Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 568

Chapter 568: The Demon God of Deep Vision’s Parasitic Body (II)

Only a half meter tall, that figure also had six wings at its back. His head was awfully large, nearly seeming to be half his whole body, and the top of his head was covered in sparse yellow hair.  His eyes were pale white, and his limbs very small. As for the body, it contrasted completely with the enormous head. His yellow teeth let off a stinky smell, and dim black fog unceasingly rose around his body.

On his body were at least a dozen deep scars where the bones were visible. The huge head was even crooked to a bad angle, making visible the squirming larvae-like nerves within. That was a really nauseous sight, especially his voice which turned extremely hoarse. It was like listening to a crow.

“You...” Long Haochen looked blankly at this unidentified creature’, speechless for a moment.

The small nasty creature let out a laugh, “I’m the Demon God of Clear Vision. Or more accurately speaking, this is my real body. Within the seventy-two demon gods, my strength isn’t much, but my ability of survival is definitely among the best. What you killed was only my parasitic body. Speaking of which, nurturing this one parasitic body was really difficult. I had needed to find the perfect human body to fit my satisfactions. Afterwards, I used up several years to thoroughly occupy it. Furthermore, I had expended great efforts to transfer over ninety percent of my strength to the parasitic body. However, that time of trouble was really worthwhile. At least I got such a perfect body and a second life. Your previous ability was really terrifying, possibly able to compare with the top thirty-six demon gods. Unfortunately, it only killed a parasitic body.”

“From your voice, you should be quite a young one. I hope you have handsome enough looks. As you have just used the Sacrifice ability, surely you must find it difficult to lift even one finger. Quickly take off that mask for me to see. If I am satisfied, although your soul will be erased, at least your body will become one with me. That will be your greatest honor!”

Reaching this point, Crocell couldn’t help but laugh out loudly. But his laughter was extremely grim and merciless.

He hated Long Haochen bitterly: raising a parasitic body was extremely difficult, yet that one was destroyed. To recover his original strength, he’d need at least five years. And even so, his vigor would plummet greatly, recovering it would necessitate a total of ten years.

So now that Crocell had the complete advantage, he wasn’t hurried in the slightest to kill Long Haochen, but wanted to torment him. He wasn’t going to leave the matter at that.

Long Haochen seemed very afraid, and slightly trembling. Letting go of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, he raised his hand slowly, taking off his mask.

At the very moment, he indeed found it strenuous to even lift his hand. His fusion with Haoyue and Sacrifice ability both heavily consumed his strength, and he was already at the end of the line. Yating and Haoyue seemed to have entered deep slumber in a weakened state, and the four holy guards didn’t dare appear in front of Crocell. Now, he seemed to have reached a dead end.

Taking off the mask was quite difficult, and it revealed Long Haochen’s pale, but incomparably handsome face.

Scion of Light was a perfectly suited title. Originally, the face of the Demon God of Clear Vision’s parasitic body was already handsome, but differed by ages compared to Long Haochen. Be it in terms of looks or demeanor, it was an earth-shattering gap.

Seeing Long Haochen’s handsome face, Crocell was dumbfounded. His previous rage immediately turned into ecstasy. With his Clear Vision force, he naturally could see that Long Haochen’s body was a hundredfold higher quality than his previous parasitic body.

His manner and body are so perfect! If I can take him as my own parasitic body, then maybe the need for five years of effort is worth it!

As Crocell was close to dancing and gesticulating for joy in excitement, a sparkling orange bolt was shot at him without warning. That orange radiance reached such a magnificence that it seemed close to a rainbow in the sky, instantly running through Crocell’s head.

His look of excitement abruptly turned lifeless. After swaying a few steps back, he toppled to the ground. What pierced his head was exactly the Aria of the Goddess of Light!

The elegant radiance coming out from this divine sword was the imposing orange luster of the epic tier.

Long Haochen’s body directly fell to the ground, paralyzed and gasping with his mouth opening large. The Golden Foundation armor’s front pieces were already full of sweat, and at the very moment, he was weak to the extent of being unable to lift a single finger.

But his eyes were still unwaveringly fixed onto Crocell’s body, until a dark blue crown came out from within his body. At the time it flew out frantically to the side, Long Haochen finally loosened his breath.

The appearance of the Demon God Crown meant that the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell was finally dead.

“Your prowess actually went beyond my expectations. Truly deserving to be called one of the seventy-two demon gods.” Long Haochen said with a sigh. He was unable to move, but could still speak.

This previous battle caused him an intense emotional stirring. Although he didn’t sustain heavy wounds, the level of danger even exceeded the time of Cai’er’s awakening as a god’s chosen one. At that time, Haochen could at least control the time of their departure through the Eternal Melody. But right now, he was really at the end of the line.

Crocell was really too vicious. His body was actually a parasitic carcass, with the true body hidden inside. At the crucial timing, it was able to escape from within, which was something Long Haochen absolutely didn’t expect. No one, not even those other demon gods knew about this ability of Crocell.

When Long Haochen saw Crocell remained still alive, he truly became quite desperate. He could sense his strength at that time: the death of the parasitic body weakened him enormously and his main body sustained damage as well.

In terms of spiritual energy, Crocell reached at most the seventh step of cultivation. Having lost 90% of his strength, he was extremely weakened. In particular, his body had degenerated very seriously due to parasitizing another’s body, his external spiritual energy having come close to 0.

But such a Crocell was more than enough against Long Haochen in a state weakened to the extent of being unable to move at all.

In this crucial moment of life or death, Long Haochen calmed himself down to the greatest extent. He knew that he had only one chance, which would be his true last chance.

Crocell relaxed because Long Haochen’s body state had totally loosened. With his ability as Demon God of Clear Vision, he could totally see through Long Haochen’s state of weakness, which is why he didn’t stand on guard in the slightest.

Long Haochen took off his mask to create the best opportunity for himself. Although Crocell was at that time in a very weak state, in case his last attack was resisted, he had no chance of living on. His overdrafted and exhausted spiritual energy already left him without a way out against the enemy. He didn’t even dare teleport out: in such a weak state, if the Eternal Melody performed a teleportation, it may possibly cause time-space to tear his body to shreds.

Indeed, as Long Haochen expected, Crocell needed a new body after losing his previous parasitic one. At the time he saw Long Haochen’s looks, his surge of excitement made his vigilance at the lowest. This was just the time Long Haochen launched his attack.

Holy Floraison, a powerful amplifying ability of Retribution Knight. Through his mental force, Long Haochen separated Holy Florison in two, one part for arousing the Aria of the Goddess of Light, and the other one to serve as his driving force. That’s how he pierced through Crocell’s head, finishing him off in one blow.

Where did Holy Floraison come from? At the very moment, Long Haochen was extremely thankful for Sheng Yue. This ability was indeed stored thanks to the ability Raise Flowers Into Trees handed down through Sheng Yue’s family in the Assassin Temple. Long Haochen had it stored for a long time already, for a possible time of need. Raise Flowers Into Trees also had restrictions as a too powerful ability couldn’t be stored, otherwise it would risk wounding his body. Holy Floraison was the most useful ability Long Haochen could choose. It came with a massive cost of spiritual energy, and serving for movement and strength amplification, was possibly able to catch the enemy off guard. So therefore, Raise Flowers Into Trees was the ability he stored inside his body in normal times.

He didn’t expect today to be the day that the ability stored thanks to Raise Flowers Into Trees would save his life. Crocell’s ultimate trump came very promptly, but the fact he didn’t choose to directly kill Long Haochen was a grave mistake.

This victory was very lucky, Crocell’s last plot was at the verge of success. Recalling about the previous move, Long Haochen was still full of lingering fears.

The seventy-two demon gods are indeed not such easy opponents! That’s only the forty-ninth ranked, how about the higher ranked ones? What was the extent of their capabilities?

Long Haochen still remembered very deeply about the feeling of helplessness he had in front of the Demon God of Death Saminaga. If not for Saminaga’s unfortunate encounter with the Tower of Eternity, he could very well be already dead.

Pondering about that painful experience, Long Haochen slowly shut his eyes. His body’s overdraft needed time for recovery, and the same went for the spiritual energy in his body. Crocell having already died, he had plenty of time to recover.

As for that Demon God Crown, how far it could run is a wonder.

This place being the Tower of Eternity, no living being could escape out of his own will without Long Haochen’s teleportating ability. Unless that Demon God Crown could reach the level of divine tool, it didn’t have the slightest chance.

Therefore, Long Haochen wasn’t worried in the slightest. Just let it hit a wall sooner or later after escaping in great hurry.

Resting for a full half hour, Long Haochen finally had the energy to stand. Taking a few Physical Force Recovery Pills made by Lin Xin, he once again returned to the state of cultivation to recuperate his spiritual energy.

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