Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 554

Chapter 554: Wind God (I) 

The staff on Xuanyuan Yan’s hand was pointed forward. Seeing the power of Hell’s Descent being brought down, he couldn’t help but loosen up.

The attack was effective! The light mages on his back didn’t need his order to expel their spiritual energy in full force, hoping to stop it outside the formation.

Their attack looked like a great success, seeing Hell’s Descent shrink at an astonishing speed, but the distant Hell Demon God Marbas had a strange smile on his face. If the joint attacks of eight great demon gods could be stopped so easily, they wouldn’t deserve that appellation.

It looked like Hell’s Descent’s volume had shrunk due to the holy light’s attack and the seal’s blockade, as it shrank to a tenth of its original volume.

At that very moment, Xuanyuan Yan couldn’t help but deliberately glance at Lin Xin’s direction.

But right at this time, the surroundings suddenly calmed down, as if all sounds were instantly suppressed.

Xuanyuan Yan subconsciously turned his head back, finding out with alarm that the extremely shrunken Hell’s Descent had come to a standstill and large black nets were extending all around it, spreading out at a frightening speed, as it extended all around the formation.

The next instant, Baaang.

A torrential explosion resounded with incomparable ferocity. The devil’s portrait once again returned to its original size, instantly reducing to pieces the seal on the Tombal Mountain Pass. Xuanyuan Yan and the five hundred light mages on his back groaned at the same time, spitting out large amounts of blood.

Hell’s Descent had shrunk only to break out even more powerfully. This forbidden spell reached such a degree of terror that it already possessed its own intelligence.

Xuanyuan Yan’s attack was actually still effective, as the Hell’s Descent that had drastically enlarged was still quite smaller. But at this time, who could bear its offense? Having lost the defense of their seal, the Tombal Mountain Pass’ inhabitants all felt stuck in a quagmire, swept away at a frightening speed by the incoming darkness essence.

At this time, a green wind broke out once again. Compared to the wind mages squad, this time its green color looked a lot more pure, swept from all directions to form a gigantic earth shattering tornado. Shrouding the Hell’s Descent, it entangled all around it, attempting to blow it to a high altitude and rely on the wind’s force to consume its might.

The Raging Wind Legion commanded by Tan Wan finally made its move. If the fort’s defenses were so easy to break through, there’s no way it could have held against all the attacks it sustained since the start of the Holy War.

The Raging Wind Legion’s move was even more powerful than the previous five squads’ powers added together. Composed entirely of wind mages reaching at least the seventh step, who joined hands to form this combinatorial spell, this tornado’s power already reached the forbidden spell level. They had obviously been teamed together for a very long time, otherwise they couldn’t have possibly released such an all out spell of the seventh step in such a short time.

Engulfed by the tornado, Hell’s Descent once again shrank, trying to lessen as far as possible its time of contact with the tornado. Looking as stable as a boulder, it remained motionless even under the offense of such a blowing tornado.

The confrontation between the two sides was already at its climax, when the demons attacked suddenly. The Tombal Mountain Pass already had dispatched units to ask for their strongest magic regiments as well as the higher-ups of the Mage Temple, but they needed time to prepare their spells. As long as the mages on the fortress could keep up for some time, the demons’ surprise attack would end up without any achievement.

Eight black glitters appeared suddenly, tracing long arcs. They belonged to the eight demon god pillars, and rushed into the tornado at a frightening speed, striking Hell’s Descent.

With a mournful yell, Hell’s Descent instantly split the tornado revolving around it, and kept advancing toward the Tombal Fort.

Even if the eight demon gods stopped stepping in, the Storm Corps could actually only block the Hell’s Descent only for a short time. But Marbas knew well that he couldn’t let them keep dragging time out. If the mage regiments of the Mage Temple took advantage of the opportunity, even if the attack from Hell’s Descent finally manages to make it to the Tombal Mountain Pass, the destructive damage would still greatly lower.

All the mages in the fortress had looks of shock. The whole fortress was covered in black drizzle. Everyone knew that the Tombal Mountain Pass’ walls would inevitably fall. And they would all become burial goods accompanying the mountain pass to its grave.

From the launch of the forbidden spell to its arrival on the Tombal Mountain Pass, this slow-sounding process had actually lasted for only ten or so minutes. Everyone was already fearing for their lives.

A golden light suddenly flared up without omen, as if coming as suddenly as dawn. Upon meticulous observation, that golden light was actually multicolored, and under its golden brilliance, a figure had elevated itself onto the sky, floating in midair right outside the fortress, and standing in Hell’s Descent’s way.

A golden Star of David was formed at his back, as he rode a Starlight Unicorn giving off a divine feel.

Wearing a golden mask, and a golden armor, and letting out a light aura of extreme purity alongside his Starlight Unicorn, he brought the Tombal Mountain Pass not only light, but hope.

The multicolored golden light surrounding his body was rising up, and golden halos rose up all around the Starlight Unicorn King, crossing paths with the multicolored light.

The knight riding the Starlight Unicorn made a praying gesture, as a clear incantation came out from his mouth. The multicolored radiance on his back condensed into a huge illusory female shape, also sitting in a praying posture.

Speaking of strange, that brilliant Hell’s Descent forbidden spell suddenly came to a standstill upon arriving in front of him. In front of its terrible threat, this knight clad in golden armor seemed like a drop in the ocean. But even so, he unexpectedly caused Hell’s Descent to come to a stop, making it unable to keep advancing despite being almost within reach of its target.

All the mages in the Tombal Mountain Pass were stupefied at this instant. They could obviously recognize this golden armor to be a Golden Foundation Knight’s attire! However, the overwhelming majority of these people had no idea when a knight had come here, moreover helping them block this incomparably terrifying threat.

Could a knight of the eighth step really resist a supra forbidden spell born from the joint hands of eight great demon gods as well as all the Hell Demons? Even a Divine Knight would not necessarily manage to accomplish that.

Right, Long Haochen was of course unable to accomplish such a feat. Even if he had already reached the ninth step, his full strength couldn’t possibly stop such a forbidden spell’s might. Even if this forbidden spell was already weakened by the mages.

He wasn’t trying to stop it, but to restrict it, using a kind of special spell similar to the Star Demon God Vassago’s Great Prophecy.

The pure light essence didn’t have the slightest chance of causing Hell’s Descent to weaken any. But at least until his spiritual energy ends up nearly exhausted, this forbidden spell won’t be able to keep moving forward in the slightest.

Light Prayers.

This magic already exceeded the scope of the light element, and could be said to be a spell of sacred light, even if the expertise in using sacred light spells was of the Priest Temple, and not the knights.

This spell was also coming from the cave. In there, Long Haochen learnt mostly Guardian Knight abilities, while Light Prayers was carved in its greatest depths. This magic of sacred light was very hard to categorize. Depending on the enemy one faced, its uses would actually differ greatly. It was used as a prayer for safety.

The ancestor that left this spell in the Knight Temple explained it this way, Light Prayers is the god’s will, as well as the god’s forbidden fruit. A human’s force could never possibly truly control this ability, but at some cost, it can be used to earn time.

Conduct prayers with one’s most sincere attitude and with one’s purest heart one would make Light Prayers the most powerful.

This magic of sacred light originated from high level fairies, therefore even the Priest Temple was unable to use it. After countless thousands of years passed, this miraculous sacred light magic finally reappeared, launched from Long Haochen’s hand.

Since the instant Hell’s Descent appeared, Long Haochen’s great mental force gave him a great feeling of unease. In the meantime, he’d been reciting Light Prayers’ chant in his mind. This was an instinctual, instant decision. Long Haochen did not hesitate to follow his feeling and therefore immediately asked for Han Yu’s aid as he chanted this spell.

As a matter of fact, his choice was accurate. No one else besides him was more of a fit to use this sacred light magic. Compared to his use of Sacred Light Rain, Long Haochen had a much lower consumption. In fact the whole sacred spell could be described as the establishment of the flow of a canal. It could be maintained as long as the incantation was completed. Han Yu’s spiritual energy was fully poured inside Long Haochen, and his spiritual stove of Light Blessing gave him a formidable recovery alongside the support of the Golden Foundation Armor. At the time Long Haochen had completed this spell, a good part of his spiritual energy was left.

Right, who else other than the Scion of Light was more qualified to put to use a sacred light magic?

Light Prayers was activated through the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, which is why that multi-colored golden light came to view. Long Haochen could deeply feel the might Hell’s Descent had as a supra forbidden spell, and understood that with his own strength, even the full use of Light Prayers had no way to stop it, which is why he borrowed the Divine Snail Shield’s force.

Through its last activation as a divine tool, Long Haochen felt that his level of accord with the Divine Snail Shield had grown even higher, which enabled him to grasp some of the secret in the activation of its power as a divine tool. With his current cultivation, a forbidden spell levelled stimulation was necessary to trigger the Divine Snail Shield’s force. And as a matter of fact, he succeeded once again.

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