Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 611

Chapter 611: The Strength of Bright Glimmer of Hope (I) 

The cut inflicted by Bloodstorm was going from the right shoulder to the rib, and although it wasn’t deep, it was a real wound on his body. Furthermore, after Bloodstorm infected the demon god’s body, a mysterious change happened.

The original blood red radiance suddenly turned into an orange color. Such a change from the slaughter weapon improved the cutting force even further as Bloodstorm struck through Auxerre’s back. The fierce murderous spirit greatly affected his defense.

Wang Yuanyuan also had an expression of pleasant surprise as Auxerre was forced to shift direction, attacking Long Haochen’s Shield Wall frantically. She couldn’t help but glance at her Bloodstorm.

She immediately found out with a shock that the trace of orange radiance was spreading over the sawtooth blade at frantic speed, as an incomparably murderous spirit burst out.

To be precise, Bloodstorm was evolving! Originally a blade of slaughters, it was baptised under the blood of countless enemies in the fire of war. You could leave as is, though unusual, or with just too much blood, Bloodstorm had turned a blood-red color long ago. And now that it became infected again, though now with the blood of a demon god under Demon God Transformation, it finally reached its last threshold. This killing weapon finally reached a terrifying realm.

The Panther Demon God Auxerre tried with great difficulty to keep evading Wang Yuanyuan’s attacks while attacking Long Haochen, but the imposing shields on his two sides delayed him greatly while he was beaten, due to Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang.

However, the Panther Demon God was after all a powerhouse of the ninth step. Despite being hit, he had no issue sending Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang flying.

Han Yu, who had the Soul Sharing Chains’ life sharing, was better off: although he was repelled, his body let out an intense glint and with the recovery from Blessings of Light, only sustained light wounds.

Zhang Fangfang was repelled quite a lot farther, but had relatively more cultivation than Han Yu; so although his body curled up to some extent while expelling some blood, his wounds were not too important.

Their blocks were for the sake of earning time for another. A massive metallic ball brazenly fell, shrouded with myriads of electric bolts covering Auxerre on the way.

Auxerre shouted loudly as the dark red flame surrounding him grew further in intensity, neutralizing the purple lightning attacking him, though it didn’t dispel any of it, thanks to its absorptive properties.

While the purple electric light was neutralized, an immense golden ball of light was carried alongside, chasing after Auxerre.

Feeling its immense threat, Auxerre raised his right hand and parried the metallic ball of light’s strike.

His bulky arms came in contact with the metallic ball of light, immediately causing a terrifying blasting force to burst out from that ball.

All the others from Bright Dawn of Hope could clearly see Auxerre’s body turning fully purple colored the next instant. He who was incomparably fast unexpectedly came to a stop in midair, while the metallic ball binding him turned amethyst colored, causing rumbling noises while blasting Auxerre.

Although this was the first time for the others to see such a terrible might from the Energetic Ball of Light, after matching for so many years, they wouldn’t let go of such an opportunity.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang were repelled, but the others shouldn’t be neglected! Wang Yuanyuan immediately waved the evolved Bloodstorm, and in the meantime, a grey crystal-like splendor flashed across the Panther Demon God’s back, revealing the hidden Cai’er.

Cai’er was grasping an assassin’s true essence. When facing a true opponent, she didn’t make her move as soon as possible, but waited for the time of maximal impact.

She was waiting for an opportunity, concealed in the dark while storing power. An assassin’s power storing was not as obvious of a move, but the following eruption of power was even more terrible. 

Wang Yuanyuan was not falling behind either. The orange radiance from Bloodstorm disappeared suddenly, and even the surges of blood surrounding her vanished. If one was close enough, he would find out that rippling halations roamed around Bloodstorm. That extreme bloodlust actually took shape, and was applied to Wang Yuanyuan’s attacks.

Just like Long Haochen was not an ordinary powerhouse of the eighth step, his comrades were not ordinary powerhouses of the seventh step.

Cai’er’s Sickle of the God of Death was the first to cut into that purple electric light. That electric light couldn’t tell people apart, but as if infecting it, Cai’er’s sickle wasn't infected by any of the electric light.

First of the seven arts of the God of Death, Death in Childhood.

In an ash-colored flash of light, Cai’er’s figure swept past as if nothing happened. And the second hit on the Panther Demon God wasn’t by Wang Yuanyuan, but was a strange blue colored flame. That flame shot in a straight line to pierce through that purple body almost at the same time as Death in Childhood landed, as the two hits only differed by fractions of a second, but hit different spots.

Next, Wang Yuanyuan’s Bloodstorm was covered in a golden colored blade wrapped in orange color.

But how could Long Haochen take part in this feat? He was solely focusing on defense.

Pam, pam. In a burst of purple light, Wang Yuanyuan felt a destructive impact spread from Bloodstorm, instantly sending her flying in the aftermath and making her body feel numb, unexpectedly running out of her control. Purple electric light lingered around her waist as well, surprisingly also affecting her.

By chance, Zhang Fangfang hastened to catch her from behind.

Argh!!! The Panther Demon God shouted incredibly loudly in fury. Right now, his slippery dark red hairs were all pitch black, with numerous terrible wounds all over his body. The most fatal one was inflicted by the Sickle of the God of Death, almost ravaging his whole back and going as far as to chop half his neck. On the pit of his stomach was left a small pitch-black hole, which was also in a scorched black color.

Sima Xian stumbled several times then fell on the butt. Both his Energetic Ball of Light and he lost all their glory, shine, sparkle, luster, radiance. But by chance, Han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings was still ongoing, so he could rush to his side and support him while helping him recover with the help of his spiritual stove.

At this time, the Soul Sharing Chains’ life force sharing’s effects came on display. Although everyone suffered more or less of the effects from the repelling backlash, the damage was shared jointly.

Pam. Auxerre sank to his knees, without blood leaking from his body, but his massive body shook violently, and was shrinking rapidly. After sustaining heavy damage, he had already become unable to maintain the effects of the Demon God Transformation.

Let alone him, even the others from Bright Glimmer of Light didn’t expect themselves to be able to launch such a joint attack, all of which landed on Auxerre altogether. 

Long Haochen had his transparent does this need to be capitalized sword intent from the Aria of the Goddess of Light, Cai’er her art of Death in Childhood of the Seven Arts of the God of Death. Wang Yuanyuan had her materialized murderous spirit poured inside Bloodstorm. Lin Xin had Vulcan’s Finger alongside the Hellfire Needle. The powerful attacks of these four in addition to Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light restrained Auxerre for a short time while bursting out with incredible killing power. Outside of Lin Xin they all now had weapons reaching the epic tier! And even also Lin Xin had the boost from the Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove.

Chen Ying’er’s magic was long since terminated. The large amount of magical beasts along with Haoyue’s six heads tyrannically suppressed the Panther Demons outside the hall, who were totally unable to assist their god. At this time, none of them could do anything for him. They could only bear it for the time being.

But at this time, a terrible aura of desolation arose from the Panther Demon God, whose vigor rose sharply. Dark red flames spiralled around him, spreading frantically to all directions.

“Be careful it’s the Demonic Collapse Recovery Technique!” Long Haochen shouted, and immediately rushed with the Divine Snail Shield lifted. As the captain, he had at the very moment an unshrinkable duty. The Saint Spiritual Stove was stimulated with no hesitation, strengthening its attracting effects.

Seeing that dark red fire rushing out, Long Haochen knew that it was already impossible to stop Auxerre’s Great Demonic Collapse Technique.

The Panther Demon God was, after all, different from the Devil Snake God. Andromalius was only at the peak of the eighth step and had yet to reach the ninth. But the Panther Demon God was a thorough powerhouse of the ninth step. The instant the Great Demonic Collapse was activated, one could see a dark red radiance shot up behind, piercing through the hall to pour inside him. That was the amplification from the demon god pillar, the demon god pillar from a demon god of a ninth step, with a whole world of difference from those demon gods among the last twelve of the ranking.

For the same reason, the fact Long Haochen managed to defeat the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell was greatly related to the fact the latter didn’t have his demon god pillar on his side. The more powerful the demon god, the greater uses their demon god pillar would show.

Long Haochen now had a very calm demeanor. Their previous joint attack was already above all expectations, but still didn’t manage to thoroughly kill the Panther Demon God though weak in defense. The seventy-two demon gods were just such a powerful thing. If two demon gods were present here, they would surely lose today’s battle. Even now, resisting the Panther Demon God Auxerre on the doors of death was no easy thing. At least, escaping unscathed would be a hard matter. For this reason, Long Haochen rushed forward recklessly, to earn some time for his comrades to break away from him. Even if the Great Demonic Collapse Technique was a powerful thing, that’s the last resort of a demon god, combusting his own life. So, given Auxerre’s current body condition, he would almost certainly die after the use of this technique.

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