Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 616

Chapter 616: An audacious plan (II)

Long Haochen glared at him, “What did you just say?”

Lin Xin corrected himself with haste, following up with a smile on his face, “Boss, I was just speaking without thoroughly thinking about it. Take it that you didn’t hear anything: you must never repeat those words to Xin’er. My ability is acquired relying only on myself, unlike someone who lives off a woman, huhu.”

Sima Xian proudly declared, “Living off a woman is also a skill? How about you? just look at your gigolo’s appearance. Who would even want you?”

Wang Yuanyuan unhappily blurted, “Stop it with your quarrels. Listen to Boss telling us what is going to follow next.”

Everyone calmed down, and looked toward Long Haochen.

Long Haochen signalled the group to form a circle, then unfolded the map.

“The Yale Province is there. And since Haoyue has been heading to the south since then, we are roughly there.” Long Haochen pointed a spot.

“Our battle in Yale City will very rapidly reach the Demon God Emperor’s ears. After all, we have just killed a demon god and destroyed his demon god pillar. What we need to do next is to move with the objective of not getting found by the Demon God Emperor. The demon territory is incredibly broad: even at the Demon God Emperor’s cultivation, as long as we don’t make apparent mistakes, he definitely won’t have an easy time finding us, just like when looking for a needle in the large sea.”

Han Yu asked, “Then should we keep going like that, or rather stay concealed?”

Long Haochen visibly had something planned out, and declared, “There is a golden opportunity in front of our eyes, but the risk is great. Listen well everyone: the Demon God Emperor’s appearance in the Exorcist Mountain Pass is obviously due to the Star Demon God Vassago’s Great Prophecy. But we have gotten the information beforehand and managed to move a step ahead, thanks to Yue Ye’s prompt information. As a matter of fact, Yue Ye brought us really accurate information, and the Demon God Emperor should need at least one more day before getting to Yale City. Our safety is, for the time being, uncompromisable. Since Yue Ye’s information was unmistaken, her other piece of news should very possibly be trustworthy too.”

Hearing that, Cai’er’s eyes lit up, “Are you speaking about the condition of the Star Demon God Vassago after the Great Prophecy Technique?”

Long Haochen nodded, “Indeed. The Great Prophecy Technique is something we have seen before too. When used in battle, it has extremely terrifying effects: that Star Demon clansman we have encountered in the Illusory Shrine should be someone with Vassago’s bloodline, very possibly the next Star Demon God. But even such a powerhouse in the Star Demon Clan just died while using Great Prophecy. This means that alongside its massive power, it has an extreme backlash. As the demon prophet, Vassago had to predict our future tracks as well as the demons’ future, expending far more power than the Star Demon of that time. So he very possibly has no more than a third of his original force.

“The head from our Knight Temple Yang Haohan has told me before that among the seventy-two demon gods, the most dangerous outside the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu is the Star Demon God Vassago. The Demon God Emperor is their leader and emblematic figure, their object of veneration, while the Star Demon God is their brain, no less than a prime minister. And the Moon Demon God Agares is just as much the top general. In degree of importance, he’s far from Vassago. Yet the peak of a Star Demon God, I’m afraid his spiritual energy reaches the terrifying level of 500,000, something we can’t even imagine disposing of. But if he only has a tenth of his strength, and is hidden inside Modu Capital City, we won’t necessarily be without a chance.”

Hearing Long Haochen, the group couldn’t help but gasp. Their captain actually planned on attacking the third ranked demon god, Star Demon God Vassago. This was something they wouldn’t even dare imagine before.

Long Haochen continued, “That’s just a suggestion. If we head to Modu, it should be going totally against the Demon God Emperor’s expectations. He should by no way expect that we dared head to his nest. As for the Star Demon God Vassago’s condition, we can take Yue Ye’s word for a fact. The Star Demon God is surely still very strong, but even so, his powerful abilities will require of him a good enough state of cultivation and body. With our team’s current strength as well as Haoyue’s suppression on demon gods, we should be able to match a fifth of the Star Demon God’s strength with no issue. Which means that, even if Yue Ye’s report was somewhat exaggerated, we still don’t stand no chance.

“But if we move against the Star Demon God Vassago, the degree of danger will be immense as well.” After exposing their fields of dominance, Long Haochen took another point of view. His analysis had to prioritize the possibilities of danger, and mustn’t show blind hopes.

“First of all, Modu Core City is the demons’ real core location. Which means that in normal times, most of the demons’ strength is gathered in the core city. All the top demon gods (the Moon Demon God, Star Demon God, Demon God of Death and Hell Demon God) are defending this Modu City. These four demon gods are not present for now, and there is not even any other demon god besides the Star Demon God in Modu, but this doesn’t mean there are no forces in the city.

“Surely everyone must question one point. Since Modu is empty, won’t our senior Demon Hunters surrounding it be moving against the capital? I estimate that they shouldn’t, for the simple reason that they have no understanding.

“More importantly, our predecessor Demon Hunters were unaware of the goals the Demon God Emperor and Star Demon God had when departing with a large amount of demons, so how could they do that? The Demon God Emperor’s threat to the Alliance is just too much: if I am the one bringing a group to deal with him and in case we notice some movements from the Demon God Emperor, I’d definitely follow him to make things clear. Then, if he really plans on moving against the Alliance, I'd go against him with my life at stake. So the chances that these advanced Demon Hunt Squad move against Modu are not high.

“In the meantime, although Modu Core City has lost the protection of a large amount of demon gods, the five greatest demon clans are still residing there. Also, the Demon God Emperor has left, but cannot possibly have brought all the demon gods along! Just think, if you were a demon god leaving your nest, wouldn’t you at least leave a capable subordinate behind to command the troops stationed there? So I can say with certainty that the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God, Star Demon God, Demon God of Death and Hell Demon God have all left at least a subordinate at the ninth step to keep watch. And very possibly not only one, in particular the Defying Devil Dragons: the Demon God Emperor would at least leave a third of his clansmen there. My safest estimate would be that there are at least twenty powerhouses of the ninth step in Modu Core City.”

Hearing Long Haochen’s analysis, Lin Xin couldn’t help but show a demoralized face, “Boss, in that case, do we even stand a chance? We can’t possibly be able to deal with twenty demon powerhouses of the ninth step!”

Long Haochen showed a faint smile, “This is just our best opportunity! Since we don’t even believe that we could deal with that, how could the Demon God Emperor expect us to head for Modu Core City? Wouldn’t that be akin to walking right into the trap? He surely doesn’t expect us to overestimate our abilities like that. But for this very reason, I believe that we must go, and look for a chance to inflict heavy losses on the Star Demon God.”

Seeing the skeptical looks on his comrades’ faces, Long Haochen continued, “Take the time to think about it everyone. What’s the current state of Modu City? The Holy War is ravaging outside, and most demon powerhouses are away. Although some forces of all five greatest demon races are stationed, they are far less than in Modu’s normal times. In that situation, it is far easier than in normal times for us to penetrate in the city. In the meantime, without the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God, Demon God of Death and Hell Demon God, and only a very seriously wounded Star Demon God Vassago resting in seclusion, there won’t be any mental scouting beyond our resistance.

“If we suddenly bring havoc in a certain spot in demon territory, even if it’s the demon capital, they won’t be able to gather enough peak demon powerhouses to take care of us in a short time. They will at least require some time: it is not at if there is no line of command in the demon clans, but we are not aiming at the Devil Dragons, their rulers.”

Cai’er said, “I can understand your intention. If we leave for the capital city, it will first go against the Demon God Emperor’s expectations as, if he definitely doesn’t expect us to dare go to Modu, we won’t have to worry about the Demon God Emperor. And next, if we move against the Star Demon, we will at most have to face the attacks of the powerhouses the Star Demon Clan left behind. The other clans won’t be able to make it in time. And if it succeeds, we can just leave through the Eternal Melody before getting surrounded by the demon powerhouses, even if we have to remain secluded inside the Tower of Eternity for a long time. This way we avoid getting tracked down and wait for an opportunity to leave Modu stealthily. ”

Long Haochen nodded with a smile, “That’s basically the idea.”

Cai’er remarked, “Then there are two issues. First, as the Star Demons have yet to participate in the war and the Star Demon God is heavily wounded, their Star Demon Palace is surely very tightly guarded. There’s no way one of the top three demon clans would be so easy to deal with. At least, at our current level of strength, there’s no way we can resist them. In those conditions, how could we deal easily with the Star Demon God. Secondly, since the Star Demon God is in seclusion and very weak, even if we attack the Star Demon Palace, he only has to stay concealed in his seclusion. How can we find him then? After all, we won’t have a long time for that.”

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