Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 493

Chapter 493: Divine Throne of Order and Law (III)

Long Haochen said, “Both Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light and the Aria of the Goddess of Light seem somewhat unwilling to go through the Eternal Melody, but I cannot really leave them here either. ”

Yating replied with a smile on her face, “After they start absorbing the meteorite, are you sure they are going to keep this mindset of not wanting to go through the Eternal Melody?

“And who said they needed to accept the Eternal Melody? Does it have nurturing abilities for them?"

Long Haochen had a start. Right! The meteorite has some metallic components, that may block off the two divine swords’ apprehension  towards the Eternal Melody. At worst, if it came down to them still being unwilling to enter, he could just ask for the help of Grandpa Yang to store them temporarily in the treasury of the Knight Temple. Anyway, no one other than him would be able to use them.

After going through this meditation, his cultivation was completely recovered. With a flash of light, Yating held up Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Rain, and placed it in front of Long Haochen.

This sword that had gone through many evolutions to become stronger and stronger accumulated light essence which kept pouring inside. Golden and blue lights rose up simultaneously from it, achieving the Holy Sword state almost instantly

With light, crisp, sounds, Ripples of Light activated, and Long Haochen gradually approached the Transparent Sword state, concentrating sword intent. In the meanwhile, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light started to let out a pure white color.

Pem The divine sword thrusted in a flash. Although hard, this meteorite was after all merely an object. In front of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy which attained the eighth step, as well as Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s sharpness, it split instantly.

As if following a set pattern, the Aria of the Goddess of Light thrust from the other side of the meteorite. From the two swords in his hands, Long Haochen felt some silent changes occurring.

These two swords seemed to emit heat, though Long Haochen was unable to sense the other phenomena happening at this time.

“Be at ease, master. My senses couldn’t have fooled me.” As Yating said that, she spread out her arms, forming a hugging posture. The six pairs of wings on her back lit up, letting out soft white light, which enveloped the meteorite. One could faintly see the shape of a huge stove appearing on Yating’s back.

With a flash, the meteorite disappeared in the midst of the white light she emitted.

Yating’s face looked pale, “Master, I will be unable to assist you for a period of time. I will devote myself to using the nurturing abilities the Saint Spiritual Stove brought me to stimulate the absorption of the meteorite by the two swords.”

After saying that, she turned into a golden light that disappeared inside Long Haochen’s body.

The next morning.

Long Haochen woke up early in the morning to sit in front of Yang Haohan’s office, on the highest seat of all the Knight Temple’s headquarters. Today he was clad in white attire, his golden hair draping over his shoulder. His clothing could hardly be more plain, but just by standing here, Long Haochen seemed to let out a kind of presence that was exclusive to him, attracting much attention.


No matter who it was, anyone who saw his limpid eyes devoid of impurity, or sensed the pure fluctuation of light surrounding his body, would unconsciously pay attention to him.

The reason why Long Haochen came so early in the morning was not because he was itching to obtain his Gold Essence Foundation Armor, but rather because he couldn’t wait to start amassing the ten million contribution points. That was an amount of ten million points! Who knew how many demons would have to become an offering in his hands before reaching this count? And what’s more, this would take a lot of time. To join his partners, join Cai'er, as soon as possible, he had to complete this mission in the fastest possible manner.

Yang Haohan didn’t let Long Haochen wait for too long. Compared to before, the demon offensive had weakened quite significantly, but as the chief of the Knight Temple, the responsibilities he had were just too many.

In this Holy War, Yang Haohan and Long Tianying divided their work very explicitly. Yang Haohan was in charge for the management and mobilization of the troops while Long Tianying was only responsible for leading the powerhouses fighting in the front.

If Long Xingyu was present, he would be more suited for this task considering his status as a Retribution Knight, but unfortunately, the only Retribution Knight among these three Divine Knights disappeared, and needed someone else to take over his duty. Long Tianying took up this responsibility, since, after all, Yang Haohan was the head of the Temple Alliance as well, and had many other matters to handle.


“So early in the morning?” Yang Haohan noticed Long Haochen, waiting in front of his doorn and couldn’t help but reveal a smile, “Follow me.” Pushing the door open, he entered his office.

After bowing to give Yang Haohan his respects, Long Haochen followed him inside.

Yang Hoahan pointed at a nearby sofa, hinting that Long Haochen should sit down.

Long Haochen shook his head, “Grandpa Yang, I can remain standing. Please check my contribution points, I want to start the next mission. ”

Yang Haohan let out a laugh, “You are in such a hurry. Haochen, are you blaming your grandfather deep inside?”

Long Haochen was startled by this question, and remained silent. Actually, deep inside, he didn’t know whether he actually blamed him. Only, he seemed unable to have any family affection toward this grandfather. After all, he was not the same as when he first met Long Xingyu.

At the time he met his father, he was still young, still below ten years old. In fact, it could be said that Long Xingyu appeared at the most important time of his youth, and gave his all to instruct and accompany him for no less than two years. This gave birth to the affection and acknowledgement he had for his father.

But Long Tianying was completely different. When Long Haochen met his grandfather, he had already risked his life against the demons for many years. Who knew how many trials and how many life or death situations he had already encountered. And for all this time, where was his grandfather? During his youth, he hadn’t met him even once. Just as Long Tianying said, that was in no way a qualified grandfather. Although Long Haochen didn’t express blame towards him, making him have dear feelings of family love wouldn’t be so easy.

Yang Haohan sighed at this sight, “This is all the war’s fault! Young man, don’t blame your grandfather. Actually, he did it all in spite of himself. You may not know about it, but the relationship between your father and your grandfather is no good either, and that’s because of the rules of your Long family. The ancestors from your Long family pledged that until the day of the demons’ extinction, the younger generation won’t be given any help. Neither your grandfather or your father was able to change that fact. Put yourself in his shoes; as one of the three Divine Knights of the Knight Temple, can you imagine the responsibilities your grandfather has to shoulder? Your father only became a Divine Knight ten or so years ago, but before that, it was only the two of us. Given how much of my time I have to devote to the Alliance, your grandfather can be said to have been given the entire control of our Knight Temple’s headquarters. Here, your grandfather has even more prestige than I do. As a Divine Knight, there are just too many duties. He simply couldn’t take care of his own family. Before, after your grandmother died in this Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, he returned to the city after just one day of mourning beside her coffin. From that time on, I have never seen a smile on the face of your grandfather.”

“As a man, not showing one’s emotions doesn’t mean one is devoid of sentiments. Your grandfather also has it rough. I know that accepting him so suddenly is very hard to you, but I hope you can understand him. Your grandfather devoted his whole life to our Knight Temple: he is a true hero, and as a hero, what he sacrificed went beyond an ordinary person’s imagination. You should be proud of having such a grandfather, rather than blaming him, you understand?”


Long Haochen silently listened to Yang Haohan’s words, and silently nodded in response, “Grandpa Yang, I understand everything you said, and so, I don’t blame my grandfather at all. It’s just that his appearance was too sudden. My father had never even told me about the existence of this grandfather. I need time, can you give me some time?”

Yang Haohan replied with a smile on his face, “That’s only natural. It’s alright as long as you don’t feel blameful towards him deep inside: this is a matter between the two of you. When you join the battlefield, your grandfather will be your immediate superior and you will rapidly come to understand what kind of exceptional hero he is. With him in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, even the Demon God of Death Saminaga won’t dare rashly launch an offense.”

Long Haochen asked, “Grandpa Yang, please record the count of my contribution points.” Saying that, he extended his arms, revealing the contribution tile on it.

Yang Haohan nodded and took out the small device, but when he saw the amount, he couldn’t help but let out a gasp.

The count of Long Haochen’s contribution points had reached seven digits.

It was over one million!

(just an inside joke)

“How do you have so many contribution points?” Yang Haohan was shocked.

Long Haochen let out a smile, “Don’t forget that I killed Andromalius! And the demons killed by Haoyue and Yating are all counted too. I have a suggestion. As the first Demon Hunter to have destroyed a demon god pillar, I request a formal reward from the Alliance. A few million contribution points should be nothing much in your eyes. The best would be to count them towards the ten million I need.”

Yang Hoahan vexedly replied, “Little brat, are you trying to extort me?”

Long Haochen replied, “Grandfather Yang, this is no extortion.”

Seeing the miserable look on his face, Yang Haohan shook his head helplessly, “The Alliance has discussed this long ago. Your feat of having destroyed one demon god pillar was a great service for the Alliance, but there is no contribution points for that."

“Eh? But why!?” Long Haochen replied in shock.

Yang Haohan smiled to him, “If you really want contribution points, it’s alright, I can give you two or three million of them. Of course, they won’t count towards your mission of gathering ten million points. However, in this case, you can forget about the reward the Alliance had originally planned to bestow on you.”

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