Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 548

Chapter 548: Mage Temple’s Temple Head (I)

After opening the scroll, Li Zhengzhi became very focused, taking a few minutes to read it fully. After that, his expression changed unceasingly as he kept reading.

Closing the scroll, Li Zhengzhi shut both his eyes, seemingly pondering. A short moment later, he declared to the nearby Tan Wan, “Please go out first, I need to have a talk with Saint Knight Head.”

Tan Wan was shocked. She was Li Zhengzhi’s one and only personal disciple. Don’t judge Li Zhengzhi because of his short and stout appearance. His face was always carrying warmth and a smile, but she knew well about the extreme pride of this teacher of hers, regarded as the number one genius of the Mage temple for the last thousand years. Her teacher was only sixty or so years old this year, surpassing by far successive generations of top notch powerhouses of the Mage Temple. In cultivation, even the Knight Temple’s three Divine Knights wouldn’t necessarily be her teacher’s opponent. The reason why she was her only disciple was that among the top of the younger generation of the Mage Temple, only her talent obtained the approval of her teacher, in addition to the fact that they shared the same wind element.

Seeing the seriousness on her teacher’s current face, Tan Wan immediately understood that this Provisional Saint Knight Head representing the Knight Temple was absolutely not that simple, or her teacher wouldn’t view him so importantly.

Tan Wan also inherited Li Zhengzhi’s pride, but because she was still young, she wasn’t good at concealing that pride, and often let it surface. But this didn’t mean she wasn’t intelligent: on the contrary, her wits and talents were highly praised even by Li Zhengzhi. Hearing her teacher, she only gave Long Haochen a stupefied glance before promptly agreeing, leaving from the right side and letting out some twisted light fluctuations, soundlessly disappearing from space.

His disciple having left, Li Zhengzhi returned to that harmless face, “Now should be the time for you to show me your true face, Knight Temple’s Scion of Light.”

Light circulated around, as the Golden Foundation Armor flew out from Long Haochen’s body like a liquid, condensing into a Golden Foundation box behind Long Haochen’s back. Tapping his right fist on his chest, he respectfully declared, “Knight Temple’s Long Haochen greets Temple Head.”

Seeing Long Haochen’s excessively young look and handsome face, Li Zhengzhi just stared blankly. Despite being very good at concealing his emotion, his inward shock was still extremely great.

The contents of Long Tianying’s letter was very clear: Long Haochen was his biological grandson, and truly was formally appointed as the Knight Temple’s Saint Knight Head. In the meantime, the Knight Temple already gave its approval for him to reform his Demon Hunt Squad, and wished for the Mage Temple’s cooperation. If the Tombal Mountain Pass has any needs, he could join them in battle, but not for more than three months’ time.

Although this letter didn’t mention Long Haochen’s cultivation, with Li Zhengzhi’s understanding of Long Tianying’s character, he understood the old Long’s stubborn points. Even his own grandson wouldn’t be allowed to wear this Golden Foundation Armor without sufficient strength. In addition, his previous probing had already made him feel clearly that Long Haochen’s cultivation was indeed at least at the eighth step.

Li Zhengzhi was shocked facing this youngster, whose body spread out a light essence of extreme purity to an extent that Li Zhengzhi had never seen before in his life. Despite having handsome looks, his eyes were still very gentle, just like a cultivator having reached his forties or fifties. His treasured personal disciple could absolutely not compare in any way with such a temperament.

Letting out a light sigh, Li Zhengzhi revealed a bitter smile, “I was originally thinking that before long, the Mage Temple’s time could possibly come. But it looks impossible. The Knight Temple’s luck isn’t anything we can compare with.”

His words sounded like they made no sense, but Long Haochen could understand the meaning behind them. This Temple Head Li was regarded as the greatest competitor of the Knight Temple, acclaimed as the powerhouse with the highest level of cultivation. His cultivation even exceeded those old characters over a hundred years old in Titled Demon Hunt Squads. Purely in terms of cultivation, none of the three Divine Knights of the Knight Temple could contest against him.

Before Long Haochen came, the Knight Temple’s hopes were placed upon Long Xingyu. But the Knight Temple also understood that Xingyu was below Li Zhengzhi in terms of talent, but was also a lot younger in the end, therefore probably giving him no opportunity to catch up Li Zhengzhi’s cultivation in this lifetime.

But who would have thought that the Knight Temple would produce this Long Haochen? Just look at his cultivation until now. He only used ten or so years to become a Saint Knight of the eighth step. This speed of progress, added up to his talent as a Scion of Light and a god’s chosen one made his probability of surpassing this Temple Head in the future extremely great.

Facing Li Zhengzhi and seeing him sigh with sorrow, Long Haochen didn’t utter a word, only keeping his crystal clear eyes on the Temple Head of the Mage Temple.

Li Zhengzhi immediately retrieved the scroll in his hand, tidying it up, “Have a seat, we shall talk.”

Saying that, he brought Long Haochen into the hall behind him, then sat on the sofa.

Li Zhengzhi’s office was decorated simply, but gave off a feeling of sturdiness. All the furniture was made of a crow-black wood, which Long Haochen didn’t recognize. It distributed a faint fragrance, which made Long Haochen distinctly feel as if his mental force was boosted as he smelled it.

The most characteristic point in this office was the bookshelf on its wall. It probably had over ten thousand books piled up, and let out a simple and unadorned atmosphere. Furthermore, there were so many books having a spiritual nature that Long Haochen could sense which made them feel as though they were alive.

Li Zhengzhi said with a smile, “Long Haochen, you should have come to look for Lin Xin, right? Did you know that a bit over a year ago, before the Demon God Emperor initiated the Holy War, I was the first one from the Alliance to give my approval to hand you over. Do you know why?”

Long Haochen was slightly blank, and didn’t think this Mage Temple’s Head would be so direct with his words.

“That’s because the Alliance isn’t prepared for such a Holy War. There’s still a considerable gap between the demons’ forces and ours, and we need time.” Long Haochen replied indifferently, as if Li Zhengzhi wasn’t speaking about the matter of sacrificing his own life.

Li Zhengzhi declared with some surprise, “So you are one of the rare ones that saw through my thoughts. Many were thinking that I wanted to strike the Knight Temple, for the sake of winning the seat of number one from the Knight Temple. You’re right. The Alliance’s preparation is still not enough. But there’s another reason why I wanted to hand you over. Because I am not prepared yet. ”

“Huh?” When Long Haochen looked at this short and stout elder, he suddenly had a special feeling. From Li Zhengzhi could be felt an absolute self-confidence, the belief that he could certainly one day match the Demon God Emperor controlling all demons.

Li Zhengzhi was seated on the sofa, unhurriedly declaring, “That’s right, I’m still not prepared yet. For six thousand years, the Temple Alliance had been accumulating forces. Although the contradictions between the Six Great Temples were unavoidable, in front of the powerful common enemy, everyone has to unify. And what we want is to launch the counterattack against demonkind, to retrieve our lost territory, and even eradicate forever the demons from the continent. For that, an important issue has to be faced, and that’s the Demon God Emperor.

“The Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu is said to have a spiritual energy totalling a million, making him reach another realm. If the Alliance doesn’t have anyone able to beat him, what use would there even be to overpower the demons’ side? In the end, we will still hardly escape the fate of ending up as the losing side. That’s why I said that I’m not ready yet. To speak arrogantly, I have always believed, until meeting you, that I am the one with the greatest chances to take him down with myself.”

Reaching this point, Li Zhengzhi’s self confidence became even greater.

“This year, I will be sixty-seven years old. If I am given a hundred more years, maybe I will have such a chance. But if the Alliance collapses, the final ending will inevitably be tragic. Therefore, I couldn’t ruin the possibility of such a good situation just because of you. Unfortunately, the influence the Knight Temple has gained over so many years was nothing I could compare with, and in the end my proposal was rejected.

“However, now it seems that Yang Haohan and Long Tianying really were right. You are worth such an investment from the Alliance.” While saying that, Li Thenzhi suddenly sounded quite tired, but also relaxed, as if an immense burden had just been unloaded from him.

“The mages are the most sensitive to mental fluctuations. I am not amazed by your age, or your cultivation, but by your will. Your look is deep, reserved, and combative, proof of your incomparable steadiness. And your eyes are firm, not showing the slightest impatience or pride. These two characteristics added together are making me see through your future. Very good, excellent! However, the journey you will have to walk is still very long. I wish for you to accept my heavy responsibility to challenge the Demon God Emperor.

“I know that your Knight Temple has always hoped to thoroughly unite the Six Great Temples, to join forces thoroughly, display our full strength, and establish a united country which would face the Demon God Emperor. I don’t reject this proposal, but hope that the Mage Temple can lead it, while the other Temples also have their own views.

“For this reason, this suggestion has remained stranded even after so many years. If one day, you can defeat me, I will accept your Knight Temple’s proposal on behalf of the Mage Temple, while giving you the qualifications to challenge the Demon God Emperor.”

Long Haochen calmly listened to Li Zhengzhi’s speech. From beginning to end, he didn’t oppose him at all. He found out that he already had taken a liking for this Mage Temple Head. He didn’t show any reservation, and although he could sound unpleasant at times, he had clearly expressed his approval of Long Haochen’s, as well as the Alliance’s future expectations.

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