Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 593

Chapter 593: Inescapable Net (II)

Even Yue Ye herself didn’t know what kind of feelings she had for Long Haochen. How could she not understand that there isn’t the slightest chance of some feelings arising between the two of them? But how could Long Haochen’s figure be so unreasonably clear in her mind?

She had already lost count of the number of times she attempted to forget about him, so many that she had prepared herself to accept the marriage with Ah’Bao. But ever since that matter happened, her emotions made a total change.

Ah’Bao had led Demon Hunter Removers to attack Long Haochen and Cai’er from all sides, and for the sake of killing the two of them, Ah’Bao made the final choice to abandon her, his own fiancée. But in the extreme opposite, for the sake of saving Cai’er, Long Haochen almost paid the cost of his life. When she saw Long Haochen use his own body as a shield to deflect the demon attacks going for Cai’er, Yue Ye felt as if countless ice cones pierced through her heart. 

Two similarly outstanding males, one standing for darkness and one standing for light. One was her fiancée, and the other one, her cooperative partner. How could the two of them be so different?

Maybe this was the difference between light and darkness? Darkness could sacrifice anything for the sake of benefit. Their hearts will only be seeing benefit forever. Perhaps a light user could seem foolish in comparison, to even be willing to sacrifice their own life to protect their beloved person.

But for a girl, an emotional girl, the choice to be made could not be more obvious. Yue Ye was absolutely certain that if Long Haochen did not have Cai’er at his side, he would certainly have a fatal attraction toward her. If he could come to like her, she would surely disregard everything else to be together with him.

However, this was mere delusion. Knowing perfectly well that this is impossible, Yue Ye’s pain only became fiercer. Why is that person by his side not me?

This fool chose this time to appear, scouting out news about two other Demon Hunters. This meant that he was resolved to reappear in the battlefield against demons.

But the Demon God Emperor is already fixed on him!? Would His Majesty let go of him?

Thinking about the Demon God Emperor, Yue Ye couldn’t help but shiver. She was the most doted on daughter of the Moon Demon God Agares, and had a very good understanding of the powerful level reached by her father’s cultivation. With her father’s strength, the latter stood like a supreme being in her heart. But at the time Agares stands in front of the Demon God Emperorhis feelings of fear and respect even made Yue Ye incomparably afraid.

The Demon God Emperor was, after all, powerful beyond her imagination. And she was totally able to affirm that the difference between Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor was as large as the gap between an ant and a mammoth. In case the Demon God Emperor finds him, things would end like… 

It’s no good, I have to find a way to tell him that he must not enter into demon territory!

“Princess, Lord Moon Demon God is calling you.” At this time, a servant’s voice was heard.

Yue Ye became stunned, remembering that earlier today, her father had said he had an important matter to discuss with her.

Moon Demon’s Hall.

The Moon Demon God Agares was quietly seated on his demon god throne, his purple hair dropping on his shoulder. If not for the unnaturally wise and farseeing look in his eyes, his handsome appearance could very easily make him be taken for a youngster.

“Father.” Yue Ye’s voice was heard from outside the hall.

“Enter.” The Moon Demon God’s look softened greatly. He actually felt quite helpless about this daughter of his. This treasured daughter was really the first demon to dare disobey the Demon God Emperor, plus, what she rejected was the most important marriage in all demonkind.

The Demon God Emperor didn’t pursue this matter, and even Ah’Bao didn’t either. From the looks of it, this matter was left unsettled. Of course, Agares wouldn’t let this matter affect his attitude towards the Demon God Emperor, but this was still not a good thing. After all, Ah’Bao would be the next Demon God Emperor, so being able to connect by marriage would surely stabilize the Moon Clan even further.

Seen coming in, Yue Ye had a really mature look. Her perfectly proportioned build, and well-developed form, in addition to those exciting purple eyes, made even the extremely difficult to please the lover of beautiful things Agares praise his daughter’s beauty.

Compared to the ordinary girls from the Moon Clan, Yue Ye’s mixed-blood had much less darkness aura, and more of the human beauty and charm.

“Father, you said you have a matter to discuss. If it is related to Brother Bao, please don’t insist.” Yue Ye arrived at the middle of the Moon Clan’s Hall, and immediately spoke these words.

Over the past two years, the Moon Demon God tried many times to convince her.

Agares helplessly said, “What a girl! Can’t you think for the sake of our clan?”

Yue Ye shook her head, resolutely looking at her father, but remained silent.

Agares sighed, “Let it be, I won’t keep trying to convince you, since things are like that. It was for another matter that I came looking for you.”

Hearing her father say that he won’t insist on trying to reconcile Ah’Bao and her, Yue Ye’s expression softened greatly, “Please speak then.”

Agares’ look was back to normal, declaring seriously, “You should know about the reasons that led to this Holy War. And you should have met that person before.”

“Eh?” Yue Ye was shocked. She was thinking about Long Haochen just before, but didn’t expect to hear her father ask about him right after getting news from him. Could her father already know of the relationship between the two of them? For a moment, her face became a lot more pale.

Agares softly continued, “Don’t be afraid, your royal father will be protecting you, and not let him harm you anymore.” From his point of view, Yue Ye, who had originally gotten captured by Long Haochen, became full of fear just hearing him mentioned.

Yue Ye kept her emotion under control with haste, “What… What about him?”

“His Majesty started a Holy War because of this human. Although the intention to weaken humankind is also present, it is clearly visibly how massive the threat carried by this person is. You must tightly keep secret what I will tell you today, and absolutely cannot let it leak out. Understood?”

Yue Ye nodded, asking with curiosity, “Father, I have never understood this: that Long Haochen seems remarkable, but isn’t he just a human? How could he be any threat? Could it be that even at his level of cultivation, His Majesty could have some restrained fear for him?”

Agares explained, “That’s because he threatens our race’s foundations. His own strength is not much, but he has a mount that can really threaten us. You don’t need to know the details regarding that mount. I know that you established a great information network between the Temple Alliance and us, and I need your intelligence.”

“Intelligence regarding that person? Shouldn’t he already have gone missing?” Yue Ye’s heartbeat accelerated. Although she vaguely felt that this situation was merely a coincidence, she had after all just gotten news from Long Haochen! How could she not become nervous?

“Gone missing? He has just holed up in the humans’ Temple Alliance. Your third brother has undergone Great Prophecy Technique for him. Through it, he has predicted that this Long Haochen will reappear within the borders of our demon territory, and proceed toward the opposite direction from the human territory. But he couldn’t predict the precise time, so now, we are in need of the most accurate intelligence your Freelance Merchant Group can provide. His Majesty has already arranged an inescapable net, and will personally take care of him. This will also stabilize our demon race’s dozens of thousands of years rule. ”

Hearing Agares’ words, Yue Ye couldn’t help but let out a gasp. For a moment, tides of emotions surged out, almost beyond her control.

The Demon God Emperor wants to go as far as to personally dispose of Long Haochen, oh god! The Star Demon God Vassago even put to use the Great Prophecy Technique against him. Adding to that the collaboration of her father, the greatest three demon gods were actually joining hands against him. What could he do against that? Wasn’t this a route to certain death?

For a moment, Yue Ye became speechless due to shock.

Seeing her resulting expression, Agares wrinkled his eyebrows, “Girl, have you been listening to your royal father seriously?”

“Eh! I have.” Yue Ye adjusted her feelings rapidly, murmuring, “Father, I am just thinking, is he really so worthy? He’s actually causing His Highness to act personally.”

Agares snorted, “You don’t need to know too much about that. This pertains to our race’s most important secrets. You must know that for the sake of predicting this youngster’s future path, and the fate of our race, your third uncle went all out in using the Great Prophecy Technique, which resulted in serious injuries. He is still recovering in seclusion, and things are pretty bad. At the least, he will lose eighty percent of his strength, and even when he recovers, he won’t be able to make predictions so accurately in the future anymore. So your intelligence network must be up and running immediately and without any slips, understood? After this matter is settled, your royal father will request recognition from His Highness for your merits. I believe that even your marriage with Ah’Bao could be considered a matter of the past.”

“Yeah, I will do my best to find this information for you.” Yue Ye lowered her head so that the Moon Demon God wouldn’t see her visibly somewhat frenetic expression.

Agares concluded, “You may go then. Give me news as soon as possible. Tomorrow, His Majesty and I will be setting out with all our garrisoned troops, proceeding for the Exorcist Mountain Pass to lay out our inescapable net. This time, that boy won’t get away no matter what. ”

“Yes.” Resisting the feelings surging out of her with great difficulty, Yue Ye cautiously left her father’s quarters. After getting out, she was unable to bear the urge to run back to her own residence.

By now, she had no other kinds of thoughts but to transmit this piece of information to Long Haochen as soon as possible. Even she herself didn’t understood why she had such an urge.

Back at her residence, just as she was prepared to send news as fast as possible, a letter suddenly came. It came from the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce in the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. At the time she saw this news, she couldn’t help but feel as if struck by a thunderbolt.

The Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce supplied them with the news that Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were in captivity in the camps outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass. And Long Haochen had already departed after receiving that news.

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