Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 587

Chapter 587: Subduction? (II)

In other words, although being only a summoner of the seventh step, she could in practice use an almost unlimited amount of summoner spells of the seventh step. Of course, that’s just in theory, as the full use of magic does not only expend spiritual energy, but also a massive mental force. Without a calm rest, she’d hardly be able to keep performing summoning spells in this battle.

These were eighteen Creature Summoning Gates! And with Chen Hongyu and Sanshui Popo’s abilities, they could naturally tell that these weren’t illusions as each of these ones were for real.

When did this girl have so much secrets? Could the ability of the Spiritual Saint Girl be so terrible?

Of course, they didn’t know that these eighteen Creature Summoning Gates weren’t much related to her being the Spiritual Saint Girl. It came from her fused spiritual stove, Time Accumulation!

Originally, the seven who formed Long’s group and even Zhang Fangfang too, the exception being Wang Yuanyuan, all completed a fusion of spiritual stoves.

What’s a spiritual stove? That’s a natural treasure, and even acquiring just one is an incomparable source of yearning for any normal practitioner. But Long Haochen’s group all completed spiritual stove fusions. At the time Chen Ying’er’s spiritual stove fusion was completed, it didn’t seem so powerful in a lot of eyes, but as her cultivation grew, that Spiritual Stove of Time Replication gained in power as well. To wield with three times its power one full magical skill, although it could be done only once a day, really had a terrible instant power.

Low roars and snarls came out immediately from the eighteen Creature Summoning Gates, pouncing on the four-headed chimera and Chen Hongyu.

One could only admit that these Creature Summoning Gates were not much different from before. The magical beasts coming out were still unevenly matched, some reached the second and the third rank while some reached the seventh or the eighth. The most powerful magical beasts to come out reached the eighth rank just like her cultivation.

But the current Creature Summoning Gate was totally different from the past ones. They were real Creature Summoning Gates, which wouldn’t terminate after calling out only one magical beast. An almost endless tide of magical beasts came out, frantically rushing out from her gates. In a few breaths, half of the Beast Fighting Field was full of these magical beasts.

This instant even if Chen Hongyu was was, in short, great, he's a human, not a god. He knew very familiarly the Creature Summoning Gate. A summoner wielding it fully would be able to maintain continuous surges of magical beasts. The cultivation of the beasts is directly proportional with the summoner’s cultivation. But one mustn’t forget that as the Spiritual Saint Girl, Chen Ying’er has a consequent boost on all summoner magic, for instance, enabling her Creature Summoning Gates to last for no less than twice as long.

The Fighting Beast Ground still had a limited space, and a high altitude flight forbidding magic array. In these circumstances, if Chen Hongyu allowed Chen Ying’er’s Creature Summoning Gates to wield their full power, he was afraid to not even have enough space to set foot.

Not daring to show any more reservations, Chen Hongyu’s eyes flickered. Folding his arms, his finger formed special gestures and low chants followed from him. Immediately a terrible spiritual storm took shape in front of him, and its milky white halation took the shape of an immense dragon skull, issuing a tyrannical dragon cry.

This milky white dragon head was really large in volume, to the extent of even enveloping the massive four-headed chimera. Along with its violent shout, the milky white radiance swept out like a huge wave. 

The vanguard of the magical beasts that came out from the eighteen Creature Summoning Gates immediately stopped upon contact with that terrible white tide, crawled to the ground and didn’t dare get up, full of shivers. At the time this huge white wave made contact with the eighteen Creature Summoning Gates, they stopped showing effects and did not unleash any more magical beast.

Beast Emperor Domain! Able to suppress or boost every magical beast in its scope. Among all domains cultivable by summoners, this Beast Emperor Domain was absolutely ranked among the best ones.

Due to the the stimulation of the domain, the four chimeras’ massive body inflated once again, letting out a terrible pressure which made Long Haochen close to unable to breathe.

That was Chen Hongyu’s true strength as the head of the Spiritual Temple. Although until now, his only summoned beast was his contracted beast four-headed chimera, that instant, the whole battlefield became his. In the scope of the Beast Emperor Domain, he was like the controller of a thousand beasts. As the time of his domain increases, the magical beasts surging from the Creature Summoning Gate will instead enter in his control.

“Still want to continue?” Chen Hongyu coldly asked. He didn’t order the four-headed chimera to keep up the assault, as in the end, he didn’t want to wound these youngsters. Such a formidable might should be enough to convince these youngsters to surrender in his opinion.

“Of course we are going on.” In the midst of recuperating her mental force with her eyes shut, Chen Ying’er suddenly opened her eyes, and her body started to float from the ground. This instant, it released a glistening luster of white color, a transparent white.

The creature designs on the Spiritual Saint Robe’s seemed as if alive, moving rythmically in the midst of that white halation. A hundred and eight spiritual pellets blossomed with dazzling light.

Her use of the Spiritual Stove of Time Replication to call out eighteen Creature Summoning Gates was for the sake of forcing out her grandfather’s Beast Emperor Domain. In their battle plans, getting rid of this Beast Emperor Domain was her mission.

For the sake of going to save Yang Wenzhao she had already been compelling her comrades to accept her grandfather’s challenge. How could she not bear a heavier strain? Only she was really familiar with Chen Hongyu’s strength, and the might of his powerful domain.

Exhaling a long breath, Chen Ying’er chained three hand movements, and her eyes turned into an oozing milky white color. A white colored ball of light gradually taking shape in her hands, she shouted in her cute voice, “Spirit Bestowal!”

The white colored ball of light shooting out directly landed onto her Crystal Ball floating alongside her. Immediately, the whole crystal ball turned into a milky white color, and immediately, a milky white pillar of light shot vertically, aiming straight for the core of Chen Hongyu’s Beast Emperor Domain, that immense dragon skull. 

What a strange sight. Even the so powerful four-headed chimera didn’t dare stand in front of the tiny white pillar. It took a split second for it to land onto the dragon skull producing the Beast Emperor Domain.

A baffling scene followed. The exhaled immense dragon head shook violently under the stimulation of the white glow. Chen Hongyu was shocked, finding out that he became unable to control his own domain. If he didn’t withdraw it, his Beast Emperor Domain could collapse at anytime.

A domain wasn’t made of spiritual energy, and would recuperate after its use. But in case it is destroyed, its user will suffer severe damage. Wasn’t the Demon God of Death Saminaga a strong enemy? But having the half of his Domain of Death engulfed by the Tower of Eternity immediately inflicted severe damage on him.

Not daring to take risks, Chen Hongyu hurriedly chanted to retrieve his Beast Emperor Domain. Immediately a brilliance spread as the immense dragon skull gradually shrank.

Without the boost from the domain, the four-headed chimera regained its original size, and the magical beasts on the ground launched their assault.

However, after launching that white glow, Chen Ying’er’s crystal ball let out a Ding sound and broke down. She also fell down from the sky, her mental force having gone past its limits, and she lost consciousness. The eighteen Creature Summoning Gates having lost their owner considered their duty as done, and disappeared in the sky one after another. However, before that, over a hundred magical beast had launched their attack against the four-headed chimera and Chen Hongyu.

In a flash of light, Han Yu caught the falling Chen Ying’er and placed her on the ground.

Speaking of which, Chen Ying’er getting rid of her grandfather’s domain was nothing less than an absurd feat. Indeed, Chen Hongyu’s Beast Emperor Domain was incomparably powerful amongst all summoner domains, but don’t forget whose power Chen Ying’er inherited as the Spiritual Saint Girl. That was the mythological beasts’ power! How could a beast emperor compare with a mythological beast! So her use of Spirit Bestowal could be considered the release of the mythological beasts’ power. Even the beast emperor would tremble in front of that. So in front of Chen Ying’er, Chen Hongyu’s domain was really inefficient.

The fact that Chen Ying’er’s ability of Spirit Bestowal could possibly suppress his own domain was told to her personally by Chen Hongyu. At that moment, Chen Hongyu felt a bit torn between tears and laughter. The suppression of his domain made a rapid victory visibly impossible. Long Haochen’s team could be considered having sacrified the battle strength of their summoner of the seventh step in exchange for getting rid of Chen Hongyu’s most powerful ability, his domain. What a totally unfair trade!

Long Haochen didn’t rush to assault: these hundred beasts’ attacks were quite fierce, but he couldn’t harmonize with them.. His figure flashed, getting in front of Chen Ying’er. A golden light extended from his right hand as Chen Ying’er was teleported inside the Tower of Eternity, freeing them of worries.

And, at this time Lin Xin's chant, which he started at the same time as Chen Ying’er’s Creature Summoning Gate, was finally finished.

The Fire Cloud Staff was glinting in blue color, and immediately, that blue colored light underwent continuous changes. In Lin Xin’s surroundings a liquid-like blue halation rose, and behind him floated a one-meter-tall silhouette full of might.

The Fire Cloud Crystal pointed forward, and, at the direction of the chimera, shot a thumb-wide blue ray.

This blue ray didn’t give off the feeling of spiritual energy, but seemed like real substance. Everywhere it passed, the air seemed to clearly become fresh and clean, and the Fighting Beast Ground seemed purified of all impurities in a split second.

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