Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 532

Chapter 532: Goblin Knight Demon (I)


The most powerful demon god present having apparently sensed the disappearance of some breaths, reinforced his scouting power to scan through the changes in the camp. This action was naturally followed by the other demon gods.

Their move seemed confident, and immediately frightened the powerhouses from the Assassin Temple. But if the assassins had kept themselves concealed, the seven demon gods couldn’t be completely sure that someone was raiding on them. After all, examining every breath in the area of the camp was not such an easy thing to do. This way, maybe the Assassin Temple’s powerhouses could have come out with even more gains.

But unfortunately, it was too late for that. This response from the assassins confirmed the guess of the seven great demon gods, who immediately counterattacked.

Right now, they had no time to deploy the armies, as this surprise attack of the enemies was very sudden. Moreover, since they attacked so suddenly, they surely would have prepared a path of retreat beforehand.

So the seven of them didn’t even take the time to discuss, and immediately put their whole energy into searching for the enemies. As long as they were found while still in the camp, their officers and soldiers could act.

As a matter of fact, they made a very good choice. A few assassins overly pressed to return were found out just like that.

Two demon gods were chasing after the enemies, while the other five were still searching through the camp, when Seere saw Long Haochen’s figure.

There’s no way he couldn’t have noticed him as Haochen didn’t have the slightest intention to keep himself concealed: he was running away while attacking and demolishing the sections of the demon camp on his way.

The Golden Foundation Armor on Long Haochen was naturally recognized by Seere. It would be rather strange for him to not know about knights of the eighth step. But he  wondered whether this guy was not actually throwing his life away. Seere even believed the enemy to be planning to kill himself by rushing through the demon camp by himself, when even just a drop of saliva from every demon present would be enough to drown him.

But Seeres found out with shock that this human knight seemed extremely adroit at area-targeted abilities. Without much effort, he wiped out everything on his way, while retaining a very fast escape speed.

Only now did he realize that this was a very cunning human. The reason why he didn’t travel through the sky to escape ought to be his overly conspicuous golden armor, which would attract the attention from even more demon gods. He was intending to break out from here to escape to the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

You’re pretty good, but do you take me, the Goblin Knight, for an idiot? While Seere accelerated to chase after Long Haochen, he had started to prepare that last strike, a probing attack aimed at Haochen.

Long Haochen avoided it without difficulty, increasing Seeres’ assessment of him a bit. But he still didn’t believe Haochen to be able to escape. In terms of speed, the Goblin Knight had an absolute confidence in himself.

A brutal strength surged out from the green winged horse, who landed directly in Long Haochen’s path. In the meanwhile, a green flame was also starting to surge out from his demon god pillar as well as another distant one.

Although Seeres was only at the peak of the eighth step, in times of battle he could actually wield a strength reaching the ninth step in the vicinity of his demon god pillar, just like Andromalius did back then. But in strength, as the seventieth ranked, he was even more powerful than Andromalius.

Seeres made a fast slashing motion toward Long Haochen, and many green lights burst forth from his back, forming a huge green cage that enveloped Long Haochen.

From the beginning of the fight, the only weapon Long Haochen used was Rippling Light.

Seeing Seeres block him like that, Long Haochen finally revealed a faint smile.

This was the timing he was waiting for. He had been holding back all this time just for this moment. As a knight, he couldn’t go assassinate the various demon powerhouses in there, for fear of having greater odds of getting found out. And thus, why would he be hurried to step in?

During the daytime, Long Haochen had clearly examined the looks of the eight demon god pillars. He hadn’t seen many demon god pillars before, but the first time he saw one was in this Exorcist Mountain Pass! And his memories of the three demon gods that almost took Sheng Lingxin and his life were unforgettable in his mind.

The Goblin Knight Seere was, in his memories, the weakest of these three. Andromalius was already dead, so Long Haochen had decided on his next target as early as when he followed Sheng Yue outside of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Right, the Goblin Knight Seere may be a bit stronger than Andromalius, but as they were the seventieth and the seventy-second ranked, how could their gap be so important. Seere had some strength in reserve, but Long Haochen was also far stronger than at that time.

He wanted to reward the Exorcist Mountain Pass with another big gift, the demon god right before him. How could Seere know that, while taking Long Haochen for his target, he was actually the one being targeted!?

Concealed behind the Golden Foundation Armor, Long Haochen’s body turned into a transparent golden color. A complete Brilliant Body!

Confronting Seere’s attack, he simply waved Rippling Light in his right hand, and a golden halo came out, undulating around the sword.

A fantastic scene emerged: upon encountering this golden halo, Seere’s green cage collapsed instantly, just as if it had never existed.

Element Obliterating Halo.

This skill was revealed for the first time when the strength of Long Haochen’s team was assessed by Gao Yingjie. It had a single use, which was to obliterate any elemental fluctuation, and was one of the strongest abilities of a Guardian Knight of the seventh step.

The reason why it was only at the seventh step was that its effect lasted only for a short instant, and didn’t persist with time. Otherwise it would be a frightening ability on the level of a domain, and even comparable to a forbidden spell.

However, even if it only lasted one instant, this was still a game-breaking ability. Elemental Obliterating Halo was a secret technique employed by the Knight Temple, not something anyone could use. It left a very deep impression in him at the time Gao Yingjie had used it, which is why he specifically looked for it in the training cave. At the present time, as he already reached the eighth step, using it was a child’s play in his eyes.

Sweeping away Seeres’ attack, Long Haochen made his move. He understood clearly that he didn’t have much time. To kill Seeres, he could only go all out from the beginning, before the arrival of other demon gods. Otherwise, his life would be the one endangered.

But what he did now was not to attack, but he kept stimulating Rippling Light, discharging a glowing barrier all around. In this short span of time, it had swelled to a range of a hundred meters

Elemental Obliterating Halo gave Seere quite a shock, making him see Long Haochen’s strength in a new light.

This barrier didn’t have any powerful might, but to expand to such a large scale, it surely consumed quite a significant amount of spiritual energy! What’s that for? Seere was also cautious about the tiny buzzing sounds this barrier emitted. The twisted light it emitted already made it impossible to see the outside world.

To Seere, this barrier could only be aimed at disconnecting the demon god pillar from him, to prevent it from detecting Seere’s crisis. But there’s no way disconnecting a demon god from his pillar could be so easy. At least, in the history of the humans’ resistance against the demons, it had never been done while the demon god and his pillar were so close to each other.

At the time Long Haochen unleashed the barrier, Seere didn’t stay idle either. To the other seven, Allocer’s death was an important warning rather than a big loss.

The fifty-second ranked demon god didn’t even have the time to use the abilities at his disposal while he was killed right in front of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. This gave the other demon gods a considerable shock.

For this reason, Seere didn’t dare show any carelessness in front of this Saint Knight of the eighth step. Within the large Holy Mantle Long Haochen released, he picked up the green spear saddled on his horse, lifted it upwards and let out a loud shout.

Immediately, a strange scene followed. A strong green light abruptly burst out from Seere’s body and rushed out, directly causing a hole to appear on the Holy Mantle. It wasn’t shattered from that, but didn’t show a great resistance either. In the meantime, some shocking changes started to occur on the Goblin Knight Seere.

His figure used to be two meters tall, and his looks astonishingly good for a demon, but right now his looks turned nasty.

The green winged horse below him spread out its wings, and as if melting, started to cover Seere’s whole body. One could clearly see a fleshy-looking green armor form on his whole body. Even more disgusting, this green armor was actually embedded with pulsating veins.

Seere’s body was visibly much more swollen, with a pair of scarlet eyes flickering with ominous glints. On his forehead were three helix shaped horns, black colored with some green light curling up. This appearance was comparable to Andromalius in toughness, but looked a lot more evil and fierce.

This was the Demon God Transformation relying on the power of the demon god pillar, which instantly boosted Seere’s strength to the ninth step.

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