Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 610

Chapter 610: Besieging the Panther Demon God (III)


His legs were particularly thick and solid, and the dark red wings on his back vanished, turning into smaller curved wings. His pair of dark red eyes were filled with inexhaustible rage.

Long Haochen displayed a cold smile, and a golden figure took shape on his back before spraying a golden glow full of sacred aura and landing on the Panther Demon God Auxerre.

After having just completed Demon God Transformation, Auxerre suddenly became sluggish. Although he didn’t sustain any wounds from that white glow, he suddenly felt an imperceptible danger from the unblockable white glow entering into contact with him. After raising his head to give it another look, he found out that he could only see Long Haochen in front of him.

That was ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove, from that golden figure which was certainly Yating.

The Panther Demon God Auxerre was the Panther Demons’ Commander, so his strength couldn’t exceed a Panther Demon’s limits, at most he’s a reinforced version. From the scene when he attacked, it could be determined that speed was its greatest specialty. After all, what did it mean that his wings unexpectedly shrank after Demon God Transforming? His wings turned into bent wings, which means that it was majorly boosting its speed. Which is to say, after Demon God Transforming, Auxerre’s speed would really be greatly strengthened.

Long Haochen’s fighting experience was really plentiful, enabling him to determine Auxerre’s most troublesome aspect immediately. If his speed was left to be used fully, their side’s battle formation would certainly be broken through. At that time, the battlefield could only become the Panther Demon God’s one-man-stage.

But Long Haochen had his own ways. The Saint Spiritual Stove is really the bane of speed specialized demons. Even if you can go even faster, your target can only be me, and you cannot attack anyone else. Which means that your speed will only be directed against me, and as long as I don’t get killed, you won’t be able to deal with any other.

Although Long Haochen was directing the whole pressure at himself, at the same time he weakened the Panther Demon God most effectively.

In his left hand, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was drawn out. In a flash of golden light on his back, the holy aura on Long Haochen’s body immediately rose hastily as Yating directly fused into him, making his spiritual energy even more pure and raising it enormously.

Holding the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon in front of him, Long Haochen didn’t spare any spiritual energy, pouring it all inside this shield of divine tool grade. He didn’t have the slightest thought of competing against Auxerre in terms of speed. In front of a speed specialized demon god of the ninth step, choosing to compete in their field of dominance was absolutely no wise choice. What’s more, he had no need to do so: all he would need would be to defend unwaveringly, not give the enemy any chance, and no more. The rest would all be left to his comrades.

In a state of panic from getting struck by the Saint Spiritual Stove, the Panther Demon God burst out in dark red radiance, and abruptly arrived in front of Long Haochen like a dark red streak of light. Its two massive claws tore through the air with a hiss as they were swept at Long Haochen.

Everyone behind him could see that Long Haochen’s right foot took a slight step back and his whole body traced an arc, while the Divine Snail Shield in his hand dispersed a multi-colored golden light, forming a shield in front of everyone.

With a ringing metallic sound, Long Haochen stood motionless in front of the shock. The golden light on him enlarged greatly, then, Bright Vengeance.

Seeing their captain’s stance, how could his comrades not understand the tactics required for Long Haochen? With no hesitation, everyone at his back emerged and launched attacks all around the Panther Demon Gods.

With a violent clash, Long Haochen felt his arms going numb. Secretly, he couldn’t help but feel alarmed about the brutality and offensive power of the Panther Demon God after its Demon God Transformation, unexpectedly nearing Asmodeus’ standards. Seeing the massiveness of the boost provided by the demon god pillar, Long Haochen was really lucky to be able to challenge the Demon God of Deep Vision in the Tower of Eternity. If Crocell had the demon god pillar on his side, Long Haochen would surely be the one to have died.

After repelling Long Haochen with his strike, Auxerre was startled as well. As a demon god, he naturally sensed the real level attained by Long Haochen’s cultivation. Although the equipment on him was really top-notch, that was still no more than a knight of the eighth step. He was obviously confident to not get killed when the gap in cultivation was so wide. Moreover, he was already in the state of Demon God Transformation, giving a qualitative boost to both his internal and external spiritual energy. Even a demon god in the top fifty would not be his opponent if they don’t use Demon God Transformation, especially when Auxerre’s specialization is his attack.

His attack was very powerful, but he was facing the Divine Snail Shield born from a Starlight Divine Beast, and one that reached the divine tool rank in Long Haochen’s hands.

It was not because it wouldn’t be able to stop Asmodeus’ attack that Long Haochen didn’t use the Divine Snail Shield against him, but because its spiritual energy consumption was just too high, preventing it from being used for too long, which was no good for such a prolonged battle. At that time, he couldn’t even afford to use Yating’s help to have his spiritual energy boosted, as he had to conserve Yating’s force to boost the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

But the current situation was absolutely different. Long Haochen was not by himself, having so many comrades on his side. His mission was to stop the Panther Demon God’s attacks, and direct all of them on himself. For that, there was no better choice than the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

The shield of divine tool rank paired with Divine Obstruction would feel, even to someone at his level of demon god, like an unsurpassable barrier as long as Long Haochen’s spiritual energy wasn’t close to exhaustion.

Auxerre’s move was unsuccessful, but his terrifying power still came to view. The effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove made him unable to target others, but didn’t stop him from feeling the massive threat brought by the others.

In a flashing sidestep, he evaded like a bolt of lightning, and aimed his claws at Long Haochen’s direction. He knew that as long as this knight died, he would be able to deal with the others.

But as the Panther Demon God was making his move, the members from Bright Glimmer of Hope arrived.

Two red glints landed on Auxerre at the same time as his speed went up even further, but came to a sudden stop for a blink of an eye right on the instant he launched his last attack. These two red glows were from Zhang Fangfang and Han Yu’s Lock ability.

While locking on the Panther Demon God, Han Yu activated his Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings, while Wild Scarletblood in his right hand was swept violently at Auxerre.

The Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings was without doubt mostly activated for Long Haochen’s sake, gathering more spiritual energy to back up his defense. Whether Wild Scarletblood would manage to wound the Panther Demon God was not even a matter he concerned himself about.

Zhang Fangfang’s attack was very heavy, relying on Lock to gather the spiritual energy in his body on his shield as Shield Strike was launched.

A dense light essence instantly rose, striking the Panther Demon God from the side.

Auxerre’s speed was really something. Despite being under the effects of the two knights’ Lock ability, its attacks still slipped through to their side. The assault of the two Guardian Knights of the seventh step only affected his speed a bit at most.

But this instant, an overflowing bloodlust was directed at Auxerre. That strength was nothing in Auxerre’s eyes, but the aura of slaughter contained in that bloodlust caused him to have uncontrolled chills, as his attacking speed decreased once again further.

The terrible weapon of legendary tier Bloodstorm produced a terrifying might while unleashing Bloodcut alongside Bloodsaw Wild Dance. An attack of such a large scale was already impossible for Auxerre to avoid.

Hou. Auxerre let out a howl, terrifying might ascending in the shape of dark red flames from his body and turning into countless panther skulls bombarding all directions.

He thought it well: although he was affected by Long Haochen, launching area attacks would be no issue. This knight aside, how could the other humans resist his full power attacks after blocking the Demon God Transformation?

But he had looked down too much on the post-transformation Saint Spiritual Stove. From the time it was initially offered to Long Haochen by his father Xingyu, it had evolved several times. Among the lot were Yating’s fusion with the spiritual stove as well as the absorption of the crystal left by the Demon God of Deep Vision.

The instant following the appearance of those countless flaming skulls, the multidirectional bombardment that was expected didn’t happen, as all of it was redirected towards Long Haochen by a mystical attractive force.

The current Long Haochen was wrapped under the cover of the multicolored golden Shield Wall since long ago. With the boost of the Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings, the time Long Haochen’s could use the Divine Snail Shield certainly increased tremendously. Moreover, he had the spiritual energy backup of Yating and the Golden Foundation Armor.

Violent clashes resounded without pause on the Shield Wall, but it wasn’t able to cause the Divine Snail Shield to sway in the slightest. And Auxerre’s mistake caused him to have to sustain the enemy's attacks.

Bloodstorm’s attack was the first to come, simultaneously pairing Bloodcut and Bloodsaw Wild Dance, turning into many wind blades cutting on his swelling skin.

A gaudy bloodlight burst out from these cuts, causing Auxerre to shout violently despite that after being Demon God Transformed, his body’s resistance was greatly enhanced.

After all, he was not a demon god expert in defense! In addition, Bloodstorm was a piece of legendary equipment putting emphasis on offensive power. Immediately, a large bloody cut was left on his back.

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