Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 592

Chapter 592: Inescapable Net (I)

After a long time, Cai’er’s emotions gradually stabilized, only letting out tiny sobs. Long Haochen didn’t even dare ask or look too much at Cai’er, because they were totally bare! To reduce the feelings of enticement, he had no choice but to wrap the quilt around Cai’er’s body, consoling her gently.

Raising her head, Cai’er looked at Long Haochen with a still hazy face, “Sorry Haochen, I can’t    

Long Haochen shook his head with haste, “It’s nothing, I was just too hurried.”


Wiping the sweat on Long Haochen’s forehead, Cai’er tightly nestled in his embrace, “It’s my fault, I’m just too afraid of losing you.”


Seeing her emotions as rather stabilized, Long Haochen finally attempted to ask, “Cai’er, what do you mean?” He absolutely didn’t believe that Cai’er cried so bitterly just because of the excessive intimacy.


Cai’er lowered her head, “Ever since losing my memories, I believed that there should be another person in me that should receive your love, and that’s the past me. Today, when we faced the test of Ying’er’s grandfather, this feeling was especially distinct. When everyone reported to you, raising our morale, I could see how dedicatedly and dearly they viewed these past memories. But I don’t have such memories, I don’t have any of them. That instant, I felt just like a total stranger. I am not that Cai’er in your heart anymore, right? But at the same time, I love you just as much. Did you know about that? Despite wanting to regain my memories, I am also very afraid of that.

“Without regaining my memories, I won’t be able to confirm your feelings for me. But if I regain them, won’t the current me disappear, eternally unable to come back? That’s why I’m really scared, and don’t like that feeling at all. I’m afraid of losing you forever, which is why I came to you, wanting to offer you my most precious thing. But just that instant, I suddenly realized that all of this doesn’t belong to me, but to that other me. That’s why I cannot give myself to you, I just can’t…”


Hearing her so mournful voice, Long Haochen became silent. He asked himself whether the one he liked was really the past Cai’er?


Just as Cai’er said, after her loss of memories, some changes happened in her emotions. The depressed feelings she had due to her memories having yet to come back were known by Long Haochen more than anyone else.


However, his way of thinking wasn’t like Cai’er’s. No matter whether it is before or after losing her memories, Cai’er was still Cai’er. It’s just that her memories were separated in two parts, which is why he could patiently wait. 


Lightly stroking her disordered hair, Long Haochen said in a low voice, “You are really an idiot. Why would you think that way? I love Cai’er, her everything. Be it your body, your hair, or even your little drops of sweat. No matter whether it is before or after you lost your memories, you are just you, my Cai’er. All you have lost were memories, you don’t have to worry about losing your current self after getting them back. That’s because they will only fuse back, and won’t possibly take over or erase each other.”


Hearing Long Haochen’s words, Cai’er gradually calmed down from her emotional state. Drawing close to him, she didn’t say anything, but her shaking calmed down greatly.


“Cai’er, did you know? Actually I am very happy, much more than if we were ordinary lovers.” At this point, Long Haochen stopped, voluntarily cutting in the crucial part.


As expected, his words roused Cai’er’s curiosity. She lifted up her head to look at him, eyes red and inflamed from crying, and asked, "Why?"

Long Haochen kissed her forehead with a smile, “That’s because my lover fell in love with me twice! Just think, if after your memories come back, your two loves for me become one, how can it not make you love me even more? Just how much luck do I have to be able to live such a thing? So you don’t need to worry, be it your past self or your present self, I will love both without reservations. I won’t hide from you that, deep inside, I still wish for you to recover your previous memories, because I hope for you to remember our happy times from the past.

But I will never press you to recover your memories. We should just let nature follow its course. But no matter what, and no matter when, you don’t have to worry about losing me. As long as I am alive, you will always be the only one I have feelings for. Even after death or reincarnation, you will still be my only one.


When I was young, I didn’t understand what love is. But now I understand, it is about always thinking of someone, about longing for that person, taking care of that person, watching attentively, embracing, kissing and being willing to sacrifice anything for your sake. I love you and love your everythingYour memory loss definitely won't cause me to divide you up.

I definitely won’t make any distinctions just because you have lost your memories. It only pains me and makes me want to treasure and protect you all the more, because I haven’t been protecting you well.” 

“Haochen…” Cai’er shouted loudly, struggling free of the quilt and suddenly throwing herself at him, deeply hugging him. Her tears burst out once again, but this time, not out of pain but happiness.


In the morning, Long Haochen appeared in front of the group with dark circles under his eyes, and outside of the absent Cai’er, everyone else seemed to be laughing up their sleeves.


Their rooms in the Spiritual Temple were very close, so the loud shout from yesterday’s Cai’er would be heard by anyone who’s not deaf. Adding to that the fact that Cai’er hadn’t returned to her room the whole evening, one could well imagine what they were doing.


Long Haochen looked as if nothing happened on the surface, but he was the only one who knew about his pains. On the previous night, what happened was beyond the description of persecution.


After waking from her tears of happiness, Cai’er rapidly fell asleep in his embrace, a very tight embrace. To let her have a good rest, Long Haochen avoided making any noise.


In the embrace of their most beloved, the two of them were devoid of the slightest barrier of clothes. Having just reached his twenties, his vitality was able to even match the purity of his light essence.

The results went as one can well imagine: the captain of the squad Bright Glimmer of Hope stood upright for a whole night, but by chance, his physical functions were sufficient or he could maybe really have broken down due to the excessive blood flow.


At the time Cai’er became awake, she immediately panicked in blushes when thinking about the situation from that time. After bathing in cold water for a quarter of an hour, she came out, but couldn’t show a nice expression.

“I am going back to ask for news from the Yue Ye Merchant Group.” Long Haochen couldn’t bear the provokingly explicit looks from the others, and escaped in a rush. After shutting the door, he could hear a burst of laughter behind him. Blushing in spite of himself, he had the fierce thought that the next time such a thing happens, he definitely had to eat Cai’er.


Modu capital city, Moon Clan’s Palace. 


“He really appeared!” Yue Ye gave a blank look at the letter in her hands. Immediately, all sorts of feelings welled up in her heart, causing her body to shake slightly.


Ever since rescinding her marriage with Ah’Bao, she had been residing in the Moon Clan’s Palace. Not taking the slightest step out, she concentrated fully on cultivating.

Being an extremely intelligent girl, Yue Ye understood well what kind of character Ah’Bao had. Maybe he would really rush to the act, and in case she was outside that time, he may do something that couldn't be taken back. Would there be any other choice but marriage then? But no matter how insistent Ah’Bao is, he definitely wouldn’t dare cause trouble inside the Moon Clan’s Palace. For the Moon Demon God Agares holding the second of the seventy-two demon god pillars, his status was not just a number. The Moon Clan’s powerhouses being extremely numerous, even the Demon God Emperor kept an extremely close relationship with Agares.


But the fact she remained in the Moon Clan’s Palace didn’t mean that Yue Ye was completely oblivious to the outside world. She’s the one who single-handedly made the Yue Ye Merchant Group the greatest group of freelance merchants between the demon side and Temple Alliance. After the start of the Holy War, their resources declined, but it didn’t mean that they were emptied anymore. Their transactions of goods already turned into trades of strategic information.


And, the Yue Ye Merchant Group obtained benefits from both sides. Under Yue Ye’s suitable command, they only focused on offering for sale some unimportant strategic informations to the two sides, causing the merchant group to exist and be well between the human and demon side. As for their wealth, after so many years of accumulation, it managed to sustain itself despite that event. The situation won’t be like that forever, so when the Holy War ends, her Freelance Merchant Group will still keep running. 


Yue Ye had special methods of communication. To be able to immediately get the most precise information, she invested a lot in that aspect. Through special sound transmitting crystals, she was able to receive and release sounds from the other side of the continent. So everything happening on the side of the Alliance would be known to her at most two or three days later, making it also more convenient to immediately transmit orders.


Now, the Yue Ye Merchant group had already become the greatest information traffickers between the demon side and the Temple Alliance. In her ability to gather news, despite looking like a mere princess of the Yue Clan, Yue Ye was worthy of being called number one of the continent.


So Long Haochen could be said to have found a good person to look for information about Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.


The token Yue Ye handed to Long Haochen at that time was extremely special. She long ago made the arrangements to be immediately informed no matter where it appears. And wasn’t that exactly what happened?


The token appeared in the Myriad Beast Mountain Pass of the Spiritual Temple with news of his request for news regarding Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi. So he was really in the Temple Alliance and really appeared.


Even Yue Ye herself didn’t notice that Long Haochen’s appearance brought her such uncontainable excitement.


Actually, she wasn’t too familiar with Long Haochen, but understood with complete certainty his degree of genius.

“This idiot. The Holy War is already close to an end, but could it be that he cannot just stay hidden? Don’t tell me he doesn’t know about making preparations safely?” Yue Ye’s hand lit in dark purple, melting away the falling letter.

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