Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 561

Chapter 561: Clear Vision’s Godly Pull (I)

Long Haochen was in a very special state, giving him a kind of sublime feeling. As all these halos were released, and the lives of the allies were saved, a far stronger feeling than the time he was actively slaughtering the enemies arose in him.

The battle was still proceeding. The Holy War was originally a prolonged war, and the current situation all the more. It was a meat grinding battle, where corpses piled up like a mountain around the fortress.

Although the addition of Long Haochen’s group made the Southeastern Fort’s situation a lot more stable, the demon offense showed no signs of weakening, becoming instead  even fiercer. Even more demon powerhouses joined the battlefield and attacked the fort’s defensive line.

Circles of black light autonomously came out from the eight demon god pillars. Each of them landed in a large area of demon soldiers, who immediately felt bursts of excitement due to their influence, bravely charging.

Of the eight demon gods responsible for the attack of the fort, the leading one was an absolute beauty. Even for a human, this was a perfect appearance. But the body had a very manly stature, a tall and sturdy figure with six black wings on the back. And on the forehead, a triangular black crystal.

Paimon, ranked ninth of the seventy-two demon gods. Angel Demon God, expert in dark magic.

Aside from Paimon, the other seven demon gods were all below the twentieth rank. So he was naturally the commander of this area.

The Angel Demon God Paimon was different from the Hell Demon God Marbas in that Marbas was a pure mage of darkness element, or should we say, a hellish mage, and Paimon had both magic and martial specializations, expert in various boosting magics of the darkness element. To be able to hold a seat among the top ten demon gods, his individual fighting power was not below Marbas by much. Also, he was a good friend of the Moon Demon God Agares, and held a sublime status among demons.

Before inheriting his position as demon god, Paimon used to serve as the Demon God Emperor’s imperial guard, receiving good care and guidance from him. Therefore, he was extremely loyal to the Demon God Emperor, and firmly obeyed every one of his orders. When the Demon God Emperor ordered him to only deplete the Warrior Temple’s strength, he did no more. When he was told to strengthen the attacks, that’s what he did. As a single individual, without clansmen of his own, he didn’t have to worry about his kin or race. Acting according to the Demon God Emperor was enough. As such, he was acclaimed by the Demon God Emperor as his most loyal subordinate.

Of course, Paimon’s status was by far incomparable to Agares or Vassago. These two demon gods were the Demon God Emperor’s best brothers. Even so, no one was as free from worry as him, apart from these three. Even Saminaga and Marbas dealt with him with great care.

An exception remained, and that’s the Berserk Demon God Ah’nan. Although Paimon didn’t have to listen and obey to Ah’nan’s orders, he still submitted totally to Ah’nan. That was out of respect, as when the two compared notes, he had not won even once, suffering a severe loss every time.

“Senior Paimon. That knight who has arrived suddenly is quite threatening. Should we take some measures against him?” Beside Paimon was another handsome looking demon god with six wings on the back, asking in low voice.

Aside from the looks of femininity of the former, he resembled the Angel Demon God quite a lot, apart from lacking a third eye on the forehead.

That was the forty ninth ranked demon god, Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. Because of his resemblance to Paimon, these two had a good relationship. And being also a standalone demon god, he could be considered Paimon’s direct successor.

Paimon told, “Then go scout him out.”

“Yes.” Crocell replied, and looked into the distance at Long Haochen’s direction. The demon god undulations surrounding him were colored in a sinister deep blue. Immediately, his other eye opened slowly, revealing a deep blue pupil. Colorless bizarre waves traced a sort of straight line, rushing straight for the Southeastern Mountain Pass.

Long Haochen, still using various halo type abilities, suddenly had a dizzy feeling, as if a special force was trying to disconnect his mind.

In secret alarm, he immediately stopped his series of magic, and focused all of his attention, gathering his mental force to scout this sudden change.

In Long Haochen’s senses, that force making him dizzy was formed of strong psychic waves, but didn’t look like the attack from psychic magic. Even he couldn’t contend against it with his mental force, but this psychic force wasn't anything like a powerful attack. But in the end the issue was that he couldn’t determine what this could be.

He could just faintly sense that it came from the demons.

In the space between Long Haochen’s eyes came out a ripple of golden color, immediately extending from there, rapidly enveloping his whole body. Outside this layer of gold color, one could faintly see tinges of deep blue color. In a blink of eye, these tints were destroyed, and everything came back to normal.

“Huh?” The Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell revealed an astonished look, “What a strong mental force! That knight is clearly specialized in the light element, how could he have such mental strength?”

The Angel Demon God Paimon wrinkled his brows, “How are things?”

Crocell replied, “This human knight has a great mental force. My scouting was discovered right upon reaching him. And his mind rejected it autonomously. With the little probing I managed, I could determine his cultivation to be at the eighth step. He has a Golden Foundation Armor of epic tier on, measuring 1.92 meters, weighing 80 kg. His external spiritual is approximately a little above 30,000. His physical strength is much greater than an ordinary knight. His age...”

Mentioning his age, Crocell showed a perplexed look, “His response was just too fast so maybe my scouting isn’t very accurate. From what the Deep Inspection Method told me, he should be below thirty. His specific age couldn’t be scouted clearly, and the same goes for the other equipment on him.”

“A knight of the eighth step below his thirties? Looks like your scouting was really inaccurate. Are you confident in your ability to get him with your personal ability?”

Crocell shook his head, “Hardly. Although his cultivation is quite below mine, his mental force is very strong. I don’t have an absolute confidence in my success. With a mental force such as his, even if I succeed, I’m afraid that I will also suffer severe damage in the process.”

Right at this time, Paimon saw another series of halo-type abilities from Long Haochen, spilling to the whole Southeastern Fort, reinforcing their troops’ resistance against the demon army.

“Give it a try then. I will be boosting you. Humans that can wear a Golden Foundation Knight of epic tier are very few, only second to Divine Knights in the Knight Temple. This knight is even more troublesome than a warrior of the ninth step would be. And he seems to have just arrived, and should be unaware of your presence. The Warrior Temple shouldn’t have had the time to inform him.”

“Yes!” Crocell didn’t hesitate in the slightest after hearing Paimon’s instruction. Gaining the appreciation of the ninth demon god was the greatest motive for his obedience. Calling him Paimon’s mercenary would be no exaggeration.

Shutting both eyes, Crocell started a chant. His voice became very calm, and the demon god pillar on his back shone in full deep blue during his chant.

As he started chanting, Paimon’s figure flashed, and Crocell was standing to block for him, obstructing the humans’ line of sight. At the same time he raised his hands, and spread out a layer of drizzling black fog. All eight demon god pillars on his back were concealed by this act. An earth-shattering amount of dark essence was gathering, and in the midst of a melodious chant, a black winged angel then flapped his wings mildly, soaring around the black fog, and continuously shot some black rays at the demon armies below.

This was Paimon’s Fallen Angel Domain. All the demons of the seventh step or below illuminated by this domain will instantly gain a step’s strength for a time of five minutes. The boosting effects of this domain could definitely be ranked in the top three among all demon domains.

In the meantime, while concealed by the black fog, Paimon also started to chant in a low voice, dark golden rays bubbling forth from his eyes to turn into a dark gold colored spiral which covered Crocell on his back.

Having gained the boost from this dark golden radiance, Crocell’s chant accelerated visibly, and his demon god pillar hidden in the black fog released some dark blue radiance which started to let out twisting undulations which gathered in between his eyebrows. The central eye on his forehead started to change looks, deepening in color.

A Golden Foundation Knight may have caught Paimon’s attention, but generally, it wouldn’t make him have Crocell take such dangerous actions. He didn’t know why, but after listening to Crocell’s description, he immediately made this choice without hesitation. Deep inside him, he had the faint feeling that something with this Golden Foundation Knight was amiss.

Paimon made such a firm choice, but regardless of whether his feeling was correct, killing a Golden Foundation Knight from the Knight Temple couldn’t be a mistake.

From the previous little event, Long Haochen’s vigilance was raised quite highly. Still, those psychic waves were short-lived and didn’t inflict the slightest damage to him. So he didn’t became overly careful, and still kept chaining those halo abilities.

With Long Haochen’s current cultivation, he believed firmly that considering the current distance of the eight demon gods, even if the enemy suddenly were to launch a sudden attack of forbidden spell grade, it wouldn’t involve him in a situation such as the ones in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the Exorcist Mountain Pass or the Tombal Mountain Pass’ battle. Unless one of the top three demon gods came out here.

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