Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 567

Chapter 567: The Demon God of Deep Vision’s Parasitic Body (I)

Pop. Dark blue blood fell down from the large scars on Crocell’s side. A demon god’s external spiritual energy was certainly great, but against the attack of a weapon of epic tier, his defense was insufficient to guard him from being wounded.

But although Crocell sustained some damage, he still smoothly escaped. The other eight clones were holding him, and as each of them was similar, true body blended in with them before they quickly separated and rapidly departed.

Long Haochen narrowed his eyes, snorting in disdain. Suddenly shutting his eyes, he executed a swinging motion with the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand, as a red glow flew out from it, shaped like a sort of eye. In the meantime, a golden figure appeared on Long Haochen’s back, linking with him. In the meantime it shot a white ray, and the red glow went chasing after one of the nine Demon Gods of Clear Vision thus sifting the one from the many.

“You forgot that knights have an ability called Lock, and the so-called Saint Spiritual Stove.” Long Haochen’s resonant voice reverberated through the Tower of Eternity.

That red light very rapidly landed on Crocell’s body. And then, that white ray turned into a bridge between Long Haochen and him.

Stamping his right feet against the ground, Long Haochen burst out once again, this time shining with a scarlet light.

He was already sensing that the time of his fusion with Haoyue was passing very fast, and that this ultimate form could not be maintained for many attacks. He had to kill the enemy within a short span of time, otherwise his only way left to him would be to escape.

Sacrifice, an ability that Long Haochen had not used for a long time, was finally employed.

With great surprise, he found out that the same Sacrifice ability this time carried a far more powerful amplification than the former times. This was due to the increase of his external and internal spiritual energy. And with the increased toughness of his body, more of his latent capabilities as god’s chosen one came out. The Sacrifice ability also carried great stimulating effects on him.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light, and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, both let blade projections burst out. The condensed spiritual highland made them look no different from real blades, and the terrible spiritual energy led the two divine swords to let out light buzzing sounds.

A resonant dragon chant could be heard from above Long Haochen’s body. He didn’t pay attention to the other eight clones and put all his focus on the demon god’s main body.

A golden light dragon rushed out. The two divine swords were like the two dazzlingly shining eyes of the dragon. Retribution Knight ability, Ascending Dragon Strike!

As Ascending Dragon Strike looked about to hit Crocell, the nine clones had twisting facial expressions. Immediately, the effects from Lock and the Saint Spiritual Stove used by Long Haochen alongside Ascending Dragon Strike suddenly changed direction, aiming for a clone on the lateral side.


The nine of them being one, Crocell staggered back. Although his eight clones didn’t manage to puzzle Long Haochen, he swiftly shifted his main body in the last instant, containing Long Haochen’s attack to some extent. Even so, in Sacrifice mode, Long Haochen was far too powerful. The superposition of his various boosts could only be described as terrifying.

By chance, Crocell’s left hand had already regained its ability of movement at that time. Although it felt stiff in comparison to the right arm, one more arm was always good to have in such a battle.

Dodge, flash. Long Haochen’s offense broke out instantly: as his comprehension in the sword intent gradually deepened, he was already assimilating his sword intent into his technical abilities. Used through his two ultimate holy swords, any ability gained a really terrible power.

Two Shining Solar Strikes followed, one orange, one greenish-blue. Two ardent miniaturized suns could be seen appearing in midair, just like meteors catching up with the moon, about to land on Crocell.

Crocell gripped his pair of longblades with full force. Dark blue glows mixed with his darkness elemental spiritual energy, taking the shape of a thick sort of shield serving as an extension of his blades, glowing in dark blue.

Bang, bang… As two violent explosions sounded out, Crocell drew back, feeling as if electrocuted. On each of his two longblades, a large gap had appeared in the middle. The boundless sword intent surging out along with his spiritual energy left drizzles of deep green and orange on his body.

Crocell raised his head, and spouted a mouthful of dark blue blood in front of Long Haochen. Inside his blood were mixed a large amount of orange and dark green spiritual energy, producing puffing sounds in the air.

From that spurt of blood could be seen the destructive power held by Haochen’s sword intent. It was already invading Crocell’s body.

Long Haochen was not so kind as to spare the enemy at this point. His purplish golden figure stuck close to the ground as he kind of glided, chasing after Crocell in a flash. His blades were waved up together to launch Demon Wiping Flash, shooting countless light rays towards Crocell.

The demon god’s face was already very pale. With an angry shout, his body crouched down abruptly, and then, a pitch-black ray burst out from his forehead, covering his body like a dome.

In the midst of a succession of ear-piercing sounds, that dome became in a disastrous state. But mystically, it maintained the same shape, except that it was now tattered, and Crocell abruptly rushed out from inside, sweeping his longblade with full force at Long Haochen.

In Crocell’s capacity as the Demon God of Clear Vision, he obviously could see that Long Haochen’s extraordinary state couldn’t be maintained for a long time. Therefore, all this time he stayed on the defensive, only trying to drag it out: Long Haochen would inevitably collapse at some point. But he very rapidly found out that such a method won’t do. A totally passive defense let Long Haochen display his offensive prowess, which he actually couldn’t resist.

Therefore, after using a secret technique to resist Haochen’s Demon Wiping Flash, Crocell immediately launched a counteroffensive, using attack as his best defense.

But as Crocell expected to counterattack, he didn’t expect Long Haochen’s next move. Originally about to keep attacking, Long Haochen suddenly sprinted backwards, turning into a stream of light. Even when used to retreat, Lightning Flash reached an enormous speed. And just like that, Crocell’s attack landed on the air.

With a resonant dragon cry, a deep green gigantic dragon rushed out from Long Haochen’s left hand. Still in the middle of his attack, Crocell didn’t have the time to adapt to that, and the series of attacks from Long Haochen pressured him far too greatly. And, due to getting locked by Long Haochen, he was not even able to evade.

In an intense explosion, Crocell’s pair of longblades were fractured. Although they didn’t reach the epic tier, they were not far from this boundary. But Long Haochen’s series of attacks destroyed them, inflicting Crocell with great pain. But a weapon was after all a weapon. Even if broken, the blades still had a half of their original size. So Crocell didn’t throw them away, and transferred his energy inside to try to get out of the predicament before his eyes.

The force of impact from this dark green gigantic dragon caused the Demon God of Clear Vision to once again spurt blood. This time, to his horror, the gigantic dragon wrapped around his body, causing him to be unable to move for a moment with a powerful binding force.

Dual Binding Dragon of Light and Rain, the ability attached to Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. After waiting patiently for this opportunity, Long Haochen finally landed a decisive blow. After the series of blows and impairments, Long Haochen believed that Crocell would not have enough strength to stop his last attack.

His two swords separating to his sides, Long Haochen breathed deeply. His last bits of spiritual energy in Sacrifice mode instantly gathered in a mixture of deep green and orange colors, abruptly gaining in brilliance. Instant Blast Crosscut!

Instant Blast Crosscut was a really ordinary ability among those of the Retribution Knights that he learnt. But when used it through the two divine swords in his hands, it turned into something deep, something magical, letting the two swords match harmoniously.

This was the first time Long Haochen had such effects when using it. In the past, he had tried to use all his abilities alongside his dual swords, but as a matter of fact, his temporarily current level of cultivation was the minimum required to reach a perfect level of harmonization between Instant Blast Crosscut and the two divine swords.

Two dazzling light rays glistened at the same time, filled with powerful spiritual highland mixing in the air. Just like a heavenly music, it reverberated in the air. The Aria of the Goddess of Light, and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light harmonized once again, scattering the dark blue light. Just like the first ray of morning light illuminating the horizon, water and light became one, spreading their breath of life. This strike seemed to be seeking the origins of the mysteries of life. The unhurried blue light was integrated fully into Instant Blast Cross Cut, piercing lightly into Demon God of Clear Vision’s chest.

Along with the increase of his strength and gain in comprehension, Long Haochen’s last strike became far more advanced than all the previous ones.

Crocell, who used to be struggling with his whole force, suddenly came to a stop. His look turned sluggish, then Dual Binding Dragon of Light and Rain, or rather it should now be called Binding Jade Dragon of Light and Rain, slowly let its binding loose.

Bang!!! Countless blue dots of light burst out from within Crocell’s body. The light of dawn came out, lighting the darkness in a flash, and scattering and slashing his whole body.

Right at this time, the completely out of strength Long Haochen fell to the ground completely ruined. Haoyue also came out from him, immediately returning to his own world. Yating also entered Long Haochen’s body. His ultimate state had been maintained for so long, with Yating providing boosts all this time.

The pair of divine swords in Long Haochen’s hands had already lost all their gloss, and he didn’t even have the strength to put them back inside his own body. But Long Haochen didn’t look more relaxed because of seeing Crocell’s body burst. On the contrary, his expression became filled with intense shock.

“You didn’t expect that, right, human?” Crocell’s voice sounded full of ridicule. From his tattered body came out a body only half a meter tall.

Right, because Crocell’s aura hadn’t disappeared, Long Haochen didn’t let down his guard. The current situation went totally out of his expectations. Crocell clearly died, but how come a miniaturized version of him appeared?

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