Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 595

Chapter 595: Long Haochen’s choice

Long Haochen explained, “The information came from Yue Ye. While we were still in the Myriad Beast Mountain Pass, she came to learn about my position from the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce. A short time later, she was suddenly called in by the Moon Demon God Agares, who wanted her to use her Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce’s information networks to look for our position. He also told her that for the sake of killing me, the Star Demon God Vassago had been performing a fate-defying prophecy reading before the start of the Holy War. That prophecy said that we would be proceeding for the Exorcist Mountain Pass around that time, but did not inform them of the precise time. Now, the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu, and Moon Demon God Agares already have all the demon forces in Modu Capital City aside from the heavily wounded Star Demon God Vassago heading toward the Exorcist Mountain Pass, to set an inescapable net to kill me.”

The members of Bright Glimmer of Hope almost simultaneously let out gasps. They weren’t afraid, but shocked, thoroughly shocked.

From the start of the Holy War to now had already passed two full years. But from beginning to end, the Demon God Emperor and his Defying Devil Dragons, the Moon Demon God, the Star Demon God and their various clans had yet to participate in the Holy War.

But at this very moment, Long Haochen was suddenly telling them that the Demon God Emperor had already personally set out, and brought along all Modu Capital City’s elites. The demon gods in Modu Capital City were at least ten, and under the lead of the Demon God Emperor, plus those Defying Devil Dragon Clan and Moon Clan’s powerhouses, this terrifying force alone would be sufficient to instantly wipe out all the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ forces. Let alone the important troops already arranged in the frontlines, the arrival of the Demon God Emperor alone was sufficient to crush the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ defenses.

Though, these forces weren’t directed against the Exorcist Mountain Pass but specially arranged against them. One may well imagine the high value of Long Haochen in the Demon God Emperor’s eyes.

Lifting his head and looking afar, Long Haochen’s eyes were filled with special feelings. Only he had seen Yue Ye’s letter, and although these were only characters, Long Haochen felt the deep feelings of concern and hastiness she had when writing the letter.

In the end, this letter came to his hand timely. If he hadn’t had a trip in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, perhaps he would really fall inside the demons’ inescapable net.

“What should we do Boss?” Lin Xin asked.

Long Haochen took a deep breath, “Don’t panic everyone. I have been giving it a lot of thoughts on the way here. The formidable strength of the Demon God Emperor is not anything we can resist, and the same goes for the Exorcist Mountain Pass. But it’s not as if we are at a complete disadvantage.”

“Since things have come to this, even if we immediately request reinforcements from the Alliance, they surely won’t make it at time. The Demon God Emperor and Moon Demon God have already departed at least six days ago, leading so many demon gods as well as the powerhouses from the Defying Devil Dragon Clan. Modu Capital City may be very far from here, but given their cultivations, it should at most take two or three days for them to arrive here. Yue Ye’s piece of news is extremely important to us. She told us that the best method would be to immediately get away, far from here. From the current stage of the Holy War, there is surely a reason behind the Demon God Emperor’s continuous passivity. He seems to have some restrained fears, or is unwilling to wipe out humanity. If he is added up in the battlefield, the Alliance surely has some ways against him. Only, the Exorcist Mountain Pass will very possibly become the target of the Demon God Emperor’s rage for having not managed to catch me. Though, it is also possible that the Demon God Emperor would just leave.”

“But what about Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi?” Chen Ying’er immediately became worried. If they were to immediately withdraw as Long Haochen had said, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi would most likely have no more chances to be saved. If the Demon God Emperor arrives outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass, even the hope for a transaction with the Exorcist Mountain Pass would most likely disappear.

Long Haochen replied, “Ying’er, don’t worry, listen to me until the end.”

“The Star Demon God Vassago is really powerful, to have actually managed to predict our arrival here through the Great Prophecy Technique. Furthermore, based on the information from Yue Ye, Vassago even told the Demon God Emperor that unless they get rid of us, we will surely become the Demon God Emperor’s greatest nemesis, and possibly even overturn the demon rule. Since the Demon God Emperor views us so importantly, why would we fail to live up his expectations? But for the same reasons, my following analysis will be placing our safety as top priority.”

Chen Ying’er retorted, “Boss, could it be that we don’t have any way out other than evacuating immediately? You said that we will have at most two or three days left? That demon god may not necessarily even appear before then. What’s to be done then? About Wenzhao…”

Wang Yuanyuan took Chen Ying’er in her arms and said, “You are becoming blinded with concern. If Captain does not have a solution, he wouldn’t have told us so much, but immediately given the order for evacuating. And you know, Yang Wenzhao is important to you, but Captain’s safety relates to the whole Alliance! So Ying’er, you must calm down for now.”

After calming down, Chen Ying’er ardently looked at Long Haochen. Her big eyes faintly dripping with tears, she took a deep breath, then said, “Boss, you don’t have to feel awkward. If it really won’t do, let’s… let’s just go away…” When speaking those words, Chen Ying’er felt totally empty of strength, her whole body leaning on Wang Yuanyuan and head lowered.

They were a team, a Demon Hunt Squad. Chen Ying’er having been warned by Wang Yuanyuan, she calmed down a bit despite feeling extremely unwilling deep inside. And she came to deeply understand what the act of going to save Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi would mean to them.

The Demon God Emperor was about to arrive before three days pass. And given his terrible strength, they won’t have the slightest chance to escape his mental probing upon entering his scope of action. But rescuing Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi needed time! Would they really have that time?

Long Haochen declared seriously, “Ying’er, be at ease, I will definitely not give up. Now we will have to analyse the feasibility of saving Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.”

Reaching this point, Long Haochen unfolded the map once again, “Here is where we are. Cai’er is already looking for trails from that demon god. Accompanied by the Demonic Eye Commander, I believe that she will have some news to report in at most one day. In front of the Demon God Emperor, we don’t stand the slightest chance, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have the slightest advantage. Our advantage stems from the help Yue Ye is giving us. And everyone, we have no need to exaggerate the matter.


“The Demon God Emperor wants to kill me, but for that, he will have to find us first, so we absolutely have to avoid contact with him. Although I am unwilling to borrow the force of the Tower of Eternity,  there is no choice but to admit that in the present situation, as long as the Tower of Eternity exists, there’s a low probability that we would get caught by the Demon God Emperor.”

Hearing Long Haochen mention the Tower of Eternity, everyone’s eyes lit up. That’s right, they still had the Tower of Eternity. Even if the Demon God Emperor was even more powerful, he couldn’t possibly split space to look for the Tower of Eternity. In this different realm, even a god would not find anything.

Long Haochen expressed, “Yue Ye’s information really came extremely promptly. She did her best to earn us enough time, and now to save Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi, our only possibility is to avoid crossing the road of the Demon God Emperor.”

This instant, the extreme seriousness in Long Haochen’s face disappeared. Although this was just a battle of wits for the time being, who else in the Temple Alliance would dare do that?

“For the sake of prudence, let’s act within the next two days. In other words, we have two days to save Wenzhao, then immediately get away. The Demon God Emperor won’t possibly be able to find us that way.”

At this point, he turned his gaze toward Chen Ying’er, firmly speaking the next words, “But Ying’er, no matter what we do, we have to consider the worse outcome. If this time, Cai’er didn’t find the trails of those demon gods, we won’t have any other choice, understood?”

Unable to control her tears further, which flowed through her cheeks, Chen Ying’er burst into tears against Long Haochen’s waist, “Thank you, thank you Boss, thank you…”

As the Spiritual Saint Girl, one chosen by the mythological beasts, her intelligence and wisdom was not below her other comrades. She obviously knew that Long Haochen’s last decision was also laden with a great factor of danger: they were fighting for time against the Demon God Emperor! Would any ordinary person dare do that? Another Demon Hunt Squad captain would have chosen to turn round after receiving this news long ago. After all, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were strangers for their Demon Hunt Squad!

Long Haochen lightly patted Chen Ying’er’s back, smiling to her, “Don’t forget that I am a knight too. Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi are rare talents from our Knight Temple: saving them is originally my unshrinkable responsability.”

Han Yu reacted, “Captain, if we succeed in saving Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi, what will be our future course of actions?”

Long Haochen replied with no hesitation, “Penetrate deeply into demon territory.”

“Eh?” Everyone was greatly shocked from hearing this. The Demon God Emperor was going all out to find their trails, yet he had no hesitation to declare his intention to penetrate deeply into demon territory.

Long Haochen nodded, “Since the Demon God Emperor is bringing a lot of demon gods to the front lines, the demon territory will surely be extremely emptied. In these border areas, we are absolutely unable to display our full power. For the sake of avoiding that the Demon God Emperor takes out his anger on every defensive fort, I cannot even let Haoyue go destroy demon god pillars here. But in demon territory, we won’t have these worries anymore. The Demon God Emperor won’t know where we are gone either. He cannot find us there, as he will either remain here or keep looking for us. This time we should set out in demon territory as fast as possible, and maybe we will reap a lot. Therefore, no matter whether we succeed in rescuing Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi, our next move will be to head for the demon territory. By remaining in this border area, we will only inconvenience every defensive fort.”

Han Yu retorted, “But how about hiding ourselves inside the Alliance?”

Long Haochen sighed in response, “It would be great if we could simply do that. But since the Demon God Emperor dared call this an inescapable net, there must be quite a few spies dispatched in the border area, like we have Yue Ye from the demon camp helping us. Since the Demon God Emperor is the demons’ sovereign, all the demons’ intelligence must be in his grasp. Don’t tell me you think we will surely be out of his reach in the Alliance? So we can only penetrate deeply into demon territory, to make him lose all the intelligence he could get on us. On the contrary, if we withdraw to the Alliance, we will very possibly be targeted by the large amount of demon gods he brought alongside, forcing their way into the Alliance to chase after us. At that time, the people will be in terrible situations. By getting into demon territory, we may find a path for survival in the midst of death. We must not only penetrate deeply in the demon territory, but also let the Demon God Emperor know about it. That way, we will pull away the demons, and won’t let the Alliance suffer too much terrible damage. Furthermore, as long as we have the Tower of Eternity, we can activate its transporting ability at anytime. At worst, we will just remain shut inside the Tower of Eternity for a long period of time. There is also another reason why I have just come back late. That’s because I requested senior heroic assassin Sheng Yue to supply us with large amounts of food, which was all stored through the Eternal Melody. It will be enough to last us even if we have to live inside the Tower of Eternity for a year and a half.”

Hearing his explanation, everyone had feelings of relaxation. Long Haochen’s plan seemed extremely dangerous, but with the Tower of Eternity as a backup move, they only had to avoid running into the Demon God Emperor directly to be almost free from any real danger.

Zhang Fangfang reacted, “Haochen, there are two issues I can now think of. First, what if the Demon God Emperor immediately attacks the Exorcist Mountain Pass right after we depart? The other issue is the truthfulness of the information Yue Ye transmitted. The Demon God Emperor’s attack on the Exorcist Mountain Pass is not something we can stop. But if in addition, Yue Ye’s information is false, we will be forced into great danger. Maybe we will really fall in the trap of the Demon God Emperor that way.”

Long Haochen was slightly startled, immediately feeling a chill. Right! His plans were based on the complete accuracy of Yue Ye’s intelligence. If there was an issue with Yue Ye’s intelligence, their plans would all be wasted and they may very possibly be led by the nose by the Demon God Emperor.

Right at this time, the nearby Lin Xin giggled, “Captain Zhang, you are thinking too much.” Ever since they were faced in desperate straits due to Tian Qing’s mistake in demon territory, Lin Xin found it hard to stand when others would meddle withLong Haochen’s decisions. The same applied even if Zhang Fangfang was Wang Yuanyuan’s lover.

Zhang Fangfang responded, “This is just my personal thought. Of course, I don’t understand well the degree of your cooperation with Yue Ye. It’s just that I believe that if an issue arises in this area, we will be in great danger.”

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