of the Star Demon God?”

Yue Ye replied, “The Star Demon God is indeed weakened after his use of Great Prophecy; this is something Father told me personally, and my father has never spoken false words to me. His demon god pillar is called Star of Truth, and causes any lie he would tell to greatly affect his cultivation. So why come for him if you don’t plan on killing the Star Demon God? Oh, I know. You must be planning to destroy his demon god pillar. Don’t tell me you really have that power of destroying demon god pillars.”

With Yue Ye’s intelligence, she managed to guess Long Haochen’s objective.

Long Haochen shrugged his shoulders, “Yes. If not for that, why would the Demon God Emperor launch a Holy War because of me? By destroying or damaging the Star Demon God’s pillar, our objective will be attained. Don’t worry, we have no plans of involving you no matter what. Today, it was only to confirm whether the Star Demon God is really in a weakened state, as well as to inform you of our time of action, so that you can avoid being implicated or even wounded at that time.”

Yue Ye murmured, “What a real fearless guy you are. To actually dare target this Modu Capital City. Are you really confident?”

Long Haochen showed a light smile, “There’s nothing certain in this world from the beginning. This operation is mainly aiming at catching the enemy off guard. Since even you, the most familiar person with us, didn’t expect that, the Demon God Emperor naturally won’t expect it. We cannot remain here for too long, so tomorrow evening will be the time of our action. When the time comes, we will create a diversion in your Moon Demon Palace, before proceeding towards the Star Demon Palace. We will be launching an attack of forbidden-spell grade against the Moon Demon Palace, so be extremely careful when remaining in here.”

Hearing Long Haochen’s explanation, Yue Ye understood his strategy, becoming speechless for a moment. Looking at Long Haochen she couldn’t help but show a sluggish expression.

For some reason, a sudden burst of pride arose in her. Yue Ye secretly thought: That’s the man I have chosen. Leading his Demon Hunt Squad, he actually dared come so brazenly to Modu and aim at the Star Demon God Pillar. That’s just how courageous and self-confident he was. No sign of arrogance was perceived from him; since he said he had reflected on it carefully, he must have reflected on it carefully.

But just as he said, because his plan was far too bold, and far too unimaginable, no one could guess it beforehand. Creating a diversion really was a good strategy, as attacking the Moon Demon Palace would naturally mobilize the Star Demon Palace with which they had the greatest relationship.

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