Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 591

Chapter 591: Six-headed Chimera (III)

“Of course, a blood contract has also some benefits for a magical beast: its evolving speed will greatly increase. Therefore, no matter to which level Haochen’s magical beast evolves, it won’t ever cause an excessive destruction to this world. Taking a step back, if one day he really threatens humanity, as long as Long Haochen dies, he will die too.”

Chen Hongyu was speaking extremely calmly, but in the ears of Long Haochen’s group, his words had a strange tonality, especially to Long Haochen, who reminisced the moment Haoyue just came into this world in that weak and terrified state, looking possibly about to crumble at anytime. His look gradually became soft: right, no matter what secrets Haoyue holds, that’s his blood contracted companion. Having already devoted so much, what use was there to ponder any further about his abilities or origin?

“Senior, about your test...” Long Haochen tried asking.

Chen Hongyu’s look immediately became heavy. Since Haoyue suppressed Xingxuan forcefully, he had put this matter totally aside. Now that Long Haochen just mentioned it, looking impassible would be rather strange.

Sanshui Popo glared at her husband very unhappily. Neither she nor Chen Hongyu could say that the previous test doesn’t count and that they should have another go. Their statuses being such, Chen Hongyu would sound really treachorous if he said that he had let Long Haochen’s group defeat him, but if he went back on his word, his face would be totally lost.

“Huh...” After a long sigh, Chen Hongyu waved his hand, “You’re free to go as you please.” After that, he turned his head and left.

Sanshui Popo couldn’t help but swear at him, “What a useless old fool you are!”

Chen Hongyu replied in fury, “I am useless? Do you think these little guys are so easy to deal with? Haven’t you seen that assassin running around me?”

In actual fact, if Chen Hongyu hadn’t the heart to aim to kill Long Haochen’s group, and still kept holding back to some extent from beginning to end, defeating them would really be a hard task, especially with his contracted beast suppressed by Haoyue.

Still, although Chen Hongyu and Sanshui Popo were gloomy, their shock was much greater than their gloomy feelings. As expected from those who became a Titled Demon Hunt Squad, they were really resourceful.

Sanshui Popo walked in front of Long Haochen while holding Chen Ying’er in her arms, and declared, “Long Haochen, remember that no matter what decision you make, as long as Ying’er is staying well and in your team, the Spiritual Temple will always support you. But no matter no matter the reason, if something happens to her, our Spiritual Temple will regard you as mortal enemies, even if you someday become the chief of the Alliance.”

After saying that, she handed Chen Ying’er to Wang Yuanyuan and turned round to leave.

Standing at Long Haochen’s side, Cai’er murmured, “What an unreasonable person!”

Lin Xin giggled, “If Sanshui Popo could have some good sense, she wouldn’t have such a reputation. But that person has never gone back on her word.”

Sima Xian declared, “Boss, it seems that we won! Shouldn’t we be cheering?”

Right, having passed through Chen Hongyu’s test, their team was finally reformed, and the Bright Glimmer of Hope was ready to depart for their new trip of missions.

For the next little while, in the Spiritual Temple’s Beast Fighting Grounds the loud sounds of sudden bursts of cheering could be heard.


After having dinner, Long Haochen returned to his room early. After having the test in the morning, he went to look for the Yue Ye Merchant Group in the afternoon. Until now, the news had yet to come, so they could only keep on waiting. Without accurate news, moving rashly wouldn’t show any results.

At the same time, he posted a letter to the Alliance, reporting for Yang Haohan that his team was done gathering, and that he was waiting for the Alliance to assign a mission to them.

Their last completed mission had already been a matter of two years ago, so everyone had feelings of impatience. Maybe this was not really for the sake of completing the 'mission in itself' completing the 'missions for their own sake'.

Ever since the start of the Holy War two years ago, the demons’ global offenses inflicted massive damage on the Alliance but in the same time, the demon side also incurred severe losses. But on the large scale, the global damage from both sides wasn’t too large, though their mid-to-low range forces went into a steep decline.

This Holy War felt very challenging to the human side, but also brought them a little hope, the hope of victory.

After all, humankind was still holding on. Even the Southern Mountain Pass which has the weakest defensive force didn’t let the demon forces enter into their territory.

Simply holding up through it all was a kind of victory for the Alliance, and fed their self-confidence in achieving a final victory. What did the demons have? Outside from the ability of reproduction and a great ruling system, they didn’t have much else. And could the resources endlessly accumulated by humankind since the start of the dark age six thousand years ago be exhausted by this mere Holy War? In a contest of recovery speed, the human side absolute didn’t believe themselves to be inferior to the demon side.

Therefore, in the Temple Alliance’s nobility, fundamental strategic changes happened. Of course, the current human side wouldn’t launch a counterattack, but kept paying attention to preserving their strength, while gaining in valuable experience and knowledge against demons.

The gap was still present, but it didn’t mean it was impossible to fill it, right?

After Haoyue’s new evolution, the purple color released from his body was called blood purity force by Chen Hongyu. After his evolution, Haoyue would surely be able to destroy demon god pillars even more easily than before. If they could make it into demon territory and destroy some more demon god pillars, they would achieve new milestones at every victory!

Since two years ago when Long Haochen started his secluded training, he had already made his resolve to destroy as many demon god pillar as possible to greatly shake the demons’ foundation.

The demon side being so powerful, he didn’t believe himself to be able to wipe them out thoroughly, but as long as they could be weakened to some extent, in the end, humans could one day prevail over them.

Bam, bam, bam. As Long Haochen was pondering over the future of Bright Glimmer of Hope, knocks were heard.

Opening the door, Cai’er was charmingly standing outside.

“Cai’er, quickly come in.” Long Haochen welcomed her in the room, when, right after he closed the door, Cai’er suddenly threw herself on his back, tightly embracing his back’s figure.

Long Haochen could feel an instability in her emotions, and even felt a moist feeling coming from his lapel. Immediately he became greatly startled, “Cai’er, what happened to you?”

Turning back, Long Haochen accepted her embrace. Right now, Cai’er was clad in a black long skirt, accentuating her snowy skin. In these two years Cai’er grew up too, her figure becoming taller, but its feeling of softness didn’t change in the slightest. Taking her in his embrace gave off a really splendid feeling of completion. Her tender waist and her body’s warmth immediately gave uncontrollable feelings to Long Haochen.

They were already grown up and didn’t have the same pure love as in their youth. The contact of their bodies would hardly come without intense physiological reactions.

Long Haochen felt his arm shivering, as images of the naked Cai’er in the Illusory Shrine couldn’t help but come back in his mind. For a moment, he felt surges of heat.

He had far too many things to shoulder. Only at the times he could be alone with her was his heart appeased a bit.

“Haochen.” Cai’er raised her head, coiling her thin arms around Long Haochen’s neck like a snake, actually taking the initiative of pressing her lips to his.

As he was her only love target, how could Long Haochen resist in front of such enticement?

Four lips pressed together, blending inexperience with young tenderness. Cai’er’s lips were very cold, still shaking, but her movements were very intense. Tightly holding Long Haochen’s neck, it seemed as if she was afraid of letting go of him.

Cold gradually turned into heat, and their breathing became hurried.

Their clothes scattered around, and the instant the two of them fell to the bed, Cai’er couldn’t help but let out soft groans.

Their primitive instincts led them to search for the origins of life. In the end, the instant Cai’er found out that moment of warmth, her body suddenly convulsed.

“No, don’t!” She suddenly shouted loudly, disregarding everything.

Long Haochen’s rough breathing suddenly came to a stop. Hearing her sudden reverberating shout, his limpid eyes suddenly sobered up.

Cai’er struggled to sneak out from his embrace, embracing the quilt as she burst into tears.

The flame of desire gradually came down, as Long Haochen was standing full of shock in front of this scene. From the moment Cai’er entered, something seemed to be wrong.

But the two of them having rapidly gotten caught up in their desires, Long Haochen became full of shock and confusion at her current change.

“Cai’er, what happened?” Long Haochen advanced hastily, not daring to make contact with her and his forehead dripping with sweat, “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have… I’m sorry, so please don’t take offense? What happened to you?”

Cai’er shook her head with force as her tears dispersed due to the shaking, “No, it’s not your fault. I’m in the wrong, I just can’t, I can’t...”

Saying that, she burst into tears under Long Haochen’s embrace.

Even when facing a demon god, Long Haochen didn’t feel at such loss as now. He really loved Cai’er, and looking at her pained appearance, he became torn with grief. Furthermore, he had absolutely no idea of why Cai’er became like that.

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