Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 571

Chapter 571: The Battle for Haoyue’s evolution (II)


Coming out from the cave, Long Haochen couldn’t help but sigh faintly. It was as if there was no daytime in this world of darkness and flames. The muddy atmosphere made him not dare to breathe directly. Erecting a Holy Mantle, he covered himself inside.

The air was quite warm, and looking far away, one could discern some twisting light.

Haoyue didn’t seem to mind the vile environnement. Slowly crawling out from the cave, his five large heads were lifted up together, looking ahead. Opening his mouth wide, he engulfed that muddy air, as if cultivating by absorbing the air coming from here like that.

In flashes of light, his comrades were summoned beside Long Haochen. They immediately took formation: Long Haochen, Zhang Fangfang, Han Yu and Wang Yuanyuan were guarding the four sides, with Lin Xin inside and Cai’er directly vanishing gradually at Long Haochen’s side.

“Haoyue, you can begin.” There’s no time to lose, the earlier they are done, the faster they will leave from this world.

A dark blue colored radiance floated out from Little Light’s opened mouth; that was the Demon God Crown left by the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell, which simply floated in front of Little Light.

A drizzling purple brilliance started to be liberated from Haoyue’s body. This time, it was not merely his thin purple intent, but a substantial purple radiance. This purple radiance was only seen when Haoyue destroyed Andromalius’ demon god pillar before.

Five purple glints were shot at the same time from Haoyue’s five heads to that Demon God Crown.

Immediately, an exploding sound followed, and that Demon God Crown burst instantly, bursting out with a large expense of dark blue fog.

Little Light, Little Flame, Little Green, Little Blue, and Little Purple absorbed this fog in the air like a whale, engulfing it thoroughly. In the meantime, an extremely imposing purple radiance burst out from him, as the already swollen immense bulge on his neck squirmed violently at once.

Raah. Haoyue’s five heads roared to the sky and immediately, that dense purple radiance on him turned into an immense pillar of light shooting to the sky. The surrounding polluted air became like snow encountering boiling water, dissolving all around, making the surrounding line of sight clear.

After that purple colored pillar of light shot to the highest location, it started to shift rapidly, tracing circles in the air, and forming a purple hexagram. Immediately, the thick purple pillar abruptly divided into five parts, equally poured into every angle of the hexagram.


Haoyue’s bulge split open, and a brand new large head came out, blossoming along with a purple pillar immediately after coming out, the latter shooting at the last one of the six angles on the hexagon.

Never before did such an odd scene occur in Haoyue’s previous transformation. The purple hexagon, having its six angles filled with purple light, immediately erupted with an incomparable purple gloss, just like suddenly forming a purple sun in the sky. This gave the feeling that all the world that came to his eyesight became covered with purple intent.

No wonder he needed to come out to achieve his evolution. So this evolution of Haoyue’s is actually so imposing? There’s no way the undead creatures from this world wouldn’t notice.

Haoyue’s tail was slowly sticking up. Being the nearest to him, Long Haochen could clearly hear the bones inside his body make ringing sounds. These cracking bones followed a precise rhythm, and as Long Haochen felt all his bones heat up, the purple intent on his forehead spread out a dazzling brilliance.

Haoyue and him were closely linked through the blood pact. When such immense change happened in his body, he had an intense reaction.

Perceiving the changes in Haoyue’s body, Long Haochen also immediately understood why he would want to make this bizarre purple hexagon.

To Haoyue, this should be an energy absorbing formation. Having gained his sixth head, his energy was insufficient to complete the whole process of his evolution. He needed to absorb the sort of special energy from this world to complement his own and complete his process of evolution.

As expected, under the illumination from that purple hexagon, miniscule starry purple particles appeared, immediately gathering toward the hexagonal formation.

At the start, Long Haochen still found the scene blurred, but very rapidly, these purple particles accumulated, gathering from all sides.

A shocking change followed. A large amount of purple electricity revolved around the six purple pillars, just like an immense coiling dragon taking shape around the purple hexagon. This fantastic energy was transmitted to Haoyue’s body through the formation.


The purple glint on Haoyue started to become increasingly more intense. His wide body didn’t keep expanding, but the scales on him were evolving under a purple illumination.

At the time of going through his fifth head’s evolution, Haoyue’s scales turned into a dark purple color. But this time, his scales evolved to a look close to amethyst. Every scale became fully rounded, gradually revealing three corners on the upper surface. Every single scale gave off a magnificent feeling.

The horn from Haoyue’s six immense heads spread out the glints characteristic of their own element. That newborn sixth head was shining in yellow color, looking a bit close to a cracked tomato. The inside seemed to emit a reddish brown colored light.

Earth element! Haoyue’s sixth head was without a doubt of the earth element. The appearance of this head enabled Haoyue to have all the fundamental elements at his disposal. Water, fire, earth, and wind, together with light and poison. Long Haochen had suspicions that Haoyue’s next head could maybe come out with the darkness element. That way, the six great elements would be all gathered.

On one side, Long Haochen observed the changes on Haoyue’s body, and on the other side, he spread his senses afar, to get a grasp on everything around. Han Yu also summoned his Demonic Eye, or rather, it should now be called a Demonic Eye Commander.

As the Demonic Eye grew in bulk, its ability also swelled. However, at the time he saw Haoyue, he couldn’t help but withdraw to Han Yu’s side. As he comforted him, he appeared quite gentle.

This time, Haoyue’s evolution didn’t enlarge his body further, but seemed instead to make it shrink. His original mountain shaped body gradually made an odd change, his form close to a lizard’s turning closer to a form of dragon, with a less swollen look and much more dignified. Adding that to the purple crystal-like scales, he gave out an indescribable feeling of beauty.

The purple color in the sky started to became more and more intense, but Long Haochen’s look became more serious as it came.

On the basis of Haoyue’s sudden appearance, making such a big move, the undead creatures from this world should react only faster. But until now, they hadn’t shown any trace of movement, as if they hadn’t sensed his existence at all. This only made Long Haochen feel a greater pressure. Faintly, he seemed to sense an earth-shattering mighty aura gradually taking shape. But his mental force was unable to tell whether this pressure came from a real being and from whence it came.

Time passed minute after minute, and the changes on Haoyue’s body completed gradually. The immense purple hexagon in the sky still kept absorbing the purple colored light in all directions to supplement it to his body.

Haoyue’s evolution caused Long Haochen to perceive a fantastic change. He felt the spiritual energy in his body rise, progressing at a slow speed but as that awe-inspiring feeling came out of Haoyue’s body, the same change happened on him. In particular, the purple colored patterns on his forehead gained in brilliance, as his eyes turned into the exact same purple-golden color as Haoyue.

Long Haochen discovered that the Golden Foundation Armor, Divine Snail Shield, and Eternal Melody he had on him, which all reached at least the epic tier, started to lightly shake as Haoyue’s aura spread out from his body, as if acknowledging allegiance to him.

The clearest feeling was from the Divine Snail Shield. Slowly raising his left hand, he found out that even though he hadn’t any spiritual highlandized energy stored, the Divine Snail Shield unexpectedly spread out some multi-colored light, the brilliance of a divine tool!

Haoyue, ah Haoyue! You are actually such a formidable existence! Your evolution seems to be causing evolutions in my own body.

Long Haochen understood that after this evolution from Haoyue completes, his own strength should rise to a whole new level. The advancement of his spiritual energy was secondary compared to the fantastic changes of his physique.

In fact, from being originally a god’s chosen one, the Scion of Light, his physique already surpassed by far ordinary people. If such a physique was still upgraded further, one might well imagine how formidable Haoyue’s existence was. Long Haochen faintly sensed that Haoyue’s original power was even a level above Cai’er’s and his own constitutions as god’s chosen ones.

Of course, this was merely a guess. Long Haochen attempted to ask Haoyue before, but the latter remained silent every time so he never got a reply. Long Haochen always saw Haoyue as a good brother, and thus never forced him to do anything. But even so, curiosity rose in his heart.

He could accept any circumstances of Haoyue’s, but curiosity couldn’t be nonexistent.

Right at that time, Long Haochen felt what he had sensed coming through. Far away, the scene became deep purple colored. At the start, Long Haochen still believed this to be that fantastic purple intent absorbed by Haoyue, but he rapidly found out that tout that that wasn't the case. That’s because this atmosphere of purple was not merely a hint of light, rather, it resembled the dawn rising towards them.

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