Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 589

Chapter 589: Six-Headed Medusa? (I)


Haoyue looked like he didn’t even put the four-headed chimera in his eyes, and held his six large heads high with a bellow, proudly standing like a minor sovereign king.

This scene was totally unexpected. Even Long Haochen himself couldn’t help but look on in a daze. This was just as his comrades had just taken Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pills, preparing to enter his most supreme mode to confront Chen Hongyu’s test.

But Chen Hongyu’s strongest contracted beast suddenly fell to the ground, and after having gotten out of the way of the Hellfire Needle, Chen Hongyu nearly fell from its back. That was really a monstrous situation. After all, as that wasn’t an enemy, Long Haochen didn’t choose to take advantage of this opportunity to launch an attack against Chen Hongyu.

“How could that be?” Chen Hongyu’s shock was extreme. Milky-white soul fluctuations were spread out from his body, covering the chimera Xingxuan, but things turned out contrary to his wishes. His boost didn’t show any utility as Xingxuan’s trembling became only more and more distinct. The four heads were all pressed against the ground, foam starting to come out from their mouths and noses.

This time, Chen Hongyu couldn’t attend to testing Long Haochen’s group further. To a summoner, a contracted beast is like an extension of their own life! In case something happens to the contracted beast, the summoner’s cultivation is bound to suffer a severe blow and maybe even a fatal wound.

“What did you do to Xingxuan?” Chen Hongyu was enraged, but looking clearly at Haoyue’s appearance, he couldn’t help but look blank.

Long Haochen was also greatly amazed at Xingxuan's state, because he hadn’t told Haoyue to launch the slightest attack. And Xingxuan being a magical beast of the tenth rank, how could any of Haoyue’s attacks even beat her? For a moment, he was totally confused and unable to make heads or tails of the situation, hurriedly getting off from Haoyue’s back.

In a flash, his figure appeared beside Chen Hongyu, and on his back, Cai’er’s figure noiselessly emerged. If that was a real enemy, the previous instant Chen Hongyu shouted loudly at Long Haochen would be the best opportunity to make her move.

“Senior, we didn’t do anything, and didn’t even attack!” The Conjoined Spiritual Pills’ effects were still present, but because they weren’t released, Long Haochen’s body felt unpleasant, barely suppressing the Cojoined Spiritual Pills’ backlash, as he spoke these words very helplessly to Chen Hongyu.

Seeing that he wasn’t even able to transmit his thoughts to Xingxuan, Chen Hongyu unexpectedly sweated profusely, “You didn’t do anything? But look at how Xingxuan became. It’s that magical beast, your magical beast. Don’t tell me that it could even suppress her blood?

After all, he was the Spiritual Temple’s head. As Chen Ying’er said, in this world, no one had a better understanding of magical beasts than her grandfather. Mentioning a blood purity suppression, Chen Hongyu’s eyes became filled with unbelief. And when looking further at Haoyue’s appearance, he looked as if seeing a monster, and couldn’t help but tremble profusely.

“That can’t be… A six-headed chimera...” Chen Hongyu’s looked lifelessly at Haoyue, both his hands and feet ice-cold for a moment. He hadn’t forgotten about Xingxuan’s predicament, and hastily told Long Haochen, “Hurry up, send your mount back, fast!” His last word became almost a howl; from this, one could see the terrible eagerness filling him.

Long Haochen didn’t dare tarry overlong, and rapidly turned back, making a gesture to Haoyue who gave a last look of disdain to Xingxuan before lifting his head and disappearing in the midst of a purple illumination.

What a mysterious sight followed. The instant he disappeared, Xingxuan’s shaking came to a stop, and she stopped spitting foam. But the other magical beasts who weren’t as lucky were all shrouded in the purple intent released by Haoyue. At the very moment, they were all limp, and the ones lower in cultivation even died directly. The ones higher in cultivation were still in limp states. For a moment, magical beast urine kept flowing, covering the whole Fighting Beast Ground with an unpleasant smell.

Haoyue’s departure made Chen Hongyu greatly relax. Turning his eyes toward Long Haochen, his look became totally different, as if looking at a monster. The four-headed chimera was also gradually recovering, and fast at that, being a magical beast of the tenth rank. Raising all four heads, it didn’t have the slightest residue of frightened demeanor. And in particular when looking at Long Haochen, its massive body drew back, taking the initiative to return to where it was summoned, not even calling out at last to Chen Hongyu.

“Senior, what just happened?” Long Haochen had great difficulty to suppress the backlash of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills, but totally unable to make heads or tails of what was originally an extremely ordinary test turning to such a theatrical sight, how could he show no astonishment?

Chen Hongyu firmly stared fixedly at Long Haochen, “Where have you gotten that mount from? Tell me!”

Long Haochen replied, “From the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.”

“Impossible.” Chen Hongyu cut him off categorically, “How could your Knights’ Sacred Mountain have a six-headed chimera in it? Don’t you know what six-headed chimeras are?”

Long Haochen looked at Chen Hongyu in astonishment, “Are you saying that Haoyue is a six-headed chimera?”

Chen Hongyu nodded without any hesitation, “For certain. Otherwise how could he have exhibited such an intense blood purity suppression towards Xingxuan? Even a more powerful magical beast never achieved that.”

The others were all encircling them, and even the spectators Sanshui Popo and Zhang Fangfang had come down. Sanshui Popo remarked, “You should know what blood purity suppression is. Magical beasts are formed up of many races. And in every race exist different strict categories. That’s the system of class between magical beasts, an aspect that is a bit similar to us humans. Simply speaking, there are dissociations like commoner and nobles among magical beasts, and in front of the noble ones, commoners of the same race would be greatly suppressed, that’s their blood purity suppression. Therefore, when a war happens in a same race, the contest of power will always be between the nobles of highest blood status. If the difference between their blood statuses is very large, due to the suppression by the powerful one, a battle will absolutely not occur. Only when the purity in their blood doesn’t differ a lot, can a battle possibly break out.”

“Let me give you a simple example.” Sanshui Popo pointed at Han Yu’s Demonic Eye Commander, “Your Demonic Eye is at the commander level. If a despotic levelled Demonic Eye was here, its strength would be bound to be greatly suppressed. There’s no way it could even move against the Despotic Demonic Eye.”

Listening to Sanshui Popo’s explanation, everyone gained a better understanding of blood purity suppression.

At this moment, Chen Hongyu had calmed down greatly, taking a deep tone, “Just before, Xingxuan was like an ordinary Demonic Eye seeing a Despotic Demonic Eye when seeing your six-headed chimera, which is why it was so unbearable for her. If exposed for too long to the six-headed chimera’s presence, that could possibly even threaten her life. Now I finally understand why the Demon God Emperor values you so highly. You have on your side a god, which can even threaten the demons’ rule.” Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, “Temple Head, just wait. I feel that something is wrong. Just now, Senior Sanshui said that a Tyrannical Demonic Eye would suppress a Demonic Eye Commander, and that’s what blood purity suppression is. But the premise is that the Tyrannical Demonic Eye is far more powerful than a Demonic Eye Commander! But Haoyue isn’t the same, he’s at most a magical beast of the ninth rank, who even evolved recently. There’s some gap with your four-headed chimera. There’s a wide gap between a magical beast of the ninth rank and the tenth rank. How could he inflict natural suppression to your four-headed chimera?”

“What did you just say? Ninth rank? This can’t be! How could a six-headed chimera be a magic beast of the ninth rank?” Chen Hongyu almost lost his voice.

Long Haochen declared helplessly, “That’s how things are. Haoyue is really a magical beast of the ninth rank. And one that has evolved not long before, my companions can confirm these facts.”

Chen Hongyu’s look became lifeless. This shock came from the fact that, even with his knowledge on magical beasts, this situation far exceeded his understanding.

Taking a deep breath and suppressing his shock, Chen Hongyu declared, “Let’s do this, I will tell you what I know about chimeras, and then you will tell me what you know about this contracted magical beast of yours. If your magical beast is really only reaching the ninth rank, it surely has an extraordinary background, surely even exceeding the whole category of the chimeras.”

Sanshui Popo suddenly interrupted Chen Hongyu, “What about Ying’er? How is she? Long Haochen, where have you put her?”

Long Haochen replied, “I have transported her to a safe place, using one of our divine tools enabling us to teleport people freely. She should have gone past her mental force’s limits, and will recover after a time of rest. I can teleport her back right now.”

Sanshui Popo was in the end not relieved about Chen Ying’er’s circumstances, and immediately nodded for Long Haochen to activate his teleportation.

The Eternal Melody released golden fluctuation, and transported the still unconscious Chen Ying’er back in front of everyone. After checking her body condition for a bit, and confirming that she lost consciousness only due to the overuse of her mental force, she finally relaxed, and placed a mental force recovering pill in Chen Ying’er’s mouth.

Chen Hongyu couldn’t even manage his granddaughter, despite having studied magical beasts his whole life, and suddenly finding out a total mystery, a special magical beast he had never even heard about…his shock was just too great. At the same time Sanshui Popo treated Chen Ying’er, he already started speaking about the ancestry of chimeras.

“Chimeras are a special kind of dragons, referring to beings with mixed bodies originating from ancient times. In other words, irrelevant things put together gave birth to a new kind of creature. That may sound hard to understand, but the chimeras’ existence is the living proof of this theory.”

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