Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 492

Chapter 492: Divine Throne of Order and Law (II)

As Long Haochen surveyed the ruined surroundings, Yang Haohan let out a helpless sigh, “I will be arranging people to put everything back in order.”

“Grandpa Yang, goodbye, Grand…father, good bye.” Long Haochen performed a knight’s salute before turning around and leaving.

Seeing his unsteady steps, Long Tianying slowly closed his eyes, his breathing visibly perturbed.

“Old fellow, you have to give him some time. It’s already hard enough for him to accept this calmly.” Yang Haohan spoke regretfully.

Long Tianying let out a sigh, “You don’t understand. He’s the same as his father. The more he remains silent about a matter, the more it means he’s concerned. This grandson is quite a difficult one.”

After Long Haochen returned to his room, he immediately entered into a meditative state. After learning about the existence of a grandfather of his in this world, he was affected a lot more emotionally than he appeared to be. This long time of meditation came to make him realize the importance of keeping his heart pure. Therefore, he had to go through cultivation, to return to a state of tranquility and stability through the baptism of the light essence.

Very rapidly, he became soaked in an ocean of light, while processing his experience from the previous battle and his shortcomings. This was the first time he faced a powerhouse of the ninth step in straight battle. Although Long Tianying didn’t use his full force from beginning to end, this battle affected Long Haochen greatly.

Gradually, five round lights began to light up on Long Haochen’s upper body, his eyebrows, chest, underbelly and both shoulders.

By the process of continuously studying knight abilities, he finally broke through the barrier of the eighth step. From the seventh step to the eighth step, one would need to keep circulating and utilizing spiritual energy to eventually break through, and every spiritual cavity gained implied that he would be able to wield ten thousand more spiritual energy. Gaining even more spiritual cavities is however not so simple a task. Each opening requires chance, comprehension, understanding of one’s own body and a high luck factor.

Therefore, the way from the eighth step to the ninth could be described as a continuous process of breakthroughs. That’s why the number of powerhouses of the eighth step is far more than the number of powerhouses of the ninth step.

And to make the final breakthrough to produce the ninth spiritual cavity is unimaginably hard. This aspect is also what makes the breakthrough from the eighth to the ninth step the most difficult.

Therefore, most of the powerhouses at the peak of the eighth step, including knights, would stop at the peak of the eighth step, and not cross the threshold of 100,000. Only when one manages to obtain this tenth spiritual cavity after breaking through the 90,000, would he be determined to achieve the breakthrough to the ninth step.

By means of his high comprehension, Long Haochen finally succeeded in making his breakthrough; and as he produced two spiritual cavities at once yet again, his cultivating speed was significantly raised like before. As he faintly came to gain some profound comprehension along with his breakthrough, his understanding becoming even deeper.

His pure inner-self enabled his body to be entirely focused on the surrounding light essence. He found out at this time that as the number of his spiritual cavities kept increasing, they seemed to rise higher inside his body.

Chest, eyebrows and abdomen. These three core cavities are positions any human powerhouse has to use as the foundations for cultivation. As for the other spiritual cavities, although they serve as points of linkage between the blood vessels, it’s only after breaking through the eighth step from the seventh step that their effect greatly impacts the later cultivation. More than any other, the most important step could be said to be the construction of this foundation, followed by its development. Only afterwards can more spiritual cavities get nurtured, without running into a dead end.

Long Haochen was on the highway to comprehending these pivotal concepts. The backbone and eyebrows are connected to the head, and the abdomen and stomach are connected to the trunk. The following ones would be those associated to the limbs. The main parts of the body can indeed be summarized as the head, the trunk and the four limbs. Therefore, Long Haochen chose without hesitation to establish his newest spiritual cavities on his shoulders, eventually succeeding.

As if proving the accuracy of his judgement, right after he established the spiritual cavities on his shoulders, the appearance of these two spiritual cavities caused a change in the quality of his spiritual energy, as well as the quantity that could be released at once. The benefits as a god’s chosen one were starting to become more and more distinct. For instance, an ability such as Lightspeed Flash was supposed to require a time of accumulation and preparation for normal knights of the eighth step. But he was able to make that inherent delay a mere abstraction by the means of his affinity to light. That’s the gap between them! And such a gap is the reason why he dared challenge a Pure Gold Foundation Knight.

Right now, Long Haochen’s focus wasn’t on his comprehension, but on the final transformation that occurred during the trial that just set him against his grandfather Long Tianying.

While entering the epic realm, Blue Rain Hibiscus of Light and the Aria of the Goddess of Light seemed to start beginning a fusion. And from Blue Rain, Long Haochen felt an extremely destructive aura.


The Aria of the Goddess of Light was filled with pure light, while after reaching the Epic Tier, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light gained a life attribute. Could the fusion of light and life produce destructive effects? No, it would definitely not.

Although back then the force released by the burst of the dark blue light was incomparably terrifying, and incredibly destructive, Long Haochen vaguely sensed that it should be another energy besides a purely destructive one.

But the fusion process was far from complete, and had ended much too soon;therefore, it didn’t leave much detail in his memories. Long Haochen was actually unable to ascertain whether, if he was given another opportunity of such degree, he would be able to wield such a strength a second time. At the same time, he faintly perceived that if he could get hold of this ability, maybe it could give birth to an existence of an even higher level.

The most profound memory in Long Haochen’s mind was that last instant when Blue Rain Hibiscus of Light trembled as the Aria of the Goddess of Light let out light cries. In other words, in the end Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light seemed to be somewhat inferior compared to the Aria of the Goddess of Light in power, and would need more evolutions to fuse them together properly. However, he faintly sensed that in material and properties, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was already close to the limit of its development. Completing this process would not be easy.

Slowly opening his eyes, Long Haochen was surprised to discover that the sky outside was already black. Given how the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was built in a mountain, rooms with a view of the external world were scarce. Long Haochen did indeed seem to be subject to preferential treatment.

“Yating.” Long Haochen called out lightly.

With a glint of golden light, Yating appeared in front of Long Haochen. Seeing her delicate arm and thigh, Long Haochen felt helpless. Yating’s clothing was totally self-generated. But fortunately, he got used to the sight of her, and moreover, Cai’er was already fully occupying his heart.

“Master.” Yating replied in a gentle voice.

Long Haochen replied, “You should have felt that in the previous battle, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light seemed unable to bear the power of the Epic Tier.”

Although through our God’s Descent Technique it barely reached the Epic Tier, it seemed to lack something. Even the Aria of the Goddess of Light seemed to be lacking something as well. Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light could be said to have been nurtured in your body all the time, so your sense should be greater than mine with regard to it. Can you think of a way to make it continue its evolution?”

Yating revealed a sweet smile, “There’s a way.”

“Oh?” Long Haochen gave her a startled look. He originally only wanted to try getting some information from Yating, so he didn’t expect her to directly show him a confident smile.

“Master, you are forgetting that meteorite obtained from the Warrior Temple. What Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light lacked to continue evolving was material. Its quality is insufficient to reach the next level of fusion with our light element. This is why it turned out unable to keep evolving further, and it’s about the same for the Aria of the Goddess of Light. It’s just that Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light doesn’t have a natural sword intent to make its material reach a higher grade. For now, I can act as a soul for these two swords, but not both at the same time.

Only one can be chosen. As master’s and my own cultivation progress, these two swords are close to being unable to bear the power of my Sword Soul. The reason why I didn’t undergo complete fusion today was that I wanted to avoid destroying them. That meteorite is made of extraordinary materials, and if it is smelted to enhance these two swords, it will be able to strengthen them greatly. In addition, as long as you keep using them, they will definitely evolve sometime later. Not even transformation into divine artifacts is unthinkable.”

Right! The meteorite! Hearing Yating mention it, Long Haochen’s eyes lit up again. He had indeed completely forgotten about it, and had left it inside the Eternal Melody.

“Then… how can I smelt that meteorite? Should I look for a blacksmith’s help?” Long Haochen asked.

Yating shook her head, “With the current quality of these two swords, I’m afraid that human strength won’t be able to alter them. But actually, smelting it is very easy. All that is needed is time. These swords are both blessed with spirituality: you just have to stick them onto the meteorite, and they will proceed with the smelting on their own. It’s a very simple process.”

Hearing her words, Long Haochen naturally became overjoyed. It was originally included in his agreement with Yang Haohan that he wouldn’t use these two divine swords. Since things were this way, this period of time was the best occasion to smelt them with the meteorite.

With these thoughts, he took the meteorite out from Eternal Melody.

This meteoric rock was of considerable size, and was about a third of the gigantic meteorite Long Haochen cut down back in the Warrior Temple.

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