Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 563

Chapter 563: Clear Vision’s Godly Pull (III)

The effects of teleportation to the Tower of Eternity relaxed Long Haochen greatly. Yet to his surprise, he very rapidly discovered that the deep blue ray adhering to his body hadn’t disappeared, but was still entangled with the golden radiance from the Tower of Eternity.

A tall silhouette also came to his sight.

That teleportation was instantaneous, and it took only a flash for Long Haochen to appear in the first floor of the Tower of Eternity; and along with him was teleported the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell.

Crocell’s shock was far greater than Long Haochen’s. The instant of the teleportation, he lost control of his innate ability, and was immediately then carried into a spatial transportation that he was unable to resist even at his level of cultivation.

At the very moment, he couldn’t help but spit a dark blue mouthful of blood. Originally, he was unlikely to suffer great damage and weakening with the Angel Demon God Paimon’s assistance. But during the process of the teleportation, his innate ability was still maintained, and interrupting it was impossible. Its continual use and the spatial travel’s influence inflicted on him substantial damage.

The stronger an ability gets, the greater the backlash it could carry just like for a spiritual stove. This Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell’s own cultivation was actually insufficient for him to rank among the top forty-something. The five or six immediately lower ranked demon gods were all above him in fighting strength. The reason why he could rank forty-ninth was his innate ability.

Crocell was known as the demon god of Clear Vision, able to scout out the enemies’ true circumstances from a very large range. His magic belonged to the psychic type. At the same time, just like the great majority of the demon gods he was a dual magic and martial cultivator. Any spell of illusion was useless in front of him. Also, his innate ability wasn’t so powerful in itself, but things were different when he teams with other demon gods.

This innate ability called Clear Vision’s Godly Pull could, in a certain range, lock his mental force on an opponent, and it had a powerful teleportation effect, able to instantly teleport the target in front of him.

In some sense, this Clear Vision’s Godly Pull was a different approach producing the same results as the Saint Spiritual Stove, only far more powerful than the latter.

After all, the Saint Spiritual Stove just pulled, whereas the Clear Vision’s Godly Pull was capable of direct teleportation.

Just think, if Crocell’s teleportation had succeeded, Long Haochen would then be facing the instant surrounding of eight great demon gods. No matter how gifted he could be, and even if he could unleash his whole strength promptly, and have the defense of his divine tools, the outcome would still be certain death. That’s the encirclement of eight great demon gods, giving one not the slightest chance!

Of course, because of Clear Vision’s Godly Pull’s power, it has great limitations. Crocell can only use it once a day, and by only relying on his own demon god pillar, regardless of whether it succeeds or fails, it would put him in a very long state of psychic weakness. But that’s unless another demon god consents to support him with his own mental force, greatly lessening this backlash.

At the same time, Clear Vision’s Godly Pull cannot be used against an enemy with a cultivation or mental force surpassing his own. As long as the enemy’s spiritual energy or mental force exceeds his, the odds of success lower greatly. Another restriction is the warning that Qiu Yonghao gave.

Clear Vision’s Godly Pull can only be used on one target, so if Long Haochen had grabbed someone else, it would immediately have failed. That’s the reason why the Angel Demon God Paimon released his Angel Domain: for the sake of covering up the use of his ability.

This Clear Vision’s Godly Pull already made the Warrior Temple suffer large losses. Four powerhouses at the grade of War Emperor died this way in the demon gods’ hands. That’s why the arrangement of Qiu Yonghao’s formation was so tight. The powerhouses from the Warrior Temple were standing two by two to avoid leaving Crocell any chance.

But Long Haochen was different! He had no prior knowledge of the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell’s ability, which is what led to this.

Someone walking frequently on the edge of a river has someday to wet his shoes. Crocell walked far too much along night roads, and finally met his nemesis, encountering this time Long Haochen.

Long Haochen’s natural mental force was exceptional, and far above powerhouses of the same level. But Crocell was after all a demon god of the ninth step, and with his magical attribute being the psychic attribute. As such, Haochen’s mental force was still below his. Unless his cultivation breaks through the ninth step, he cannot compete with the Demon God of Clear Vision.

But that powerful mental force enabled Long Haochen to respond promptly. As the time required for the teleportation increased with the opposing mental force, Long Haochen had at his disposal a few seconds’ time, and succeeded in activating the Tower of Eternity in this span.

The Tower of Eternity obviously had a greater precedence than Clear Vision’s Godly Pull. How could the demon god of Clear Vision compare to a supra-divine-tool ranked existence? Moreover, Long Haochen was its successor, and someone he could count on to bring many more souls. In a time of great danger, this supra divine tool would obviously come to his rescue. However, as Clear Vision’s Godly Pull was in the end enhanced through the demon gods’ pillars’ power, it also gained fantastic boosts, which is how this strange result happened. The Angel of Clear Vision Crocell really managed to teleport Long Haochen in front of him, but at the same time Long Haochen relied on the Tower of Eternity, teleporting the two of them here by that way. The two teleportations had succeeded, but Long Haochen also escaped mortal peril.

“What’s this place? How did you escape?” Crocell was full of doubts and shock. Looking at the opposite Long Haochen, he couldn’t help but ask, as in the meantime his hands separated, letting a long blade appear in between them. Black flames lit his long blade, and in the meantime, twisting undulations surrounded visibly Crocell’s body.

Facing the enemy that had countered his own Clear Vision’s Godly Pull, he was extremely wary.

At the time he discovered that Crocell was teleported to the Tower of Eternity alongside him, he was also in great shock. When Crocell asked that question, he drew back very swiftly, then the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon appeared in front of his chest.

Opposite to Crocell’s complete reaction of puzzlement, Long Haochen already guessed the truth of the matter from the current situation and the previous circumstances.

“I didn’t escape but countered your move.” Long Haochen replied coldly, and from the powerful aura released by the enemy’s body, he could determine that he’s a demon god. Just before, he seemed to have been beside the demon god leading the enemies. Long Haochen still remembered Crocell’s appearance from that time. One could only admit that this demon god had very handsome looks, with the addition of the six wings on his back making him look even more captivating.

Crocell had already calmed down, and wasn’t impatient to attack Long Haochen, “It’s another space? Since you have the means to teleport here, you must naturally have the means to teleport back. Bring me out, and I’ll spare your life.”

Stalling for time was to his advantage. Crocell was terrified of this space, but being after all a demon god expert at the psychic attribute, he had some understanding of this place. He knew that to be able to go through a spatial travel of this extent, Long Haochen surely had a kind of spatial key. By grabbing that spatial key, he naturally couldn’t return back to Shengmo Dalu. But the most important was the psychic internal injury he had sustained. He couldn’t see through Long Haochen, especially after his release of the Divine Snail Shield. With his current injuries, he didn’t have the complete confidence of being able to get away in one piece after killing Long Haochen. As such, he spoke to stall for time, and giving himself some time to recover. The enemy was after all only at the eighth step, so he had the full confidence of being able to kill Long Haochen after recovering partly from the psychic internal injury.

Back then, the last ranked Snake Demon God was already as cunning as a fox, to say nothing about the forty ninth ranked Crocell. Although he still didn’t have a domain, his cultivation was thoroughly at the ninth step.

“Spare my life? What a pity, I have no plans to spare you.” Long Haochen ridiculed him.

Like Crocell was scheming against him, the same happened on his side. Long Haochen was now extending his senses fully, making an all-out effort to determine Crocell’s level of cultivation.

The enemy was without a doubt at the ninth step, but great differences existed between different powerhouses of the ninth step. Crocell’s previous deep blue spit of blood couldn’t be faked, and was a clear proof of wounds. However Long Haochen didn’t know about the intensity of his injury.

The inside of the Tower of Eternity was like Long Haochen’s main grounds. He was now determining the gap of strength between the two of them, and thus wouldn’t rush into battle.

In front of Crocell, Long Haochen was disadvantaged in terms of cultivation, but he had his own aspects of superiority. First, he was fully confident in preventing Crocell from connecting with his demon god pillar. A demon god having lost his pillar was like an ordinary powerhouse of the ninth step and no more. Secondly, the enemy was wounded, and no matter to what extent, at least he wasn’t in good condition. And from his powerful mental force, his injury should be on the psychic side. Facing a powerhouse of psychic attribute, Long Haochen wasn’t afraid in the slightest. Even the twelfth ranked Emo-demon god Sytry had suffered the backlash of her own forbidden spell.

In a fight of the eighth step against the ninth step, maybe he could really leave this demon god here forever. Thinking of that, Long Haochen’s heartbeat couldn’t help but accelerate. Should he fight the demon god in a duel? Although he had killed the Goblin Knight Seere, both Seere and Andromalius were still demon gods of the eighth step. Although they could temporarily reach the ninth step thanks to their demon god pillars, there was still a difference between the ninth step and that. Can I really win? Long Haochen didn’t dare affirm with certainty, but already made his decision to give it a try in any case.

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