Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 596

Chapter 596: Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus (I)


In front of Zhang Fangfang’s interrogation, Lin Xin showed a tranquil smile, “These two issues should be no problem. On the side of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, there is nothing we can even do apart from informing senior Sheng Yue, but I believe Boss already did that. And the Demon God Emperor is aiming for us, and just as Boss said, if we let him know we are deep in demon territory, he will surely chase after us, and the Exorcist Mountain Pass won’t be in such danger anymore. I estimate that the odds of the Exorcist Mountain Pass being attacked by the Demon God Emperor will be below a third. As for the second issue, I believe that it is even more irrelevant. First, our collaboration with Yue Ye is not a matter of only one or two times. When we were besieged by Ah’Bao’s group, she took the initiative to signal us to take her as hostage, giving us a chance for escape. Given how her fiancé Ah’Bao went as far as to want to sacrifice her to take Boss and vice-captain down; how could she not hate Ah’Bao? Their engagement was even rescinded. So I believe that the probability of an issue arising in Yue Ye’s information is very low. Plus, have you thought about, that, if Yue Ye’s information was false, why would she tell us about the matter of the Star Demon God using Great Prophecy Technique?”

Zhang Fangfang replied, “This is hard to say. After all, she should have been informed that we requested the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce help to find information about Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.”

Lin Xin expressed, “Okay, then let’s say her information was false, but then, how could the Demon God Emperor predict that after getting this information, we would choose to go deep in demon territory instead of fleeing inside the Alliance? Thinking rationally, the Demon God Emperor should not possibly be able to predict we would choose such an escape route. So I am almost certain that Yue Ye’s information is real.”

After listening to Lin Xin’s analysis, Zhang Fangfang nodded slightly, “What you are saying makes sense. It may just be groundless fears from me.”

Long Haochen showed a smile, “As this concerns the whole team’s survival, let’s be a bit more careful. Demon gods wanting to conceal their movements won’t find that easy, especially now that all demon gods carry their demon god pillars alongside them at all times. When the time comes, I will be able to discern such a thing from very far at a glance.

If no demon gods came, it will really mean that there was an issue in Yue Ye’s information. But if there are a large amount of demon gods, this will really confirm that Yue Ye’s information was true.

He still held Zhang Fangfang in a very proper esteem: he was the most experienced and knowledgeable in the group, who does not speak a lot in normal times, but generally goes efficiently to the main point.

Still, Long Haochen aside, even Wang Yuanyuan disapproved greatly of Zhang Fangfang’s opinion. They had already suffered the experience of suffering a loss due to others’ bad criticism, so after Lin Xin’s rebuking, they naturally wouldn’t go help Zhang Fangfang on his standpoint. After Long Haochen expressed the intention of surveying the demon gods’ activities from very afar, Zhang Fangfang didn’t insist. This was already a very cautious measure.

“We are departing!” Long Haochen glanced at the far demon camp, as he gave that order.

For insurance, they changed into cloaks belonging to moon clansmen, used the magic eyes, and stopped flying, travelling on the ground. Under Long Haochen’s lead, the group quietly set through the border of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Long Haochen’s mental force spread outwards, enveloping them inside as they rapidly approached the rendezvous point at fifty kilometers from the demon camp.

They arrived at their destination half an hour later, stopping on a hill with wind at their back. For the sake of maintaining his mental force’s cover, Long Haochen sat cross-legged, with the others sitting in circle around him, calmly waiting for Cai’er’s news.

Shutting his eyes, Long Haochen very rapidly entered a state of focus. Aside from maintaining the cover of his mental force, his mental force was pressed into merging with an extraordinary force coming out from his body. That was the Soul Linking Chains.

After two years of secluded training, he felt a far greater understanding on many of his abilities, including the Soul Sharing Chains

These pieces of epic tier equipment linked the seven of them together by the sevens’ life forces. And, with sufficient mental force put in use, Long Haochen and the others could get a grasp of each others’ position.

However, because they had all cut the Soul Sharing Chains before, he was not able to attempt that until now. It surely had to wait for them all to reunite before being possible.

At the very moment, grasping Cai’er’s location was what he wanted to do, as well as accurately telling her about their position. Of course, this did not only go one way. Unless Cai’er’s mental force was sufficient, they would be unable to achieve such control of the Soul Sharing Chains.

A short time later, Long Haochen got a grasp of Cai’er’s current location. She was moving at an extremely fast speed, to the extent that Long Haochen was unable to grasp her position accurately. His connection through the Soul Sharing Chains then rapidly got through to her, so that she could feel their location, and then the connection cut. After all, keeping the connection for too large a time would consume too much of Long Haochen’s mental force.

“Ying’er, don’t be anxious. Cai’er is looking for traces of that demon god with all she has. Through the Soul Linking Chains, I could, as expected, grasp her exact location. Let’s do this: we will immediately keep pace with Cai’er, this way as soon as she discovers the enemies’ traces, we will be able to make our move in the shortest time.”

Chen Ying’er’s emotions were completely seen through by Long Haochen. Her fiancé’s life or death was about to be determined in these two days. How could she not be anxious? To them, time was like life. The earlier they could save Yang Wenzhao, the earlier they would be able to set out for the depths of demon territory.

Chen Ying’er bit her lips, “Boss, please don’t let things be awkward because of me. We cannot put our team in danger because of Wenzhao, and I believe he would also be absolutely unwilling to see such a situation. If it won’t do, let’s just withdraw.”

Long Haochen nodded, “I will act according to the situation. Everyone, how is your physical force recovering?”

Everyone expressed that they had no problem: after recovering for over a hour, they were nearly back to their ordinary performances. Even if they still felt some tiredness of mind, this would surely not affect their battle performances.

“Go.” After his attempt of making use of the Soul Binding Chains, Long Haochen promptly altered their strategy, leading the others toward Cai’er’s scouting direction. He only needed to check for Cai’er’s location at regular intervals to smoothly go after her.

Because Cai’er had set out over a hour prior to them, and went in full speed flight for that search, she was close to a hundred kilometers far from them. While she constantly altered her speed as she scouted, Long Haochen’s group had only to confirm her approximate direction to follow her tracks.

As things followed, the group went after her for a whole seven hours. They had not only to keep up with Cai’er’s speed, but also preserve their strength to the greatest extent, stopping for some time each hour for that sake. Such a lengthy flight led them at least 350 kms away from the Exorcist Mountain Pass. 

Cai’er’s strengths were prominent at such time. While continuously searching, her speed was still out of reach for the rest, and instead, the distance between them only kept growing further.

Spreading out all four wings, Long Haochen, who was flying at the head of the group, suddenly stopped. The others stopped successively beside him, giving puzzled looks toward him.

Long Haochen had a serious tone, “Cai’er has stopped. She seems to have found something.”

The most excited to hear him was Chen Ying’er, to whom it was as if the tiredness of the whole trip had disappeared, immediately retorting, “Should we come along to discover about that too?”

Long Haochen pointed downwards, and strictly ordered, “We are going to have some rest here. Ying’er, you absolutely have to keep calm, and cannot rush to act. Otherwise, we won’t only be unable to manage the rescue, but will furthermore achieve the opposite results. Have a time of rest and preparation everyone.”

Long Haochen was rarely that strict when speaking to his comrades, and that was actually due to Chen Ying’er’s state of mind. If she didn’t sober up, a mistake in her actions could very likely affect the whole situation.

“Yeah.” Chen Ying’er gave a small reply, and didn’t speak further. Everyone landed on the ground, and found a concealed place to hide, immediately sitting cross-legged to start meditating to recover their physical force.

Long Haochen stimulated his mental force once again through the Soul Linking Chains’ Connection, so that Cai’er could pass on her accurate position.

Cai’er had stopped in a spot for a long time, roughly a quarter of an hour, before setting out on the move once again. Her speed shot up rapidly, rushing at full speed toward the spot of Long Haochen’s group.

At the current time, Cai’er was at roughly 150 km from them. Even at full speed, she needed close to a hour to rush back.

Long Haochen cut the mental connection, focusing his internal energy to absorb the external light essence to supplement his previous consumption of spiritual energy. He was almost certain that Cai’er surely made some discovery. As the core of the team, he had to restore his state to the peak. He didn’t convey his determination to the others as they needed to focus on calmly recovering their spiritual energy.

As expected, Cai’er was nearing them by flight before an hour passed. Nimbly arriving in front of the group, she awoke the whole cultivating group.

At this time, Cai’er looked quite pale. Over eight hours spent scouting and searching came with a massive consumption from her.

Long Haochen floated up and placed a Super Spiritual Recovery Pill in her mouth, pressing his right hand against her back to pour his pure light elemental spiritual energy into her.

Cai’er’s spiritual energy was of a very special type, full of explosive might. This could be called the slaughter attribute, fully inherited from the God of Death.

Her spiritual energy didn’t reject other spiritual energy, which meant that any elemental essence could be turned into strength upon absorption by her.

Having gotten Long Haochen’s help, Cai’er’s aura gradually became peaceful. To Chen Ying’er who was anxiously gazing at her, she nodded, “I found a demon god leading a group of Ox Demons. And I caught sight of Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi sent away under escort. The Ox Demons on guard were about ten thousand.”

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