Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 527

Chapter 527: To embrace Cai’er (II)

But at this very time, she actually threw herself in the embrace of this knight. Could his charm be irresistible even to the Saint Daughter of Samsara? This just couldn’t be!

But these elders had many years of extensive experience and clearly saw Sheng Yue’s shocked expression change into a gratified smile. Since the head found that normal, then it could only be so. So they might as well stop thinking further on the issue. Since the other party gave such a great help to the Assassin Temple, they couldn’t go up to retrieve Cai’er.

The Golden Foundation Armor didn’t block the sensation of Cai’er’s soft embrace. Unlike when activating the previous forbidden spell or even assisting Sheng Yue in killing Allocer, the Saint Knight Head’s hands trembled violently.

“Cai’er, Cai’er!” Long Haochen gently called out her name, his voice still shaking. His emotions became so unstable that the orange glints on his armor started to undulate irregularly.

Cough, cough… Sheng Yue coughed, “Saint Knight Head, you have just used a forbidden spell. Maybe you should take a rest in our Assassin Temple.” This was a reminder for this couple of youngsters that this was the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ City, center of a large crowd’s attention.

Actually, the most shocked spectator was situated on the second layer of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Sheng Lingxin’s eyes opened so wide they nearly split. Seeing his daughter rush into a man’s arms, he almost fell from the second layer.

He absolutely didn’t believe that person to be Long Haochen. In his heart, Long Haochen was already his son-in-law. But he subconsciously believed that a Golden Foundation Knight would at the very least be fifty years old. What was wrong with Cai’er? Could she have fallen for the hero?

But as the military chief of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, what else could he do than stare at that? By chance, Cai’er’s mother Lan Yanyu was still resting at home due to some injuries, or both husband and wife would be witness to such an embarrassment...

Sheng Lingxin secretly thought: Cai’er, oh Cai’er… You can’t have a change of affection like that! Otherwise, how do you want me to justify myself to Brother Long, to Haochen? But seeing such a strong Provisional Saint Knight Head, how come he hadn’t heard of him before?

Did Cai’er and Long Haochen separate after hearing Sheng Yue’s warning? The answer was negative, and Sheng Yue and the other heroic assassins did not know whether to laugh or cry from what followed, seeing Cai’er’s body disappear.

Invisibility! That powerful assassin ability was being used to further the affection between a man and a woman...

Cai’er’s body seemed to have faded away, but the tactile sensation was still present. Long Haochen was unwilling to part with her and kept embracing her, under the escort of the heroic assassins. And under the fanatical watch of the soldiers, Long Haochen rode Star King to head down toward Exorcist City.

Assassin Temple.

“So it’s really you, brat.” When Sheng Yue saw Long Haochen after his helmet was taken off, he still had difficulty believing his eyes.

This private room was used in ordinary times for Sheng Yue to cultivate, so naturally, no one else would come here to disturb them. After their return to the Assassin Temple. Sheng Yue had directly brought Long Haochen and Cai’er back to this personal room of his.

Now, Cai’er was still clinging to Long Haochen’s side. After a year and a half of separation, she had become incomparably unable to part with him. Although she still was missing her memories, she had already regained her feelings for him.

Long Haochen wanted to kneel down to make his own salutations to Sheng Yue. In his capacity as Cai’er’s lover, Haochen needed to pay homage to Sheng Yue and her elder relatives. Outside, he was representing the Knight Temple, but in this private room, he was only standing for himself.

“Enough, you are already Saint Knight Head, no need for such formalities.

“How did you cultivate to this level? It can’t be that Yang Haohan and Long Tianying gave you some cultivation drugs with bad repercussions, but how else could you have cultivated so fast?”

At the sight of Long Haochen, even the severe Sheng Yue couldn’t help but exclaim violently in admiration. That youngster was still below twenty, but already became a real knight of the eighth step. No wonder the Demon God Emperor would use him as an excuse to trigger this Holy War. Even if he didn’t have the ability of destroying demon god pillars, his speed of growth would unavoidably make him a cornerstone of the future resistance against demons.

Long Haochen replied respectfully, “Great-grandfather, I have been in deep cultivation for a long period of time, then spent half a year to cultivate techniques.”

Sheng Yue gave Cai’er a helpless look, “It looks like you are still no match for him. He seems much more hardworking than you. The boredom of deep cultivation isn’t something just anyone can bear. Youngster, you can’t have been deep cultivating for a year non-stop, haha?”

This heroic senior then started to laugh at his own joke, before stopping suddenly after seeing Long Haochen nod earnestly.

“What? So you really went deep cultivating for a year? You...” Sheng Yue’s wrinkles were twitching, “Let it be, you two have a good chat. I won’t bother you two any longer.” He waved his hands and stepped across, disappearing directly from the room.

Cai’er let out a laugh, “Great-grandfather, you’re so jealous.”

At the sight of the smile on her face, Long Haochen’s eyes flashed with a faint trace of disappointment. He knew Cai’er just too well, and right for that reason, he determined from her facial expression that her memories weren’t recovered at all, and that Cai’er was still amnesic.

Cai’er immediately discovered his change in mood, and lowered her head slightly, “I am sorry, I just...”

She was not left the time to finish the sentence, interrupted by a sudden hug by Long Haochen, who interrupted with a gentle tone of voice, “No, I should be the sorry one. I did not protect you well. No matter what, seeing you again is really good.”

Cai’er drew herself closely towards him, with a soft voice, “I don’t know what my feelings were when I used to love you before that, but I am certain that I am still in love with you. That day, when you left, I felt like I had lost something important. Now that we finally reunited, I will go wherever you go. I will definitely convince great-grandfather, I don’t want to have to look at your departing figure again.”

Long Haochen fondled her hair gently, “Be at ease. This time, I am not only taking you with me, but we will also gather with the others, to reform our 64th commander-grade Demon Hunt Squad.”

Cai’er lifted up her head, surprised, “You have the permission of the Alliance?”

“I would say I have it. However, we will have to make enough contributions in every defensive fort. I think it should be enough for the Exorcist Mountain Pass. If not, we will have to remain for longer.

“It is surely not enough.” Right at this time, shadows flashed , and Sheng Yue reappeared.

Seeing him, Cai’er hurriedly let go of her embrace, and looked flushed, “Great-grandfather, how come you are back?” The instant they had just reunited was long past, so how could she not feel embarrassed?

Sheng Yue looked furious, “What’s wrong if I am back!? When I just left, I was thinking, what if after letting the two of you share a room, and meet again after a long time of separation, something were to happen due to the excitement? What’s wrong with me wanting to be the first to hold my great-great-grandson? But this won’t do. Sheng Yue’s great-granddaughter needs to be officially wed before bearing a child.”

“Great-grandfather, what are you speaking about?” Cai’er’s face became red like an apple, and appeared at Sheng Yue’s side with a flash, grabbing on his beard to pull it.

“Be a good girl, don’t pull, I only have this much beard. Your great-grandfather needs to keep some of his image in front of others. Fool, I am doing this for your good! Aren’t you afraid of being taken advantage of?”

This time, Long Haochen was astonished. Apart from himself, this was the first time he saw Cai’er so close to someone else. Although that was her own great-grandfather, he still clearly remembered about her repulsion toward him before her loss of memories.

Seeing that mark of affection between the two relatives, Long Haochen suddenly realized that he had been just too selfish. Wasn’t the current Cai’er very good as is? At least, she wasn’t as closed as before and a lot more affectionate.

Then he couldn’t help but display a knowing smile. Right! If I love her, I should think for her well-being, and not only think of myself.

Because the barrier formed by Cai’er’s amnesia finally started to melt inside him, he kept standing silently with a large smile.

“Brat, what are you smiling about? Let me tell you that you’d better not think of leaving before you stay for three months. I have already received the letter from that fellow Long Tianying. You cannot think of going back before amassing a million contribution points. Let me record your current count of contribution points.”

At the sight of Sheng Yue’s astute look, Long Haochen immediately showed a pained face, “Great-Grandfather, you can’t be serious! Three months is too long.”

Sheng Yue snorted, “Long? I think that it is rather short. If you can get a million contribution points in three months time, I will recognize your ability.”

Long Haochen became helpless, “But, Great-Grandpa, you are being unfair. You have promised to give me your help. Was there any sincerity in your words?”

Sheng Yue seemed full of complacency, “Right, I gave you my promise. But do you plan on using this promise on such a thing? Don’t think I don’t know what Long Tianying and Yang Haohan are planning. If you use the promise now, you won’t be able to use it again. Give it some good thought.”

“I...” Long Haochen cursed silently, but was helpless in such a situation.

Sheng Yue snorted, “Do you want to describe me as cunning?”

Long Haochen shook his head with a forced smiled, “How would I dare!? You are an elder, and all I want to say is that I trust your experience. You are really strong. But even if I don’t use the promise, you cannot be shameless on the contribution points you owe me. Today, no matter what you may say, I could be considered to have earned half of the contribution for Allocer’s kill. The Blazing Lion Demon God is at the ninth step and should be worth at least 500,000 contribution points, or even more. I want to claim half of it. Also, putting the corpse aside, the Blazing Lion Demon God’s Demon God Crown should be worth over 300,000 points. If I am not mistaken, a bit ago you wanted to send it to me.”

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