Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 556

Chapter 556: Wind God (III)


The Magic Tutor Regiment had finally reached out and completed their spell, taking over Long Haochen’s duty.

In the meantime, an immense green radiance soared from inside the Tombal Mountain Pass, reaching a high altitude before slowly falling.

Seeing the green figure extending over more than a hundred meters, the weakened Long Haochen was in great shock. That green figure looked human-shaped, and was actually an enlarged version of the head of the Mage Temple, wind elemental mage Li Zhengzhi.

Right now, Li Zhengzhi looked extremely imposing despite his short and stout build. Clad in green armor, his hands were holding a huge warblade. Green light curled over his whole body, and bursting gales kept rising around his body. At every attack, the green light coming out from his body also gained in intensity.

Actually, Li Zhengzhi reached the area far before Long Haochen’s performance. Even at his level of cultivation, the supra forbidden spell Hell’s Descent was an extremely thorny issue. After arriving, he still needed time; it was obviously impossible for him to fully use his most powerful ability instantly. Right as he was prepared to come up, Long Haochen had made this sudden display in the battlefield, sealing Hell’s Descent. Although this wasn’t sufficient to totally turn the situation around, it was exactly what Li Zhengzhi needed, giving him just enough time.

Seeing Long Haochen close to his limits, the finally prepared Li Zhengzhi made his move alongside the mage regiment.

The huge green figure drifted nimbly, arriving ahead of the multi-elemental seal. Hacking the long blade, it immediately struck at the terrifying black God’s Descent forbidden spell.

A bizarre scene followed. One could see that the instant the blade was chopped, all the wind in the sky had disappeared. The next instant, part of Hell’s Descent was cut into thin pieces of pitch black spiritual energy. Even more miraculously, the black Hell’s Descent was enveloped in a greenish-blue splendor. Li Zhengzhi was using the incarnation of the Wind God to shoot these black rays back to the distant demons, right at the demon army’s vanguard.

First broke out a terrible hurricane cutting everything in its way, then Hell’s Descent’s power was unleashed. One could clearly see that for a range of a thousand meters in and around those thin black pieces, the ground subsided ten meters. Even if they were of darkness attributes, all the demons in this range were dissolved thoroughly.

Li Zhengzhi’s performance had only begun. Extending the blade in his hand, he cut sharply through Hell’s Descent before projecting the sliced parts onto the demon army. Only a few slashes had already suppressed completely the demon army’s vanguard.

This was the display of a true powerhouse.

At the sight of this scene, Long Haochen couldn’t help but have a dazzled and stunned feeling. He was totally unable to see how Li Zhengzhi accomplished that. Despite being a mage, he descended like a deity and was fully showing his martial prowess. The mere word powerful’ was already insufficient to describe this ability.

Almost as soon as he appeared, the whole situation was turned around, turning defeat into victory. He even used the supra forbidden spell Hell’s Descent to his advantage, truly deserving the appellation of number one powerhouse among the Six Great Temples.

The Magic Tutor Regiments were not only composed of those thirty-six. Several dozen more people landed onto the fortress one after another, as the mage squads rested, reorganized, and recovered spiritual energy for the sake of being ready to continue the battle at anytime.

At this point, the demon surprise attack was already neutralized, and Li Zhengzhi’s series of attacks already got rid of close to ten thousand demons.

The Hell Demon God Marbas finally couldn’t bear anymore and made his move. Despite their enormous previous losses, he couldn’t keep looking on helplessly as Li Zhengzhi was slaughtering his subordinates!

The figures of the eight demon gods flickered, rising in altitude, and they put their full strength into stopping the pieces of Hell’s Descent’s spiritual energy thrown by Li Zhengzhi.

For a moment, the fluctuations of spiritual energy in the sky expanded greatly, splattering across in many colors. Li Zhengzhi had turned into a Wind God, facing off the eight enemies by himself, and without being at a disadvantage at all.

Although this was related the eight great demon gods’ weakened state, accomplishing this much showed the strength of this wind user.

Long Haochen’s group was back at the Tombal Mountain Pass. While recovering spiritual energy, Long Haochen’s look never separated from Li Zhengzhi. Being able to witness the fight of a powerhouse of this level was really a great assistance to him. And by relying on his powerful mental force and great perception focused upon the waves of spiritual energy, Long Haochen gradually understood Li Zhengzhi’s true battle methods.

This actually should be a magic using Li Zhengzhi’s body as its core. Being a god’s chosen one, Long Haochen could feel that Li Zhengzhi’s spell was really borrowing power from the Wind God. Only, Long Haochen’s reliance on the power of the Goddess of Light was thanks to his identity as a god’s chosen one, but Li Zhengzhi’s reliance on the power of the Wind God was thanks to his great strength and affinity to the wind element.

Long Haochen made the conservative estimate that Li Zhengzhi’s internal spiritual energy was over 300,000, and he should have at least one divine tool in his hand.

The battle didn’t last for much longer. The demon gods were all selfish beings, and perceiving Li Zhengzhi’s great power, Marbas was unwilling to have a fight to the death against him. While the eight great demon gods were holding back Li Zhengzhi’s attacks, the order of retreat was already transmitted. This rapid retreat immediately caused their morale to plummet. The supra forbidden spell Hell’s Descent continued to gradually decline due to being cut unceasingly by Li Zhengzhi, thereby decreasing the force going against the seal.

Finally, Hell’s Descent went to smoke as it was squeezed inside the six-colored formation. That signaled the termination of this battle of attack and defense.

Li Zhengzhi didn’t keep chasing after the retreating demons. Holding his blade horizontally, he looked into the distance as the demon gods drifted away, showing a smile towards the heavens.

The Tombal Mountain Pass already became a sea of pleasure. This battle was certainly dangerous, but its final ending was certainly marvelous. The Tombal Mountain Pass didn’t have a single deceased, but the enemy sustained heavy damage. At least for the time being, they won’t dare launch another attack.

At the time of the annihilation of Hell’s Descent, Long Haochen brought his comrades out of the fortress. Having accomplished his duty, he went down. Staying any further would be meaningless, and besides, he didn’t want to have to meet Tan Wan and Xuanyuan Yan. No matter how guilty, awkward, or persistently cold the counterpart would be, he was unwilling to have to face them.

At the time of Long Haochen’s departure, the Wind God in the sky turned round slowly, giving a glance toward their departing figures, a thin smile forming on the corners of his mouth.

Three days later.

“Xin’er, just come with us. Take it as a plea from me okay? Must I leave you here?” Lin Xin was as anxious as an agitated cat, spinning around Li Xin in the room.

Li Xin gave him a funny look, “You! Will you ever fix that lack of resolution?” Her words were formulated that way, but her expression was full of warmth.

“We are all Demon Hunters. Just like you have your team, I also have my own. How could I abandon my teammates? Moreover, my strength is already unable to keep up with Haochen and you. By coming along, I can only become a burden for you. I have already discussed with Luc Xi, and we chose to remain in the Tombal Mountain Pass for now. This place is by far safe enough. You are a man, and a part of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad. We still have a long time before us. Or do you really want to stay behind for my sake? We are Demon Hunters, and since the day we took this path, our lives are already not only our own. Could it be that you really don’t understand that?”

Lin Xin became silent. He had already been trying to convince Li Xin for close to one hour. After that battle from three days ago, the Tombal Mountain Pass’ situation was quite stable, and the demons had almost no possibility of breaking through this fort. In addition to that, due to the relationship between the Mage Temple and the Knight Temple, Long Haochen and his comrades decided to keep heading southwards to assemble with their other comrades.

Lin Xin naturally found things difficult to manage in this situation. As Li Xin’s and his emotions had escalated, how could he be willing to part with her? Although he knew that Li Xin was right, he still found it hard to accept deep inside.

Li Xin stood up, and came in front of Lin Xin, leaning towards him, and drawing close to his waist, “Idiot, I should be the one worrying. Because you will keep becoming stronger and stronger, you will also be facing more and more challenging missions. Promise me to live well. Haven’t you been always wanting to do it?... Today, I can give myself to you, hoping that you can gain more responsibility and defend yourself with good care. No matter how long it takes, I will be waiting for you.”

Hearing Li Xin, Lin Xin couldn’t help but tremble profusely. If these were ordinary times, he would definitely be carried away by the excitement. But as they were on the verge of separating, how could he get up happily?

“No, Xin’er. I want to marry you formally. I cannot let you feel wronged, especially at such a time. I love you, Xin’er, and really can’t bear to leave you!” Lin Xin embraced Li Xin tightly, feeling her form and warmth, and becoming unable to hold his tears. If one person within the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad had to be picked as the weakest emotionally, that would be him.

Li Xin suddenly struggled free of Lin Xin, and declared very fiercely, “What do you mean, you can’t let me feel wronged? I should be the one who shouldn’t let you feel wronged. Do you think nothing will happen just because you said no? You’re a mage, and this lady is a knight. If you have a problem, use your magic to stop me.”

Under Lin Xin’s stupefied look, his body was pulled toward the bed by Li Xin.

This was a battle between a knight of the sixth step and a mage of the seventh step. At such a close distance, and in a small room, one can well imagine who won the fight...

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