Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 572

Chapter 572: The Battle for Haoyue’s Evolution (III)

After the appearance of that purple light followed an overwhelming pressure. After it came, the world outside the range of the hexagonal formation released by Haoyue became tinted in deep purple. Even the magma inside the large cracks on the ground was no exception.

Long Haochen let out a cold gasp. Just what level of strength was that? He faintly sensed that this enemy about to appear would be even more powerful than the greatest powerhouse he had encountered in the battlefield before, Demon God of Death Saminaga. And that’s when the latter uses the power of his demon god pillar.

An existence of this level ought to be the ruler of this world right? Under great shock, Long Haochen calmed down contrary to expectations.

He shouted full of seriousness, “Prepare the Cojoined Spiritual Pills!”

“Yes.” The others replied in chorus.

Everyone was experienced and knowledgeable Demon Hunters. Since Long Haochen sensed the great power of the enemy, they could naturally sense it as well.

Lin Xin handed a Cojoined Spiritual Pill to Zhang Fangfang, while the others each took out one. This was the last resort killing move of their 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, that they had yet to use after reaching the sixth step of cultivation.

The improved Cojoined Boosting Pills of Lin Xin were even more powerful than in the past. It not only provided them with the Cojoined Spiritual Boost, but even amplified their total spiritual energy further, while coming with less secondary effects. After all, the materials to make these later new batches of Cojoined Spiritual Boosts were mainly gotten from Fiend Demons of the king grade, and naturally beyond comparison with what they had used before.

The deep purple color grew in intensity, and a long indistinct sigh spread in the air. The massive oppressive force instantly reached its peak, and immediately, a figure made its way in the sky.

Right, only one enemy came. She had a sweet build, floating in the air, looking like a human.

Enveloped in a long cloak hiding even her head, she had a deep purple staff in her hand. That staff looked like a long bone, shining purple on its two ends.

Long Haochen took a small stride forward, and the others gathered behind him. In the meantime, a golden light separated from his body: it was Yating, delivering the two divine swords into Haochen’s hands.

After that deep purple figure appeared, it didn’t immediately launch an attack at them, but shifted its eyes to the hexagonal formation erected by Haoyue. Slowly lifting her hand, she chanted in a very sweet-sounding voice, sounding feminine. But that language was totally unfamiliar to their group.

“Take the pills and follow me!” Long Haochen made a low shout, and was the first to take his Cojoined Spiritual Pills, while instantly releasing the four sets of golden wings on his back. In a flash, his figure soared in midair.

All the others took their own pills almost simultaneously, following Long Haochen into the air.

Long Haochen, Cai’er, Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan, Zhang Fangfang, and Han Yu: the six of them along with Yating soared high. The Demonic Eye was following at Han Yu’s back, its tentacle wrapped around Han Yu’s waist as if carried by him. Han Yu could sense that at the time this figure appeared from the sky, the Demonic Eye Commander started to shiver violently. These were unstoppable shivers, arising from an intense fear that was spread continuously to Han Yu through their contract.

She was definitely a powerhouse of the ninth step, and absolutely not an ordinary one. Han Yu was secretly astonished, but didn’t warn Long Haochen. He could feel that Haochen naturally sensed that as well, that this battle will be an incredibly difficult one.

His pair of heavy swords were pointed at the sides. Long Haochen made the others form a direct line in the sky, and everyone behind had their hands placed on the shoulders of the one in front. A massive spiritual energy started to pour inside Long Haochen’s body.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light, and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light started to burst out with gaudy spiritual highland energy, shining conspicuously in orange and green. The others didn’t find out, but outside of Long Haochen’s pure light essence, an extra layer of a thin purple halo took form, making him look even more imposing.

Very rapidly, Long Haochen arrived along with the others in front of the cloaked enemy, right between Haoyue and her.

Remaining silent, Long Haochen waved the swords in his hand. Crossing his swords to wield Instant Burst Cross Cut, the most powerful offensive ability currently at his disposal.

With the backing from his comrades Spiritual Gathering Boost, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy rose to 100,000 in a few blinks of an eye. Adding that to the Golden Foundation Armor’s boost, the total of strength he could utilize already reached the highest peak it had ever reached in his life. And furthermore, Haochen found out that no matter how spiritual energy kept pouring in him, he didn’t give off signs of overload. What’s more, two faintly forming spiritual cavities on him actually completed their transformation at that instant. In other words, Long Haochen had now opened a total of seven spiritual cavities.

Opening spiritual cavities was, to any practitioner, an extremely challenging yet important matter. The opening of these two spiritual cavities immediately gave him a feeling of sublimation.

The epic tier lusters blooming from the two divine swords condensed in the air, and a dark blue light ray immediately flew straight at the cloaked enemy.

Having gone through these two years of tempering, the four Demon Hunters really could, after joining hands, match the power of a demon god below the top thirty-six.

Ding. A resonant buzzing sound came out in midair from that enemy’s left hand which was extended from her gown.

That was a slender, slim, woman’s hand, describable as sparkling like white jade’. In fact, this was the most beautiful hand Long Haochen’s group had ever encountered. But that hand like white-jade was really extremely pale as if extremely unhealthy, which went so far as to give off a feeling of terror.

The tip of the forefinger of precisely that hand softly pointed toward that attack; the Instant Blast Cross Cut which was able to match the full power attack from a divine tool.

Relying on that skill, Long Haochen formerly managed to kill the Goblin Knight Seere as well as Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. But at this very moment, such a powerful blow was stopped by that jade-like finger.

A dark blue glint spread from her finger, and her sweet figure trembled slightly, as her incanting voice stopped.

Although Long Haochen’s strike didn’t inflict any damage on her, her incantation was interrupted.

“So you, creatures from another world, came back again.” That cold voice spread to the minds of Long Haochen and the others, without physical communication. But from that, the group could clearly sense the intention from the enemy.

Long Haochen’s shock was extremely intense. Although the enemy’s incantaton was stopped, she only used a single finger to block his strongest attack. Relying on the two divine swords of epic tier plus his pure spiritual energy and light essence of that moment, all he could actually do was to interrupt the enemy’s incantation. What absurd strength!

“You have Austin Griffin’s aura in your body. No wonder you could interrupt my incantaton. Looks like you welcomed him in your other realm. How courageous of you. Then I’ll kill you first before disposing of him.”

The cold voice was full of rage, giving off a strange feeling of adorableness. If Long Haochen had remained just a bit longer at the time Haoyue’s third head came out, he would recognize that cloaked enemy to be one of the most powerful rulers of this world, the Lich King.

Pointing the bone staff in her hand toward Haochen, a small pink blister came out and aimed straight at him. In the meantime, the dark purple brilliance on the sky behind the Lich King became even more intense, enveloping the group of six inside in an instant.

An immense oppressive force came overwhelmingly, and a fierce darkness essence immediately aimed straight at Long Haochen’s group, filled with a deadly pressure.

This place being after all another realm from Long Haochen’s, he was not even able to borrow the power of the Goddess of Light. But as the god’s chosen one he was, he had already produced countless miracles.

The sword in his hands recovered abruptly, Long Haochen made a long hissing sound as golden flames rushed out from his body instantly, covering the whole sky in golden yellow like the sun.

An incomparable holy aura blossomed from Haochen’s body, making the deep purple radiance unable to invade into this golden area regardless of its intensity.

Sacred holy light is the greatest nemesis for undead spiritual energy. Although Long Haochen didn’t have a source for holy spiritual energy, this also means that holy light is precious and extraordinary in this world.

Regardless of the Lich King’s strength, she was in the end an undead. In front of such pure light essence, she suffered quite a loss: her powerful domain was actually unable to deal with Long Haochen. At that very moment, that purple carbonated blister already struck in front of Long Haochen.

Facing this fantastic and powerful blister, Long Haochen didn’t dare show any carelessness. Multicolored golden light spread out abruptly, forming a radiance expanding over a large range, with his body at the center. Guardian Knight ability, Shield Wall.

Chi chi… A series of bizarre sounds resounded on the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, and at a distance from it, Long Haochen could shockingly see the corroding effects of that terrifying purple blister.

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