Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 530

Chapter 530: Moonless and Windy Night (II) 

Large, large areas of Dual Bladed Demons came to view, calmly resting in that place. They didn’t even realize that right above their heads, formless shadows were disappearing.

Sheng Yue was now a bit perplexed by what Long Haochen was doing. Originally, he was planning to folllow Long Haochen and Cai’er during the operation, but right after he announced its start, they just went off on their own way.

As the conductor of this operation, Sheng Yue obviously couldn’t follow them in that detour. He had to be responsible for all the powerhouses of the Assassin Temple, and left without a choice but to follow the other assassins in their dispersal, headed into the demon camp.

Just like the time the Knight Temple ambushed the demon camps, the demons were not prepared at all. Although the seven demon god pillars were already losing in power, they still had great scouting abilities. In addition, with the swarm of Dual Bladed Demons placed on the outskirts, there’s no way a surprise attack would not be detected. In their eyes, humans were cowards and these human powerhouses wouldn’t lightly dare to make a bold move. With the demon god pillars nearby, these tyrants’ strength was raised by over fifty percent.

After sweeping through the Dual Bladed Demons, they came accross dispersed lower ranked demons and Demonic Wolves.

Sheng Yue believed that at this rate, they would reach the heart of the demon camp while still hidden.

This demon camp had over a million soldiers in garrison. Most of the time, their total number even approached two million. Therefore, the size of the camp was only big enough for a small proportion of the large army. At the time of the attack, the assassins all dispersed which was why they weren’t afraid of going after same targets by mistake.

This demon camp had over twenty different races in it, which were all in slumberland since long ago. In the sky a few ripples appeared, where Sheng Yue’s invisible figure shifted. At this time, his strongest areaof expertise came to view: travelling while remaining totally invisible was by no way something everyone at the ninth-rank could do.

Sheng Yue observed the situation in the camp: the demons of all twenty races were scattered about in sleep. This camp could still be regarded as large enough for the sleepers to spread out.

To an assassin, extreme prudence is a must-have during an operation, and this applies even when it is known that the enemy is much weaker. The ability of invisibility wears off immediately in case of attack, therefore it was no easy feat to dispose of enemies at the sixth step without a single sound.

In this part of the camp were gathered Demonic Wolves, but these ones were rather taller than ordinary ones, and had dark golden hairs. These were Demonic Wolves of commander class, whose strength varied between the sixth and the seventh step.

After a moment of thought, Sheng Yue’s figure flashed through, and appeared beside the outermost Demonic Wolf. His understanding of each kind of demon’s characteristics was really deep, he was thereby aware that their sense of smell was extremely good. For this reason, he paid extreme attention to not letting any trace of his smell leak out. Otherwise, even in dreamland, these Demonic Wolves of the sixth or seventh step would find out about his presence.

A thin black light flashed, causing the outermost Demonic Wolf to tremble slightly, before losing all breath.

Sheng Yue’s strike was steady, accurate and fierce. It aimed at the central nerve on its nape, and pierced straight through its entire brain. Such an injury was more than sufficient for an instant kill.

To avoid letting this Demonic Wolf make noise, at the time his dagger pierced the back of the Demonic Wolf, his spiritual energy spread out instantly, and locked him into a state of stiffness.

This whole process may sound simple, but at the time it was carried out, the spiritual energy on Sheng Yue’s dagger went through three transformations. This was known to assassins as the Tri-Transformation Sword.

Launching an attack, Sheng Yue’s figure came back into view. However, he was like a part of darkness, not only totally odorless, even the wolves eyes might not be able to distinguish him in the darkness.

The dagger was stealthily pulled away, and didn’t let a single trace of blood escape. Almost all weapons used by high level assassins would be imbued with poison, a poison called Ashes. In itself, it can’t be called a fatal poison, only, it will immediately close the enemy’s wound.

Because it is an extremely potent burning poison, it will, in case of contact with the skin, immediately produce an intense cauterization. The previous strike of Sheng Yue caused the enemy’s wound to cauterize completely, which is why there was no trace of blood leaking out. This was for the sake of keeping his assassination concealed. The flow of blood stopped totally, and for at least an hour, this Demonic Wolf won’t show any trace of blood from his seven apertures.

The Assassination Temple focused its researches on assassination, and there’s no way a legacy of several thousand years old could be simple.

After one attack ended smoothly, Sheng Yue didn’t stop at that. Using the same method, he rapidly disposed of all eight Demonic Wolves resting in this portion of the camp.

Right at this time happened a change he didn’t expect. A Demonic Wolf growled before standing up, on the verge of exiting the camp.

Was this an urge of going to pee? Sheng Yue’s expression immediately became quite grotesque. This kind of high levelled Demonic Wolves had quite acute senses: maybe the whole course of events that happened during its sleep wasn’t clear in its eyes, but if he really goes to pee, the blowing wind will surely rouse him and then, there’s no way he would not notice that something wrong happened. At least, the absence of breath from his mates couldn’t go unnoticed.

But Sheng Yue didn’t act blindly. Looking at that leaving Demonic Wolf, he swept across and disposed of the remaining three asleep Demonic Wolves, before disappearing once again in the darkness.

A short time later, the Demonic Wolf that had left a bit earlier came back. As expected, his eyes looked more focused, and at the time he was heading back to his own bed, he suddenly realized that something was wrong, unconsciously looking at the direction of his comrades. But right then, a glowing sensation spread to his brain, and his whole consciousness went black.

Sheng Yue’s eyes glinted, and in a flash of black light, he recovered the corpses of these twelve Demonic Wolf Commanders at lightspeed. This was not only for the sake of preventing news of their deaths from leaking out, but also for their high levelled magical crystals which were directly useable by magic cannons. The magic cannons of the Exorcist Mountain Pass went unfired for already one year. If they could reactivate several dozen of them, what would there be to fear from these nasty Demonic Eye Soldiers?

The same slaughter was happening all around the demon camp. Every assassin used his own assassination methods, but without exception, all remained uncaught.

Leading Cai’er along, Long Haochen didn’t enter more deeply inside the demon camp, but infiltrated the outer part of the camp. He didn’t even show the slightest intention to have Cai’er carry out any operation, just calmly observing the movement happening inside it.

The place where he and Cai’er were was around the part of camp where Dual Bladed Demons and other low levelled beasts resisted. Given their cultivation, standing there noiselessly was no challenge to them.

Although Cai’er was puzzled over the reasons for Long Haochen’s passivity, she didn’t ask in detail, and trusted him. This was not because of the relationship between the two of them, but a trust between companions, comrades in arms.

The 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad led by Haochen could be said to have made great accomplishments, and after their continuous joint operations, each of its members was already fully committed to him. The same went for Cai’er even after her amnesia: there must be a reason for him to be lying low like that.

Stealthily scanning the whole surroundings, Long Haochen spread out his mental energy to the greatest extent. Besides the area of influence of the few demon god pillars, he tried his utmost to spread it as far as possible.

He became gradually filled with admiration. In his senses, not a single one of the assassins participating to this operation appeared. In other words, even his mental force wasn’t able to perceive their location.

Although the military camp covered quite large area, Long Haochen’s mental force was quite considerable, so within his scope of detection, there must have been at least some assassin performing his duty. The fact he didn’t detect any was ample proof of their ability.

Long Haochen was not worried in the slightest. The more time passed, the greater the assassins’ accomplishments would grow. This was a really good thing! The best would be for the situation to last for a while. Given the assassins’ strength, even if they only swept a division of the camp every minute, this would mean the death of hundreds demons per minutes.

Keep it up! Long Haochen was cheering for them inwardly, but didn’t show any intention to join their operation, and didn’t even let Cai’er participate. All he did was to occasionally raise his head and look into the direction of the distant demon god pillars, their faint black color glinting.

Time passed minute after minute and second after second. The demons were totally unaware, as a slaughter took place in the whole demon camp.

The breathing sounds diminished in one camp after another, and formless figures came out, sinking deeper inside.

In a blink of an eye, more than ten minutes passed. Long Haochen’s fists were clenched tightly since long ago, and he was clearly filled with great excitement. In only ten or so minutes, the contribution made by their operation was already extremely great. After all their goals weren’t the average demons.

Right at this time the central of the seven demon god pillars shone greatly, and next, the other six demon god pillars lit up brilliantly.

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