Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 612

Chapter 612: The Strength of Bright Glimmer of Hope (II)

From their first battle against a demon god to now, Long Haochen and the others had yet to face a demon god’s Demonic Collapse. So they didn’t know to what extent its amplification reached. But since that was a demon god’s last resort, using his life as fuel, it would certainly not be an easy thing to resist. Therefore, Long Haochen was completely certain about Auxerre’s thoughts. Apart from using Demonic Collapse to inflict very heavy damage to their side, his other goal was to make sure that his Demon God Crown would be able to escape, so that at least his god position wouldn’t be lost.

Understanding that he had made a mistake, Long Haochen felt some regret. First because he hadn’t taken his comrades enough in account, and because he was too self-confident, and didn’t prepare enough room for maneuvering. If beforehand they had secured a way out before launching this battle, they could all just gather and teleport through the Eternal Melody, and come back after the formidable power of Demonic Collapse terminated. There would be no need to bear the Panther Demon God’s last attack. As for the escape of his Demon God Crown, just let it go. With Haoyue here to destroy his demon god pillar, what use could that Demon God Crown have?

But it was already too late to regret now. Everyone was scattered, especially Chen Ying’er and Lin Xin who were both considerably too far, so there was absolutely no way to immediately teleport everyone here away. So no matter what, all he had left to do was to block Auxerre’s last attack with all his strength.


Shouting in wild rage, the heavily wounded Panther Demon God transformed. A dark red vortex spiralled all around him at an astonishing speed, and from his original human shape, he grew to exceed five meters, turning into a fully dark red gigantic panther, flourishing with might and becoming far more terrifying than the time of his Demon God Transformation.

Long Haochen grasped the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, that divine grade tool, in his hand. A great part of his spiritual energy was already depleted, so how could he respond against such a Panther Demon God? He faintly grasped the true meaning of Demonic Colapse. It was to renounce the physical body, and release the original demon might, igniting the source of his power. This wasn’t anything easy to deal with.

As Long Haochen was preparing himself to face the post-Demonic-Collapse Panther Demon God, an enraged roar suddenly sounded out from behind him. Immediately, Long Haochen’s whole body was covered in dense purple intent, and the Golden Foundation Armor on him gained a layer of purplish gold.

That purple halation coming from behind not only envelopped Long Haochen, but also the massive Panther Demon God.

Immediately, an eerie scene followed. The dark red flame igniting Auxerre’s body immediately stopped stiffly, as if water turning into ice, thoroughly stopping its burning.

This change was really bizarre, causing Long Haochen to stare blankly at the Panther Demon God’s body losing all that burst of might, finally dissipating all at once. A dark red Demon God Crown losing its head out of fear then looked for an escape, but upon being wrapped by the purple halation, it immediately lost all power, and fell to the ground with a tinkling sound.

Everyone in the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope became dumbstruck. What was that magic trick? In just a flash, the previously too domineering Panther Demon God just crumbled. They all looked at the emitter of that purple halation.

Haoyue’s six heads stood high as the six pair of eyes on his six heads which had all turned purple looked proudly at the group from above. Little Flame's mouth agape, that Demon God Crown immediately entered his mouth, and was swallowed completely. 

Wang Yuanyuan murmured, “Now I really understand why the Demon God Emperor started a Holy War for Boss’ sake. Haoyue really is the demons’ nemesis! He can even extinguish the demon gods’ Demonic Collapse Technique!”

Long Haochen was also shocked. Of course, he knew that Haoyue had very restrictive abilities to use against demons, but he didn’t expect him to be able to restrict them to such an extent. But as the captain, he couldn’t stay captivated in this place.

“All return to Haoyue’s back!” They were valiant, but were after all only a group of eight. Over ten thousand panther demons were standing outside, enough to delay them indefinitely. So staying there would obviously put them through a harsh time.

As Long Haochen spoke so, he immediately joined Sima Xian’s side, carrying him by grabbing his armor, and returned to Haoyue’s back in a flash.

The others’ followed successively. At the current time, a fantastic scene appeared around Haoyue’s body. Eighteen Creature Summoning Gates were twinkling and eighteen magical beasts were coming out at every twinkle, fighting at close quarters against the Panther Demons. This hall was vast, but seemed narrow with such battles underway. No Panther Demons were capable of stopping their way, especially when their Demon God Auxerre had just been killed in front of their eyes, greatly hitting their morale. All were kept outside the hall by the magical beasts, ordered by Chen Ying’er to guard all the exits. At the current time, she was still holding in her arms McDull, her final ace.

“Haoyue, let’s go look for the demon god pillar.” When their last companion reached Haoyue’s back, Long Haochen immediately shouted for Haoyue to make the next move.

His six heads brimming with smiles, he zealously began rushing forward. Little Light, Little Flame, Little Green, Little Blue, Little Purple and Little Yellow all launched magic bombardments, forcibly creating a passage in this hall to bring Long Haochen’s group to the courtyard behind the Panther Demon Palace.

Long Haochen didn’t have any apprehension in demon territory. They were planning not only to kill demon gods, but moreover to shake the demons’ foundations. With every demon god pillar less, the demons’ roots will be shaken. And if one day they can erase all demon god pillars, the demons would perhaps be no more.

Thinking so far, the whole group was brimming with great excitement. A Panther Demon God was nothing but the start.

Charging their way violently on Haoyue’s back, they smashed their way through the hall. The Panther Demons were all charging from the various entrances, but in contrast none of them were present on the rear. It was as if Haoyue could sense the specific position of the demon god pillar, which led him to the courtyard after breaching through several walls.

At this time, two yellow lightning bolts came from both sides, heading straight for Haoyue.

Long Haochen, who had maintained himself at high attention all this time, didn’t need to use his eyes to determine who these two enemies were. Thanks to his mental probing, he was able to sense the strength of their spiritual energy. These were without doubts two Golden Panther Demons.

Without need for Long Haochen to intervene, the two Guardian Knights behind him rushed forward. Han Yu took on the Golden Panther Demon of the left; his speed was visibly no match, but as a knight, he had a mount of his own as companion! Except that this one couldn’t be mounted...

Twisting waves spread out, violently ramming against that Golden Panther Demon’s body. Immediately, the very rapid demon froze, seemingly slowing down and even becoming stiff.

Han Yu grasped Wild Scarletblood in his hand, and immediately, a golden streak of light spread out from his sword. The odd thing was that after it was released, it accurately enveloped the Golden Panther Demon. One could clearly see the aura of darkness on the Golden Panther Demon dull down.

That was? Elemental Obstructing Halo. Han Yu actually compressed this halo’s area of effect, yet strengthened its effects.

Long Haochen was not the only genius in the lot: everyone from Bright Glimmer of Light was so!

A tyrannical surge of twisting waves was shot violently, seizing the opportunity to strike that Golden Panther Demon violently, from the Demonic Eye Commander’s hands. In this battle, he had yet to be called out by Han Yu, just so he could suddenly make this big move.

Han Yu flapped the spiritual wings on his back, and Wild Scarletblood went after that Golden Panther Demon to behead it. At his cultivation and with the help of the Demonic Eye, handling a Golden Panther Demon was no trouble, especially when holding the initiative.

On the other side rushed out Zhang Fangfang, his whole body blossoming in golden color. His equipment was far from the quality of the rest of the team, but his experience was more extensive than anyone else. As the captain of a Demon Hunt Squad who progressed to the seventh step with them, how could he be lacking in ability?

Just like Wang Yuanyuan, his cultivation reached the fifth rank of the seventh step. Only, his total of spiritual energy was just a bit inferior to her. That was because he always focused on stopping the enemies for Wang Yuanyuan in battle, letting her have more opportunities for sparks of understandings in the midst of slaughters. But this didn’t mean that his insight was inferior.

Ever since joining Bright Glimmer of Hope, Zhang Fangfang frequently received some guidances from Long Haochen, making his cultivation progress of late very fast.

While throwing himself at the enemy, a golden light lit up underneath him, and a six-legged flying horse elevated himself, bearing his weight.

From that six-legged horse came out a shining flame light bursting like the sun. Zhang Fangfang grasped the heavy sword in his right hand forward, as his right arm instantly turned into a transparent brilliant golden color. Brilliant Body.

Light and flame were blending in the sky, turning into a massive fire blade aiming to strike that Golden Panther Demon. In the meantime, Zhang Fangfang put some remaining strength into a Shield Strike in his other hand, covering the defense of Haoyu’s side wings.

As expected from a powerhouse of the eighth step, the Golden Panther Demon released its own fire blade, then its body let out queer twists and immediately shifted directions, to go after Haoyue while bombarding Zhang Fangfang’s Shield Wall with its pair of sharp claws.

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