Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 531

Chapter 531: Moonless and Windy Night (III)

sad shrill scream echoed fiercely rang out, immediately alarming the whole camp.

Right at that time, several lights abruptly burst out toward different directions of the demon camp. The distance between one of them and Long Haochen’s group was no more than two hundred meters.

The attack now discovered, Long Haochen immediately understood the current situation. Although he didn’t know by which means the demon discovered the assassins, it was clear that the time had come for retreat.

As expected, those lights simultaneously launched from all over the large demon camp. Without exception, those bright rays burst out, producing ripples of light as they retreated rapidly, flowing together into ribbons of light that quietly faded into thin air, clearly becoming invisible as they began to flee towards the city.

Under Long Haochen’s attentive watch, the glint that was nearest to Cai’er and him instantly burst out with incomparable brilliance, letting out a wide expanse of grey light encompassing at least four or five camp divisions. Everywhere this grey passed, the ground seemed as if struck by meteors. Those camp divisions totally disappeared in the midst of fierce sounds of explosions. Then, the figure that was its source disappeared totally, sinking into the sky as it faded away.

Clearly, even if they were found out, the assassins were still set on making a great score before departing.

Long Haochen didn’t have the leasure to ponder about these issues, and quickly turned to transmit his voice to Cai’er, saying, “Prepare to act. In a moment you will see me move against the enemy, then, after we clash, I want you to immediately prepare to use the Sickle of the God of Death while I feign a panicked retreat to draw them in. You will be hiding yourself on my escape route. When I head to your direction for a counterattack, we will attack from both sides. Understood?”

“Understood.” Cai’er immediately replied, clearly understanding Long Haochen’s plan.

Due to that sharp shrill as well as the dozens of glints that had risen so suddenly, the whole demon camp immediately became disorderly. Countless demons were rushing out from the camp, and the ones outside were also risen up, looking for the enemies’ tracks in a frenzy.

However, finding a dozen or so people in this camp of one million was easier said than done, not to mention that these assassins were masters in the art of concealment. Looking for them was no different than looking for a needle in the sea.

In the center of the demon camp, seven demon god pillars flashed out, aiming in one direction with perfect cohesion.

This direction was between the demon camp and the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

As expected, from the direction they aimed for, several figures came out. They were visibly stunned for some time, before aiming to return in the direction of the Exorcist Mountain Pass at even greater speed.
Radiances shot out from the demon camp to chase after them from the sky. In the meantime, each of those seven demon god pillars formed an intense ray. Among the lot, two chased after the figures that had come out, and the other five were rushing toward different directions in the camp. Their bodies 
all refracted the demon god pillars. They were visibly searching for the concealed assassins.

In front of such a situation, Long Haochen couldn’t help but gasp in secret admiration. The demons were really powerful. For these seven demon gods to be able to react so rapidly in such a situation made him think, I’m afraid that in this surprise attack, the Assassin Temple will have some losses. I just hope that these losses won’t be too great.

He was originally prepared to wait for some more time, but seeing the current situation, he decided to shift his plan earlier.

Quietly standing straight, Long Haochen swept his eyes around, taking in the full situation. He abruptly soared up, bursting out with a resplendent bright light which turned into an extreme burst of brilliant light aimed to all four directions. That was Light Meteors Shower Strike.

A great expanse of bright golden light meteors fiercely struck the demon camp below. What Long Haochen sought in this blow was not the offensive strength but the area of effect. A large area in the camp was blown away by Light Meteor Shower, but as the large majority of the demons inside had already rushed out from their tents, they were able to hastily block Long Haochen’s attack.

After the launch of this attack, Long Haochen’s whole body came to a standstill, before he turned and ran away, making a mad rush without leaving the ground.

On his right hand, Rippling Light was sparkling brilliantly, continuously spraying out myriads of golden lights, as it was thrust in the midst of an area of lower levelled demons.

The demons ate quite a severe loss from Long Haochen’s actions. The ordinary ones of the fourth and fifth step were all crushed in the face of his attacks. How could they have a way to survive that? Moreover, it was reinforced by Ripples of Light.

One could see a golden figure heading through the demon camp. Everywhere it passed, golden light sprinkled out from his body. Each sprinkle took along the lives of over a dozen of the lower ranked demons every time.

Demon Wiping Flash, boosted by Ripples of Light, was enough to even totally pierce through the defenses of some demons of the sixth step.

Almost all demons that stood in Long Haochen’s way turned the next instant into heaps of blood. In front of the tyrannical golden light, no one was able to show any resistance.

Afterwards, large quantities of demons kept going after Long Haochen, but his speed was just too great. With respect to his cultivation which reached the eighth step, even keeping up with his speed of advance was not within the scope of an ordinary demon.

This slaughter could be described as being carried out extremely carefreely. Long Haochen could even feel that his contribution points were rising at a monstrous speed. Every blow awarded him with over a hundred points, and sometimes over a thousand. He also occasionally released a Light Meteors Shower Strike to reap the lives of even more soldiers.

Of course, this situation lessened when he rushed inside the Dual Bladed Demons’ areas. Ten of them were only worth one contribution point, so even killing a lot of them wouldn’t earn much.

This may be the first time someone rushed into the demon camp while conducting such a brazen slaughter, because everyone knew that after releasing such attacks, the chances of escape would become close to zero.

This was confirmed by what followed next. Of the five demon gods, the nearest one to Long Haochen was glinting with an intense green light. Confirming the direction of Long Haochen’s escape, he instantly accelerated in midair, chasing after him at a mad speed. No other demon powerhouse followed, as in their eyes, this human wouldn’t possibly be able to escape the chase of a demon god no matter what.

Long Haochen was certainly running away all this time, but he still kept attention to the movements behind him. Of course, he also noticed the increasing threat that was approaching him from behind. But, as if he didn’t know, he kept slaughtering his way through the surrounding sections of the demon camp. He took it so far that when he was reaching the Dual Bladed Camp, he suddenly made a turn and kept killing his way in the low ranked demons’ sections.

Long Haochen was absolutely sure that this charge got him at least 100,000 contribution points. Since such a good chance could come only once, he made sure to utilize it as fully as possible.

No one knew that as Long Haochen was moving his way through the demon camp, an invisible silhouette in the sky was following him all along, while paying close attention to the green figure after him.

Finally, the solid green lit demon god had chased him near enough, and from him a gaudy green ray was shot out, piercing the air to aim straight at Long Haochen.

This green ray was extremely fast, gradually looming larger in the sky. Its outside part was surprisingly burning with a black flame, just like a meteor rushing at Long Haochen.

When it seemed on the verge of hitting, Long Haochen’s figure flashed and golden flames were shot out from his back, propelling him forward at a frightening speed. His sudden rush through the camp of low leveled demons left a thin bloody swath as he cut his way through them. This mere dodge propelled him over two hundred meters forward, escaping this bombarding attack that came from above.

A large boom rang out on the ground, the intense greenish black flames enveloping an area of over three hundred meters in diameter. The demons that didn’t die yet under his hand didn’t even have the time to scream, and simply turned into ashes dissolving in the air.

The demon god from whom this attack originated also finally appeared.

It was a human shaped figure glistening in green, riding a green horse. It looked to be a handsome man over two meters tall, but both he and his horse had pairs of enchanting red colored eyes. The scene of his figure becoming alternately hidden and visible due to the surrounding green light was strange. Clad in green armor, he had a spear hung on the saddle of his winged horse.

Goblin Knight Seere, seventieth ranked of the seventy-two demon gods. He could be considered an old mate of the Blazing Lion Demon Allocer as well as the Winged Ox Demon Zagan. Obviously, they had been assigned to this area all this time, as the Demon God Emperor would naturally not assign three demon gods already familiar with this area to somewhere else. Because of their rather lower ranking, they were merely stripped of their status of commander here. But as demon gods they obviously retained very majestic positions in this camp.

The fact that the demons found out about the Assassin Temple’s raid was really mysterious. And its explanation was beyond the comprehension of the Assassin Temple’s powerhouses.

During a slaughter of a dozen or so minutes, over a thousand demons of the sixth step at least that died. Demons were also living beings, breathing creatures. When they died, their breath would also disappear.

Because the powerhouses from the Assassin Temple were approaching the camp from its outside, the missing demon breaths were mostly located on the outer part of the camp.

The seven great demon gods were always scanning the situation in the camp through their demon god pillars, even in times of cultivation or sleep.

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