Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 588

Chapter 588: Subduction? (III)


Vulcan’s Finger, a powerful fire element single targeted spell of the eighth step.

Vulcan’s Finger was ranked among the best fire spells of the eighth step. It not only provided a sufficient supply of spiritual energy, but also required a powerful control to be utilized. That’s because the incantation will compress fire essence to the greatest extent, and in case of mistake a terrible backlash will follow, and that terrible power may backfire on the user.

To dare launch such a difficult spell of the eighth step at the seventh step cultivation, one could see the extent of Lin Xin’s self confidence. At this time, if Chen Ying’er was still sober-headed, she’d understand that it wasn’t without basis that Lin Xin felt wronged that day. How could such a formidable offensive power be aimed at his own comrades?

A bluish illumination instantly stretched across the whole sky. 

The four-headed chimera showed a look of disdain, and its fiery red eyed head let out a red-hot breath of fire.

This concentrated breath traced a spiral in the sky, and formed a sort of spinning flame spear, clashing against Vulcan’s Finger.

Lin Xin having used Heart of Fire to form Vulcan’s Finger, this magic’s might naturally reached the peak, even nearing the level of a fire spell of the ninth step. But that four-headed chimera was also a fully qualified powerhouse of the ninth step.

Will his move succeed?

The instant the blue fire and red fire came into contact, an extremely strange scene followed. The red flames were thoroughly penetrated, and one could visibly see a shadow come out from it, heading for the chimera’s body.

Lin Xin’s strength was obviously incomparable with the chimera, but although this four-headed chimera was a magical beast of the tenth rank, its power was in the end divided amongst four heads. Its most powerful aspect was the ability to wield four elements simultaneously, as well as to be a powerful magical beast combining both martial and magic prowesses. Its strength in pure magic still fell short compared to a true mage of the ninth step. Against Lin Xin’s attack which was prepared for such a long time, it suffered a large loss.

The magic clash came very fast, so the chimera’s other three heads didn’t have the time to come in support. Still, Lin Xin’s attack was still greatly weakened by the spit breath, so its damaging power couldn’t be as severe.

But as a mage, whose contracted beast is like a second life, how could Chen Hongyu stare blankly at his comrade getting wounded?

His right hand stretched a finger, pointed forward, and another spiritual pellet image took shape from it, drilling through the chimera’s flames to obstruct the way of Vulcan’s finger.

The greatly compressed blue flames were suddenly attracted by the spiritual image pellet, heading toward Chen Hongyu which freed the chimera from danger.

Chen Hongyu didn’t care much about that blue ray. His body was surrounded from beginning to end by twisting waves, which immediately to rapidly disperse that ray.

A summoner is originally even more frail than a mage, because they have even less defensive magic at disposal. How could Chen Hongyu have no measure for his own safety? He hadn’t forgotten about the vanished assassin, and therefore put in place a very complete defense.

His defensive magic currently in use was called Spiritual Protection, which is a formidable defensive magic combining spiritual energy and mental force. Able to produce an extremely astonishing defensive power, although it doesn’t reach the level of the ninth step, it differs very slightly. And more importantly, this magic doesn’t deplete much spiritual energy, and can be backed for a long time.

Just as Chen Hongyu believed that the power of Vulcan’s Finger was close to termination, the blue ray suddenly disappeared, but gave way to a black flash of light. It pierced a needle sized hole in the protective screen formed by Spiritual Protection, directly thrusting toward Chen Hongyu.

No good! Chen Hongyu was in great shock in this situation of danger. He had no thought to spare for saving face and fiercely dodged backwards.

A glowing-red light smelling of the odor of darkness stuck to his skin, burning a slice of his hair. If he hadn’t showed a rapid response, he was afraid he would really be wounded by that move. That greenish-black ray was like a needle of flames, treacherously concealed inside Vulcan’s Finger, and dug out only when Vulcan’s Finger was nearly extinguished. It not only had an extreme penetrative force, but was also noiseless. If Chen Hongyu didn’t have the defense of Spiritual Protection to earn some time for himself, he’d truly have suffered a terrible loss this time. Although this level of a strike wouldn’t kill someone at his level of cultivation, those fires imbued with darkness would definitely have brought no good results when drilling inside his body.

Lin Xin stomped on the ground afar, disconsolately retorting, “So close!” 

Chen Hongyu’s sorry figure also astonished Long Haochen and the others, who couldn’t help but have a whole new level of respect for Lin Xin. This was not just one spell, but two mixed together. And they didn’t know where that greenish black fire needle came from either.

Vulcan’s Finger was originally a spell of higher step, and he unexpectedly used it to cover up yet another spell. From this Lin Xin’s level of control in fire magic could be well seen. It was really extremely fine.

Originally, Lin Xin was naturally not making such plot against Chen Hongyu, as that was Chen Ying’er’s grandfather, but the four-headed chimera. It was by chance that Chen Hongyu redirected it, and almost suffered a terrible loss.

“Has-drugs-bro, what spell was that?” Sima Xian asked in astonishment.

Lin Xin had a mischievous laughter in response, “Vulcan’s Finger combined with Hellfire Needle, wasn’t that awesome?”

“Awesome!” Sima Xian wasn’t stingy of praise in the slightest, and made a thumbs up.

“Cojoined Spiritual Boost!” Long Haochen shouted loudly. Just as Lin Xin’s Vulcan’s Finger showed stunning effects, Long Haochen summoned Haoyue. This loud shout immediately made everyone react, and except from the still concealed Cai’er, everyone jumped to Haoyue’s back.

Where could Lin Xin’s Hellfire Needle come from? Long Haochen recalled it after pondering, that originally, there had obtained a Crown of Heritage glinting in greenish black fire after killing a demon god’s successor, which was naturally passed at this time to Lin Xin. As a fire mage, maybe he could find some use for it. And everyone had long since forgotten about this Crown of Heritage.

Now it looked that Lin Xin didn’t pour any of his own spiritual energy inside, after all this Crown of Heritage was emitting a fierce aura of darkness. If fused inside his Heart of Fire, it would probably show the opposite reaction instead. 

In actual facts, Lin Xin made a special magic concealed inside his body thanks to that Crown of Heritage. Its special fire was able to regenerate autonomously, making an extremely pure corrosive fire. Lin Xin’s tolerance was only three of these Hellfire Needles. Through his incessant use of Heart of Fire to refine them and his progress, these Hellfire Needs were not below a spell of the eighth step. That was his killing weapon, that he had just used for the first time. The previous spell that was completed was only Vulcan’s Finger alone, but at the last juncture, this needle was poured inside Vulcan’s Finger.

Don’t look down on this assimilation! The concealment of a Hellfire Needle inside Vulcan’s Finger without rejection was even concealed from the head of the Mage Temple. This level of spiritual energy control can be rated as the work of a grandmaster. Lin Xin showed a control exceeding his current cultivation step! 

Behind Long Haochen were Wang Yuanyuan, then Lin Xin, Sima Xian and Han Yu, making a total of five people, who all swallowed a Cojoined Spiritual Pill. As Long Haochen was standing on the thick neck linking Haoyue’s six heads, the other four formed a row on his back. Powerful fluctuations of spiritual energy passed through his arm, as Long Haochen’s imposing manners immediately rose severalfold higher.

The Conjoined Spiritual Boost enabled users to boost spiritual energy, and the Golden Foundation Armor too. But how do these two differ? It differs in that the Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pills applies to every one of Long Haochen’s attacks, while at most the Golden Foundation Armor and Star King boost his total storage.

The Cojoined Spiritual Boosting applies for a short time, but during this time Long Haochen’s offensive power gains a whole level. And that was their present final solution when facing a powerful enemy.

This was Haoyue’s first appearance in the battlefield after gaining his sixth head. Lifting all his heads forward and flapping the wings on his back, he let out a snarl while brazenly elevanting himself high in the sky.

With a light movement, his amethyst colored scales produced dense purple fluctuations. All six heads lifted up. Despite that he was still far from the four-headed chimera in volume and cultivation, the instant Haoyue appeared on stage, he completely overwhelmed Chen Hongyu’s contracted beast in imposing manners.

With this howl of fury, a dense purple intent was liberated from Haoyue’s body. As it spread to the whole battlefield, he faced the four-headed chimera which had just been dealing with those magical beasts that came out from the Creature Summoning Gates. But the instant the purple intent spread, all magical beasts turned their heads to look at Haoyue, including also the four-headed chimera. Feelings of alarm even exceeding the time of the appearance of the Beast Emperor Domain arose in them, and even the four-headed chimera was no exception.

From the outside, Haoyue and the four-headed chimera had a great resemblance in their multiple heads, wings, and shapes close to dragons. The difference was that Xingxuan’s heads looked closer to dragons, or rather had fundamentally the look of dragons’, and her scales were a lot more thick. But in terms of color, the amethyst colored glow coming out from Haoyue’s body was even more brilliant.

The instant Xingxuan’s look gathered on Haoyue’s body, this magical beast of the tenth rank immediately halted, and didn’t even dare launch an attack at the magical beasts attacking below.

The large wings originally maintaining her body floating shivered incessantly, unable to even maintain her massive body floating. With a large bang, it fell to the ground and crushed some lower ranked magical beasts. 

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