Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 562

Chapter 562: Clear Vision’s Godly Pull (II)

The Warrior Temple’s chief Qiu Yonghao kept his eyes on Long Haochen all the time. The instant he stopped using halos, and changed his stance to defense, he couldn’t help but stare blankly.


Long Haochen’s previous halos were chaining so naturally and without any waste of spiritual energy, that this sudden stop was clearly very unnatural.


What happened? Qiu Yonghao immediately had some doubts, and from his position, it was obviously impossible to see that bluish-black trail rejected by Haochen.


Immediately later, Qiu Yonghao saw the eruption of black fog confronting the demon army. The Angel Demon God Paimon’s activation of Fallen Angel Domain instantly rose an ominous premonition to Qiu Yonghao’s mind, sensing that something was about to happen.


What are the demons planning? His thoughts running amok, Qiu Yonghao suddenly trembled, thinking about that one weakest and yet most dangerous individual amongst them.

“Golden Knight, be careful! Grab someone beside you!” Qiu Yonghao’s loud shout reberberated through the skies almost immediately. With his level of cultivation, spreading his voice to Long Haochen’s range was naturally no issue. In the meantime, Qiu Yonghao led the group of powerhouses straight toward the outside of the fortress.


Golden Knight, that was without a doubt destined to be Long Haochen. While fully using halos, he naturally recognized Qiu Yonghao’s voice, however these words puzzled him. Grab someone? What does he mean?


In that instant of hesitation, Long Haochen suddenly felt an indescribable pressure abruptly land onto him. Then a sudden surge of panic reached his mind, as he felt an extremely unpredictable threat.


But any powerhouse has a strong desire of control, especially over themselves. They are used to be in control of everything within the scope of their ability. And in case something becomes beyond their control, they’d immediately have feelings of panic, which was Long Haochen’s current state.


A perfectly straight brilliant dark blue ray travelled through the dense black fog, aiming right for Long Haochen and toward the Southeastern Fort.


That instant, Long Haochen felt his body becoming suddenly stiff, as a choking terrible psychic force instantly seized him. Right at this time, his hand was raised, wanting to grab the nearby Han Yu.


Speaking of something strange, that dark blue ray didn’t inflict any damage to others. Even when passing through Han Yu’s body, he didn’t have the slightest awareness of that. It only had effects on Long Haochen.


Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang immediately realized that something was amiss. Hasteninto where that attack was targeted, they found out, with overwhelming shock, that all they could do was futile. It seemed composed purely of light, not containing the slightest fluctuation of spiritual energy, and all their attacks landed on air. Long Haochen’s body remained in a deadlocked position, as his figure clearly began to weaken.


Right, Long Haochen was too slow to react. If he had immediately heeded Qiu Yonghao’s call and grabbed Han Yu, he could have made it in time, but unfortunately, due to reflecting, he lost that opportunity.


Still, as a god’s chosen one, how could he resign himself helplessly to death? Although he didn’t know what this dark blue ray would bring and sensed a great danger from it, he could, by successfully extinguishng it, end up escaping death narrowly.


Long Haochen immediately attempted to use the abilities at his disposal on this situation of great danger. First, he thought of the Divine Snail Shield, but found out with shock that only his mental force was useable. All his spiritual energy was already sealed by the dark blue ray, and unable to muster the slightest movement. Having lost the backup of his spiritual energy, no matter the strength of the equipment on him, he was unable to display their true might.


Mental force, mental force! That dark green ray of light was about to succeed. And a fierce face came to Haochen’s sight.


Oh, that’s right!..


No spiritual energy didn’t mean that he couldn’t activate his equipment. Not all of his equipment required spiritual energy for use. A golden radiance suddenly shot up on his chest. If he were to look carefully and from a close distance, he would find out that this radiance had the shape of a small skull.


On the verge of death, Long Haochen wanted to activate the Eternal Melody, the transporting tool that had saved their lives many times already.


No matter how powerful the enemy’s ability was, as long as he made it out to the Tower of Eternity, what could they do about it? The Eternal Melody only required mental force for use, and didn’t need any supply of spiritual energy.


Through the Eternal Melody binding it to Long Haochen, the Tower of Eternity had been absorbing the external soul force. Especially after Long Haochen’s addition to the Holy War, it had become even more greedy, and gradually felt like a monster awaking gradually from Long Haochen’s view.


The Demon God of Death Saminaga already became the greatest offering for the Tower of Eternity. If not for his prompt decision, he could very well have gotten directly swallowed by the tower. That time’s assimilation of the Domain of Death gave great benefits to the Tower of Eternity.


Afterwards, Long Haochen went a few more times on the battlefield, and a substantial number of the deceased souls were absorbed, supplying the tower with large soul energy.


Long Haochen observed many times the Eternal Melody on his neck, and found out that the originally gold colored skull was gradually forming golden flames pulsing in its eyes. This was as if it was coming alive, and further reinforced by connection with the Tower of Eternity.

As more and more soul energy was absorbed, the feeling of scorching burn originally felt upon absorption disappeared gradually, to be replaced by a feeling of warmth. Its influence on Long Haochen also reduced gradually, and the feeling of substance it had made it feel like a huge supporter in Long Haochen’s eyes. Only, he hadn’t planned to use this supporter directly, and didn’t know how he should. In his mind, he felt like a representative for the Tower of Eternity, making this latter his employer. It kept on absorbing the external soul energy, while doing nothing in return, and in the meantime he was totally unable to control the force of the Tower of Eternity.


Of course, Long Haochen had also never attempted to exercise control over the Tower of Eternity. Only, the need of teleportation made him use it. If things were as he guessed, the Tower of Eternity should already be an intelligent divine tool. So it may not even be under the control of the Slumbering Calamity Elux. This made it even harder for Long Haochen to break away from it. Fortunately, even if it took advantage of Haochen in such way, it had already recognized him as its successor, and therefore never acted harmfully toward Haochen.


Speaking of it, it’s quite strange for the Tower of Eternity to be a divine tool so voracious towards souls. Long Haochen didn’t reject it as much as Elux though: no matter what could be said, the Tower of Eternity not only helped him increase his strength, but furthermore saved his group’s life multiple times. Without it, Long Haochen would already be dead in the demons’ hands. Also, they wouldn’t have already gained such accomplishment, or at least wouldn’t have grown in strength so fast.


Things really were as Long Haochen expected: while the other equipments were unusable, and even Yating couldn’t be summoned, the Eternal Melody emitted her glow just as before.


Under the cover of the deep blue ray, Long Haochen’s body turned illusory, as if it could disappear at anytime. And when the golden radiance appeared, the whole scene changed mystically.


The golden radiance issued from his chest immediately merged with the surrounding dark blue ray, and these powerful psychic waves immediately became in disarray.


To its owner’s shock, the Eternal Melody not only fused together with that dark blue ray, but even extended toward the distant black fog from where it was shot. Almost in the blink of an eye, the dark fog and the deep blue trail on the fortress turned into a mix of deep blue and gold colors.


In the sky, the Temple Head of the warriors, Qiu Yonghao’s hand chopped at the distant black fog with a colossal sword intent letting out a huge golden trail of light. Right that instant, Long Haochen disappeared, as well as the interwoven deep blue and golden colors. At the same time, the originator of that deep blue ray, Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell, disappeared as well.


The entangled golden and blue colored rays in the sky disappeared almost immediately. From the deep blue ray’s appearance to its full disappearance, only two breaths had elapsed. And in such a short span of time, some individuals vanished alongside it.


The instant Long Haochen disappeared, Cai’er, Han Yu, Wang Yuanyuan and Lin Xin instead calmed down. They knew Long Haochen very well, and the undulations of spiritual energy produced at the time of that instant disappearance told them that he had returned to the Tower of Eternity. And furthermore, thanks to the connection of the Soul Binding Chains, the four didn’t sense any damage shared by them, which was to say that Long Haochen was out of danger at least for now.


The Tower of Eternity was their secret, but also their safest place. After perceiving that Long Haochen had teleported back there, they immediately calmed down. Maybe he’d reappear in just a bit. What a shame that they didn’t see the stupefied look of the Angel Demon God Paimon. In the midst of the use of his innate ability the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell had disappeared alongside that enemy knight.

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