Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 618

Chapter 618: Yue Ye’s network (I)

Modu Core City; Moon Demon Palace.

Yue Ye slowly opened her eyes, letting out a light sigh. As the spiritual energy in her body circulated, her whole body let out a dark purple ring of light.

As a character with both human and demon blood, she enjoyed a lot of exceptional advantages. Her body and way of thinking was more inclined towards the human side, while she was blessed with the cultivation talents and attributes of a Moon Demon.

Ever since Ah’Bao disregarded her safety for the sake of killing Long Haochen, she had been calmly staying in the Moon Demon Palace after returning to Modu, only controlling the Yue Ye Merchant Group remotely.

These two years, her frame of mind had gained a lot in serenity compared to the past years, and her cultivation grew at an extreme speed as well. Although the abilities she was born with weren't as overwhelming as the great majority of other demons, her human physique gave her future growth potential far above ordinary Moon Demons.

The Moon Demon God liked this daughter the most, and not just because of Yue Ye’s beauty, but also because of her exceedingly high intelligence. The overwhelming majority of the Moon Demons couldn’t compare with her in this aspect. For example, although she had the Moon Demon God’s support, step-by-step Yue Ye was able to establish such a large association of merchants from the age of fifteen, already showing her extremely brilliant innate skills.

The dark purple halation disappearing slowly, Yue Ye’s back lit up once again, with a quarter moon’s shape, flashing three times before disappearing.

Being favored by nature as a Moon Demon, and cultivating in this place second only to the Demon Emperor palace to the darkness attribute users, Yue Ye’s cultivation finally broke through the eighth step after two days of steady cultivation.

Speaking of which, she felt thankful towards Long Haochen. Precisely because of her anxiety due to him, the spiritual energy in her resonated exceptionally. Boldly taking this opportunity, she broke through the seventh step’s bottleneck, entering the eighth step.

Compared to ordinary Moon Demons, her innate talents towards various aspects were much more outstanding. At the same eighth step, she was confident in defeating any of these clansmen of similar cultivation as her.

Finally, the fluctuations vanished completely, and Yue Ye’s eyes returned slowly to a dim purple color. Her eyes revealed an expression of secret reluctance, as she let out a light sigh and thought aloud, “He should have already escaped by now. Based on the news from the Exorcist Mountain Pass, he received my information immediately after arriving in the mountain pass. At that time, His Majesty was still over two days away from there; with such a long time to adjust, he should have already left. Father’s attitude toward me is quite strange, as if he already has some suspicions. Now should be my last time helping you. Long Haochen, you’re on your own now. I hope that we won’t have to cross paths again in the future.”

Although she was still unable to forget the scene of Long Haochen resisting the Demon Hunter Removers’ attacks on Cai’er’s behalf, she had finally cut off some of her feelings in those two calm years.

As the intelligent person she was, why would she keep reflecting on a matter she knew to be impossible? She already had some new goals now.

Be it a human or a demon, everyone needed a goal, else they would otherwise live aimlessly. This was especially the case for an intelligent person such as Yue Ye. She needed to shift to another object of interest in an attempt to move on, which is exactly what she did.

Floating, Yue Ye exited from the secluded room. Outside was a small garden, full of a specific plant, around a rock in the midst of the alley leading to the garden.

That was a small flower of dim yellow color, not considered extremely beautiful, but seeming noble and proud. It had no leaf and let out a rich fragrance, but with some coldness mixed in its perfume.

Yue Ye felt close to this Moonlight Flower. She actually didn’t know so far what the most important thing in her eyes was. Some time before, when she felt extremely exhausted due to the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce and extremely thirsty for experiencing a love story of her own, at that time Long Haochen appeared. That was the time of their first encounter.

When her merchant group got attacked jointly by demon armies and Yue Ye was wanting to give up, he came and saved her from the desperate crisis, leading them to rush out from the siege. Starting from that time, Long Haochen had already left a deep impression on her.

In Yue Ye’s heart, her loved one could only be a human and not a demon. So, in actuality, she didn’t love Ah’Bao.

Long Haochen with his heroism, bravery and chivalrous character attracted her deeply. So from then on, she felt a strong interest for this knight who was much younger than herself.

Afterwards, this interest came to grow with their repeated encounters. And when she came to see Long Haochen risk his life for Cai’er’s sake while Ah’Bao did not spare her from being sacrificed, Yue Ye felt great pain, but also a strong thirst that came along. How would things be if that man was willing to do that much for my sake?

These feelings disturbed her for a very, very long time. And then, a long time after the start of the Holy War, she came to realize that the two of them were from two different worlds, and were therefore an impossible thing. Maybe she could strive a bit harder if he did not have such a lover, but now that was just impossible.

Yue Ye had even once had the thought of taking the path of subjugation. What if one day she could become a powerhouse of the present age, go kill Cai’er, and forcefully subdue Long Haochen? That was the next solution she came up with.

So she gradually buried her thirst for a love story, but never came to regret falling for Long Haochen. Although these errors came to nothing, this at least created a thing in which to invest her efforts and energy. The man I, Yue Ye, fell for is just that outstanding; no one else can compare with him.

She was already putting all her efforts somewhere else, and for that, her top priority was to raise her cultivation.

A rich fragrance of flowers escorted Yue Ye as she slowly left the courtyard. At this time, she felt the same as a queen, and now, she had her own goal.

After she left the courtyard, Yue Ye’s expression was already back to normal: calm, warm, with the looks of a remarkably beautiful frail princess.

“Your Highness, your dinner is ready,” a maid came to her side and said. Yue Ye gave the instruction to allow no one to enter the courtyard, but was never demanding. All she needed were three meals a day, only to better back her cultivation. As the princess of the Moon Clan, she originally lived a pleasurable life.

“Yeah.” As she was prepared to take her meal, her look wavered slightly, looking at the direction of the entrance.

Although she was a princess, her living quarters weren’t very large, and at her cultivation level, she had a very strong awareness of the surroundings.

As expected, another maid came rapidly, “Highness, a viscount has come looking for you, presenting your tile.”

A viscount? The maid was without a doubt speaking about a viscount from the Moon Clan. Yue Ye’s unwavering stance suddenly broke, and a look of astonishment came to her face. It can’t be him?

“Please let him in.” Doing her utmost to calm herself down, Yue Ye suddenly realized that her hand was shaking severely. She didn’t even know herself whether she hoped her guess to be correct or not.

A short time later, a person in a deep purple cloak came in under a maid’s lead. The cloak was hiding his whole body, but he visibly had a man’s figure. Slightly lowering his head, he made it impossible to see his facial appearance clearly.

An indescribable sense of familiarity arose inside her. Although she couldn’t see his looks, Yue Ye narrowly cried out in alarm, unconsciously stepping back and arousing looks of vigilance on the maids’ faces.

That person raised his head, and lifted the upper part of his cloak, “Long time no see, Your Highness.”

With his handsome and flawless looks, and the golden hair neatly draped over his shoulder, if there could be said to be only one flaw to that appearance, that would be the eyes. That pair of purple eyes specific to Moon Demons seemed to create a slight disharmony in that face of perfect handsomeness.

“Is that really you… Why did you just come?” Although Yue Ye had guessed that it could possibly be him, she was still filled with unbelief when she really saw him face to face. Indescribable feelings surged in her as she turned completely pale. 

Long Haochen looked at Yue Ye with a smile. After over two years of separation, this princess Yue Ye had grown even more beautiful, appearing even more noble, and seemed to have a new charm she didn’t have before. Her pair of purple eyes were filled with shock.

“So? Am I unwelcome?”

Yue Ye was, after all, Yue Ye. After a short time of shock, she immediately came back to her senses, restraining her shock and waving her hand, “You may leave.”

The maids left with doubtful expressions, and only Long Haochen and Yue Ye were left in this hall.

“Come with me.” Yue Ye rapidly stepped forward, taking Long Haochen back to the courtyard. Her heartbeat was still rising higher, and deep inside her, an indescribable feeling of excitement arose. Maybe this encounter was just that thrilling.

Very rapidly, she brought Long Haochen back to her secluded cultivation room, pulling him into her room before shutting the door. Leaning against its door, Yue Ye gazed at Long Haochen with a look of unbelief.

“How could that be you? Just why did you dare come here?” Yue Ye was unable to keep down the feelings of shock in herself, shaking quite a lot as she spoke.

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