Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 534

Chapter 534: Goblin Knight (III)


After reaching the eighth step, Long Haochen was finally able to display the true power in his previous attack, finally comprehending the true essence of Condemning Revolving Sword.

Its real secret was to leave the enemy without a way out, without escape, to borrow all the surrounding force for a sure kill strike.

Dang, dang. Two crisp sounds followed, as Seere slightly drew back. But his eyes were full of shock because of finding out that although Long Haochen’s two swords were greatly powerful, the power they released was significantly different to the previous attack. In fact, the previous attack which borrowed power from Asura Strike was so powerful that it caused great damage to the channels in Seere’s two hands. He knew clearly that if he weren’t in the Demon God Transformation, the previous attack would have left him in an unthinkable state.

Becoming weaker all of a sudden? Could he have used everything he had on the previous attack? These were Seere’s thoughts.

And at this time Condemning Revolving Sword erupted.

In the midst of greatly concentrated clashing sounds, a terrible spiritual energy was unconsciously spread from the continuous clashes between the two parties. By now, there were no more lower ranked demons that dared approach their battlefield. The bitter lesson from before already taught them that this was no less than a land of death.

Seere’s rejoicing only lasted for a short while before turning into panicked shock. Horror-stricken, as Haochen was spinning at great speed, he suddenly released a powerful attractive force, which sucked in his body, making it impossible for him to escape. As a result, all he could do was to struggle with all his might.

But at every clash, he could feel that some of the strength in his spear was absorbed by the enemy’s dual swords and this would only result in an increase in the strength of Long Haochen’s next attack.

Such attacks not only depleted him without pause, but, most of all, were destroying him little by little.

How could Seere remain at ease against such a power? Although these were the demon camps, and he had his demon god pillar nearby, wasn’t he just facing Long Haochen all alone The other demon gods were chasing after the powerhouses of the Assassin Temple, so even if they were to notice the abnormality of the situation here, they would still not necessarily rush to his place in time. And moreover, this zone of the battlefield was perfectly masked by the enemy. In fact, this light looked as if it was only excluding the low levelled demons. A battle between a demon god and a Golden Foundation Armored Knight should normally be advantageous for the demon god. Therefore, the probability of the other demon gods coming to his rescue was really small, at least for the time-being.

The fluctuations of spiritual energy on Seere’s body increased along with Long Haochen’s strengthening, but only he knew how close to his limits he was nearing. If he broke through the limits, his resistance would immediately deplete suddenly, and what would follow would be the moment of his death. The winged horse now transformed into armor was certainly unable to resist these two swords of epic tier.

The Goblin Knight didn’t know how Long Haochen made his cultivation break through to the ninth step, but in comparison, the quality of their equipment was far too different.

A demon god pillar was a demon god’s greatest piece of equipment, comparable to a divine tool. But this piece of equipment was already helping Seere to break through the ninth step, in addition to having other special abilities. But how about Long Haochen? He had at least three pieces of equipment at the epic tier, without mentioning the purplish golden light on him.

However, the current Seere didn’t have the time nor the energy to focus on making such an analysis. His green spear was already full of cracks, and could now crumble at any time.

Right at this time, Seere suddenly let out a mad howl, and stopped caring about Long Haochen’s attacks, abruptly thrusting his green spear at Haochen’s revolving body. This was a strategy of mutual destruction.

But as Long Xingyu’s most ultimate secret, the true essence of which was already grasped by Long Haochen, how could it be counteracted so simply?

The revolving stance didn’t change. A green light and a red light came out fiercely from Seere’s body, attempting to cut through the dual swords, and in the midst of those killing spirals, Seere’s body was lacerated at an astonishing speed. As for his previous thrusting attack, it only streaked by Haochen’s side and didn’t hit him at all.

The Golden Foundation Armor combined with Haoyue's powerhow could that defense be weak? It was sufficient to reach a boost matching the level of a divine tool, to say nothing about the powerful might produced by Condemning Revolving Swords. The more time passed, the more this flow of power was reinforced with Spiritual Highland.. As both sides were defending against each other, Seere’s attacks were extinguished like a series of sparkles.

But would this Goblin Knight just die like that? Just think of the moment of Andromalius’ death. Just what happened to Andromalius when up against the slightly stronger Forest Boa King? He had used a totally unpredictable crafty escape plan, and the Goblin Knight was right in the exact same situation as him.

A green colored shadow appeared almost instantly, right when Seere and his spear were split to fragments. It was Seere’s shadow-form, coming out from his body in the shape of another him. That was the reincarnation allowed by his Demon God Transformation.

The reincarnation would normally rush to join the side of its demon god pillar, but Seere didn’t dare do so. That’s because the sucking power of Long Haochen’s Condemning Revolving Swords was far too enormous. He didn’t dare take such a gamble, as he would very likely not make it back that way. Therefore, he forcefully used this ability, despite the even greater damage inflicted to his core.

By now, he had turned back to his original handsome looks, only his face appearing pale, and his scarlet colored eyes far darker.

Without the least hesitation, the shadow-form separated itself from Seere to run away.

Even for a demon god, fully using an ability separating oneself from his body was not such an easy feat. This would come with an enormous consumption, and result in an inability to use Demon Godification for some time after that. And furthermore, it comes with the obligation of giving up on the equipment on the body. This increases even further the effects of depleting one’s strength.

Without using the Great Demonic Collapse Technique, it would be impossible for the user to return to his peak condition.

Back then, Long Haochen’s group managed to kill the Snake Demon God in such a state.

Seere was already really afraid. Facing Long Haochen as he wielded his Condemning Revolving Sword and in his peak condition, he didn’t have the slightest possibility to fight back. In a state where both parties were borrowing outside help to reach the ninth step, how could he compare with a god’s chosen one at the ninth step?

Seere’s fear was not only based on the strength wielded by Long Haochen, but also on the characteristic aura about him. He already discerned Haoyue’s own aura in it. In such a situation, how could he do something else than escape? As long as he managed to pass the message, the other demon gods would join hands to beat Long Haochen, and his contribution would be enough to gain the Demon God Emperor’s favor, directly giving him a place amongst the top 36 demon gods. The Demon God Emperor had his own ways to increase the strength of a demon god.

However, the Goblin Knight’s thought was based on the major premise that he would surely make it back alive, to be able to notify the other demon gods.

The instant he turned his head, the bright color of the golden barrier released by Long Haochen suddenly gained in intensity. This instant, it not only blocked one’s line of sight but also all sounds. Even if Seere were to shout, the outside world wouldn’t be able to hear him.

Ever since starting to go all out, Long Haochen had already made the preparations to adapt to any turn of situation, to avoid letting the enemy have any chance.

In Seere’s only path of escape, a pitch black shadow suddenly appeared. It had a sad and beautiful appearance, carrying along long and narrow tree leaves in the night sky, and naturally letting off an impression of desolation.

First of the seven arts of death, Death in Childhood.

Cai’er finally made a move.

As early as when Long Haochen brought Seere here, Cai’er was concealed to the side, attentively watching this battle. She was waiting for Long Haochen’s signal.

Cai’er didn’t at all expect that Long Haochen’s current strength was actually enough to really face a demon god head-on by himselfeven if this demon god was only at the peak of the eighth step.

It was not only about facing off, but Long Haochen managed to even accomplish a victorious battle. Cai’er was starting to really understand why her great-grandfather felt some jealousy towards Long Haochen. His status as Saint Knight Head was definitely well deserved. Amongst all Saint Knights of the eighth step, was there even anyone who could compare with him in this fused state?

Seere didn’t know what Long Haochen did, but Cai’er understood thoroughly. Against Seere’s full strength attack, Long Haochen obviously didn’t use an ability of spatial transportation as his cultivation was far from sufficient from that. He teleported using Haoyue.

Through Long Haochen and Haoyue’s blood contract, he was pulled to Haoyue’s world, before initiating the fusion and transporting himself to the two divine swords. The only thing that baffled Cai’er totally was Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. She knew about this divine sword, but compared to before, its power and color had undergone colossal changes, jumping unexpectedly to the epic tier.

Through observation of this battle, Cai’er deeply realized the gap in strength between her and Haochen.

Maybe she could, by relying on the seven arts of the god of death, compare to Long Haochen in burst power, but Long Haochen had many methods to escape battle. In contrast, her seven arts of the god of death came with a considerable and terrifying cost.

While Cai’er had these thoughts, she felt very blessed for the man she liked to be so strong and incomparable. Although it wouldn’t fit Cai’er’s character to have a smitten look while watching Long Haochen’s great might while fighting off the Goblin Knight, her feelings couldn’t help but be stirred.

But as the Saint Daughter of Samsara, there’s no way she would let her feelings affect her decisions on the battlefield. As Seere’s other body was swept by Condemning Revolving Swords, Cai’er knew that the time had come.

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