Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 552

Chapter 552: Hell’s Descent (II)


“Afterwards, Lin Xin’s grandfather was transferred to Holy City. Originally, Lin Xin wasn’t planning to follow his grandfather there, but the engagement between Tan Wan and Xuanyuan Yan left him greatly wounded, and after leaving her a letter, he followed his grandfather to Holy City. Then they didn’t have any contact for a very long time.

“In that letter, Lin Xin told her about his feelings, which could be said to be for the sake of unburdening himself. After reaching Holy City, he devoted his effort to the research of magic medicine, and gradually let go of these feelings. Afterwards, he crossed paths with you and became a Demon Hunter. But what he didn’t know was that after Tan Wan saw that letter, she also found out about her own inner feelings, that she was in love with Lin Xin too. For this reason, she asked Temple Head Li Zhengzhi to appear personally, for the sake of cancelling their scheduled wedding. But due to the excessive sensitivity of the matter, Temple Head Li had her cultivate in seclusion. First, it was for the sake of her cultivation, and then to avoid exposing her to the heart of the struggle of public opinion. After Tan Wan’s secluded cultivation terminated and when she came to look for Lin Xin, he had already become a Demon Hunter, and went to run missions alongside you lot. That’s how the matter ended. And when they met again in the Tombal Mountain Pass, Lin Xin had already become a couple with me.”

Hearing Li Xin’s story, the three of them looked at each other, and Han Yu expressed very strangely, “It’s a matter of hate born from love.”

Li Xin had a bitter smile, “It can be considered so. For that reason, I find Tan Wan extremely pitiful. No matter what it is about her, Lin Xin and I have been as forebearing as possible. It turned out that after we returned to the Tombal Mountain Pass, everyone learned about that misunderstanding. After all, Lin Xin and I had been thinking that she was already married to Xuanyuan Yan at the time we were dating. This matter is a freak combination of factors where no one can be blamed. At the start, Tan Wan still held a good attitude toward us, but after Lin Xin decided to train in offensive magic for my sake, Tan Wan’s attitude changed drastically, taking it out on him whenever possible. And furthermore, she seems to believe that the fact that she couldn’t end up together with Lin Xin was related to Demon Hunt Squads. You are all members of Lin Xin’s team, so her previous attitude should be for that reason.”

Han Yu let out a bitter smile, “So we were innocently caught in such a calamity.”

Long Haochen reacted, “The response Tan Wan’s feelings received makes her quite pitiful. I hope that in the future there could be a chance to resolve this matter.”

Li Xin replied, “I fear that it will be very hard. Her rancor is deep, unless I go away. But Lin Xin has already paid such a cost for me, I am already...” Reaching this point, the valiant and formidable-looking female knight couldn’t help but blush. After having been through so much, she came to love Lin Xin dearly. How could she not be moved by the act of a man who abandonned something he has dedicated so many years of his life to, only for the sake of one girl.

Right at this time, a sharp cry rang out from within the mountain pass. The atmosphere in its entire range instantly tensed up.

Li Xin’s expression changed, “The demons are attacking. I will be returning to assist Lin Xin. Haochen, you can return to rest in the Temple first.”

Long Haochen replied, “Resisting the demons is everyone’s duty. Let’s go, we just have to go back up. I believe that Tan Wan should be adhering strictly to her job this time, and won’t manage us.” While saying that, he took the initiative of going up the fortress.

Calmly reacting, for the sake of his honor as Saint Knight Head he didn’t renounce resisting the demons. This attitude could only receive Li Xin’s secret praises, finding her little brother even more mature than in the past.

When everyone was back on the fortress, strong elemental fluctuations were immediately felt. These elemental waves were not launched by the mages, but originating from the Tombal Mountain Pass.

Long Haochen clearly looked at the fortress’ ground, to see round magic arrays every fifty meters, all colored a milky-white. Soft magical waves spread thin white halos that covered every angle of the fortress.

Long Haochen sensed that these magic arrays had a gathering effect; while stepping on the magic arrays, the speed of absorption of magic essence was at least ten percent higher. And these magic arrays seemed to apply to every elemental used.

From afar, one could see black clouds densely cover the skies. Afar off, the eight demon god pillars emitted some strong breath of darkness. The demon armies were not fast at all, one could only see layer upon layer of darkness essence bubble forth from the demon armies’ ranks, poured into the black clouds on the sky.

The core of the black clouds was the Hell demon god pillar. This was a combinatorial attack of the Hell Demons: despite the still-far distance, it already held a powerful oppressive force from the fortress’ view.

The air outside the Tombal Mountain Pass started to show rippling waves, a signature of the deployed defensive formation.

It was because of Cai’er’s Sickle of the God of Death that Cai’er had managed to break through, only tearing a very small crack, letting them enter the formation for a flash. But this kind of large scale clash was another story. Thanks to the formation’s blockade, not the slightest darkness essence spilled inside the Tombal Mountain Pass.

On the fortress, large amounts of radiant magic essence lit up, mostly gathering the water, fire, earth, wind and light attributes. The Tombal Mountain Pass’ ten squads were responding.

Five of them were defending the fortress, standing beside warriors who were resisting for their sake, filling the whole fortress.

Long Haochen’s crew rapidly joined Lin Xin’s side, seeing Lin Xin command these mages to start chanting at this time.

They were chanting for a spell of the fifth tier specialized into compressing spiritual energy. As the demons were still far, they hadn’t reached the optimum range of their magic yet.

A mage’s magic had limitations of distance, requiring a certain distance to unleash its full might. The stronger a mage was, the greater this distance would grow.

Long Haochen found out that all the mages in this team were standing in a group of six, forming a Star of David. As they were incanting, the staves in their hand gathered essence of the same element in between them, rapidly condensing spiritual energy.

Combinatorial magic.

With Long Haochen’s elemental sensitivity, he could sense that this combinatorial magic was not only for strengthening their magic, but also to increase their attack range. This was surely a specialized research made by the Mage Temple. Surely, they deserved being known as a powerful Temple comparable with the Knight Temple.

Lin Xin didn’t participate in these magic arrays. Seeing Long Haochen’s group come back to his side, he immediately became overjoyed.


Lin Xin wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Long Haochen, “Let’s meet the enemy with all we have for now. We will be in your command.”

“Alright.” After experiencing these two years’ tempering, Lin Xin was far different from before, and visibly became a lot less dependant on Long Haochen.

The demon armies advanced at slow speed, but felt tougher than boulders. Every time they went forward, their troops gained in steadiness. The black airflow gradually enveloped the demon armies, and from the fortress, one became gradually unable to discern their looks.

The magic waves in the Tombal Mountain Pass also grew in brilliance, just like an extremely powerful magical beast of ancient times ready to spurt its greatest attack at anytime.

The oppressive force of both parties was extremely terrifying. Be it humans or demons, all were reaching the critical points when both parties’ attacks would meet up.

By looking from high above, one could see that the two sides were completely different in color. The demon side was black colored with a tint of purple, and the Tombal Mountain Pass glinted in myriads of colors. Upon seeing that massive providence, even a powerhouse of the ninth step would feel insignificant.

Lin Xin stood beside Long Haochen, speaking in a low voice, “The first clash will be the most violent. The two sides will strike with all their power, but this won’t cause casualties. But neither of us will dare be negligent, putting out our full power, otherwise, if the enemy takes the advantage, it will result in complete suppression. After the first clash is over, the demons will start besieging. That will be the real start of the battle. My Heart of Fire is rather special, unable to unite with their power. The time the enemy besieges will be when I will start to attack.”

Long Haochen asked, “If I use supportive magic, will it affect their combinatorial spell?”

Lin Xin pondered slightly, “Let’s try to see after the demons start besieging. I am worried that needless fluctuations may affect the process. And furthermore, the power of my brothers is enough to withstand the demon attack without issue.”

Lin Xin’s prudence made sense. Although he had full confidence in Long Haochen, he preferred avoiding needless risks.

After the start of the Holy War, the Tombal Mountain Pass was used to facing the demon offenses, which was to say that even without an intervention from Long Haochen, they would still resist the enemy’s attacks without issue. Since that was the case, why let Long Haochen take risks? If it produced the opposite reaction, wouldn’t it just destroy his boss’ reputation?

Long Haochen nodded calmly. He’d never been matched with so many mages, especially when they were in states of using combinatorial magic. So he didn’t have an absolute confidence, and from Lin Xin’s wording, he was able to gather that the members of the Mage Temple had ample confidence. Since things were that way, why would he take empty risks?

The strong elemental waves were growing in fierceness, and the distant demon army suddenly accelerated without prior indication. In the sky, the violent purplish black radiance violently burst forth, gradually taking the shape of a fierce devil’s portrait.

“What? Something is amiss!” Lin Xin’s expression changed. Having crossed hands with the demons many times, he knew that this demon offense was quite early compared to usual.

Right at this time, that immense devil portrait slowly looked up. From its mouth, a purplish black beam was shot out, and immediately, seven beams of different colors shot forth.

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