Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 491

Chapter 491: Divine Throne of Order and Law (I)

Right at this time, a bizarre golden light suddenly lit upon that tall knight. Affected by the sense of his lofty presence, Long Haochen was totally unable to resist the burst of power coming out from the other knight. This burst of power directly caused all the surrounding spiritual energy to vanish, including the Cross-Shaped Strike he was in the midst of preparing. 

Immediately, Long Haochen sensed a rich blue light rocketing.


In the midst of an immense explosion, the whole Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass trembled, and everyone present gazed in their direction.

This terrible explosion was preceded by the rise of a dark blue light, which soared to the skies. Extremely destructive fluctuations of spiritual energy filled the sight of all spectators.

Immediately, an immense gold-blue radiance broke into the sky, crushing that dark blue light into pieces. That gold-blue radiance remained floating in midair, immediately filling the air with dense light essence.

At the sight of this gold-blue radiance, the warriors from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass all cheered in excitement. This was because that gold-blue radiance was coming out from a gigantic throne.

That throne was over thirty meters high, gold colored, and embedded with countless magnificent sapphires. Among these sapphires, some were deep, some shallow, some transparent, others deep in color. But all, without exception, seemed to let out auras of order and discipline. The shape of a blue quarter moon could be seen atop this throne, and circles of blue radiances spread outwards from it. The radiant fluctuations of spiritual energy spreading out from it seemed to give all spectators an urge to bow down in front of it.

Yes, that was the Divine Throne of Order and Law, one of the six Divine Throne in the hands of the Knight Temple.

The training stadium and the surrounding area atop the Knight Temple were both reduced to ruins, but no trace of smoke or vapor seemed to rise in the air. The area had merely been sliced to pieces. 

The tall knight was standing on the same area as before, the mask on his face already shattered. Putting on a resolute expression, his forehead was filled with small wounds. Without paying careful attention, one wouldn’t notice, but these wounds were slowly healing.

This tall knight was no one else but the Divine Knight of Order and Law, Divine Knight of Control and Restraint Long Tianying.

At that time, his eyes were fixed on the orange glint in the midst of the ruins as the corners of his mouth were twitching.

With a flash of bright light, Yang Haohan appeared beside Long Tianying, with a somewhat strange smile on his face, “How was it, Old Long!?”

Long Tianying unhappily replied, “It’s not as if you didn’t see it all. What’s your say on the matter?”

Yang Haohan replied, “This young boy actually has three pieces of Epic Tier equipment in his possession, what is there for me to say? Still, it’s fortunate that he didn’t end up victorious against you. Quickly go away, otherwise I won’t be able to fool him any longer.”

Long Tianying shook his head, “I am the Divine Knight of Order and Law, don’t tell me you want someone of my rank to practice fraud? We could decide his path in his stead, but this would not necessarily be something good for him. Strictly speaking, he is already qualified to wield an Epic Tier Gold Essence Foundation Armor. If not for the fact that I borrowed the force from the Divine Throne to use it in the air, I’m afraid that at least half of our Knight Temple would have ended up destroyed. But even so, his sword intent broke through my defense and managed to wound me. If a Pure Gold Foundation Knight was here in my stead, the final result would have likely been both sides ending up wounded.”

Yang Haohan looked down, “Are you saying that we should consider it to be that he passed?”

Long Tianying nodded, “Rather than us granting it, it is by the means of his own strength that he passed.” At that point, the dignified Divine Knight had a smiling face.

“Old Yang, tell me, isn’t our Long family, by having three Divine Knights, setting a new historical record?”

Yang Haohan rolled his eyes, “Are you provoking me on purpose? Besides, this kid isn’t a Divine Knight yet.”

Long Tianying replied with a laugh, “Isn’t it just a matter of time...”

Pop In the distance, the orange glow of light dimmed down, and at the same time Long Haochen appeared, covered in dirt.

The aftermath of the destructive clash gave rise to the ruins, but the great defense of the Divine Sun Shield of Sun and Moon was enough to defend him almost entirely.

Although due to the debilitating state that followed the use of the God’s Descent Technique, he was now in extreme pain and unable to exert the slightest bit of strength.

A soft golden pillar of light appeared out of nowhere, landing on Long Haochen’s body. In the midst of it, six golden angels slowly descended, gathering around his body.

Immediately, Long Haochen was cleansed by a warm flow of spiritual energy. Be it the tiredness of his body or the hollowness of his spiritual energy, both issues disappeared at a frightening speed.

Angels’ Embrace, Guardian Knight skill of the ninth step, had a great healing and recovery ability. Even if one only has bones left, as long as a breath remains, this skill can preserve his life. That was to say nothing about Long Haochen who was merely in a state of exhaustion.

The golden blue radiance disseminated in the sky, then blended inside Long Tianying’s body.

If Long Haochen was unable to call out the identity of this old man standing beside Yang Haohan at this moment, he wouldn’t be fit to be a knight. He knelt to the ground, “Long Haochen greets senior Divine Knight.”

Long Tianying unhappily responded, “Kneel on your two knees and then knock your head on the ground a few times.”

“Eh?” Long Haochen had a start. Long Tianying and Yang Haohan were already right in front of him.

Long Tianying feigned anger, “What? Are you unwilling? Little brat, I am your grandfather. Without this old man, would you have been born?”

“Grandfather?” Long Haochen looked astonished. He originally had some questions regarding the reason why the target for his Gold Foundation Armor trial would be a Divine Knight, one of the three almighty existences of the Knight Temple. But now, this old Divine Knight was telling him that he’s his grandfather. This made Long Haochen indeed confused for one moment.

Long Tianying had a dim look on his face, and didn’t keep pressing Long Haochen to keep kowtowing. Supporting him with both his hands, he laughed at himself as he continued, “Yes! And I am the most irresponsible grandfather of this world.”

Appearing to be at a loss, Long Haochen looked to the nearby Yang Haohan.

Yang Haohan nodded to him, “Indeed, he is your grandfather Long Tianying, the other Divine Knight of our Knight Temple. Your family has some rules saying that the descendents have to rely on their own ability. It was the same for your father as it is for you. And it looks as though your Long family is really about to have three Divine Knights.”

“Grandfather.” Long Haochen was in a strange mood, as his gaze at Long Tianying gained increasingly in warmth. For some reason, he felt his nose itch.

So he actually had another relative, not just his father, but even a grandfather as well.

“Grandfather!” Long Haochen drew back before kneeling again on the ground, thrice knocking his head on the ground out of respect.

Long Tianying had a complex look, as he once again lent his arm to support Long Haochen, “If only the demons didn’t exist. Without them, this old man would have just gotten rid of these freaking family rules. So what what if we were to spoil the descendants from our Long family a bit. But this cannot be done now. Talent comes with responsibility and duty. Kid, take your respects back. Your grandfather can hardly accept them. I have never given you anything, and this unqualified grandfather cannot even do anything to help your future path.”

Long Haochen lowered his head, and remained silent. As it is said, blood is thicker than water, which was the reason why he kowtowed in front of Long Tianying. But could he really say that he had no complaints at all?

Before his father found them, what kind of life had his mother and him used to have? What was their pain? Even now, all the abilities he acquired were obtained through his own strength. Grandfather,’ this word was simply unfamiliar to him. There was no hatred, but in the same way, there couldn’t be said to be familial love for him. 

Yang Haohan put his hand on Long Tianying’s shoulder, shaking his head at him, “Okay, let’s set this matter aside. Haochen, your grandfather acted as your test opponent for the sake of testing your strength. After some discussion, we came to agree that you passed the test.”

Long Haochen had a start, and suddenly lifted up his head, “But I lost!”

Yang Haohan let out a slight laugh, “Is it a shameful thing to lose in front of a Divine Knight? Your performance was already earth-shattering. From now onwards, you will be a Pure Gold Foundation Knight. After looking for a new mount in the Knights’ Saint Mountain, you can start your mission of collecting ten million contribution points.”

“Yes!” Long Haochen appeared surprised, straightening his posture in reaction.

Yang Haohan resolutely continued, “However, I have to set basic rules for you to follow. You have already fought many times against the demons, so there must be quite a few demon powerhouses that are familiar with your battle style, and the knowledge regarding some of your abilities must be spreading amongst their ranks. Therefore, you have to do your utmost to conceal your identity. First of all, you cannot rashly use your dual sword wielding, and the same goes for your spiritual stove. These two features are just too conspicuous. Also, you have to remain fully armored in the battlefield at anytime, keeping your face hidden. Also, avoid using your personal abilities that are known by the enemies, understood?”

Long Haochen nodded earnestly.

Yang Haohan declared, “You have to know that if your identity leaks out, it will very likely cause the Demon God Emperor, the Moon Demon God and the Star Demon God to react. At that time, a calamity is bound to befall upon our Knight Temple. If you want the day you can reunite with your comrades to come, you have to proceed with utter care.”

“Yes, sir.” Long Haochen replied formally.

Yang Haohan replied, “Alright, go get some rest. From now on, you will be the 12th Pure Gold Foundation Knight. In the Knight Temple, only twelve of our Pure Gold Foundation Armors are at the Epic Tier. Come to find me tomorrow in the morning to get your battle armor, and then I’ll arrange your departure to the Knights’ Saint Maintain. Go on.”

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