Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 313

Chapter 313        Beheading Tactic (5)

Commander Carnell was dragged by his guards and went behind the secret door. As soon as the door closed, he immediately jumped up and shouted, “F*cking b*stard! What is he doing? He’s trying to kill me! What does he think this is? A movie?”

Commander Carnell was outraged. He did not expect for someone like the commander of the Polarlys Legion to assassinate him. It was beyond his imagination. He thought that only the underlings would do these things because usually, the leaders just ordered the people around.

“Kill him. I wanna see him die, right now!” Commander Carnell shouted to his guards. As soon as his office quieted down, he immediately rushed his guards to check out the situation.

In the luxurious office, the sound of gunshots had died down. Zhou Qingfeng was holding an HK41K rifle. He walked across the room and knocked on the iron secret door. Zhou Qingfeng estimated the thickness of the door by the sound it emitted. The iron door was at least thicker than two centimeters and normal bullets would not be able to get through it.

“What a coward. I guess only bombs would work,” Zhou Qingfeng collected the grenades from the dead guards and saw the two guards and four Korean maids trembling in the corner of the room. They used to work together with Zhou Qingfeng. Thus, Zhou Qingfeng helped them out of pity.

“Listen to me carefully if you don’t wanna die. Stay here and wait for an hour before you leave. Get away from Miami. Don’t go to any big cities. It’s only going to get harder in the future. Good luck guys.”

Whether or not they understood, Zhou Qingfeng walked towards the oak door. The door was so thick that the people would not be able to hear from outside. Normal bullets were not able to penetrate the door. However, the guards out there were most probably alerted.

Zhou Qingfeng opened the door slightly. At this moment, a grenade was thrown into the office. The guards outside were quick but Zhou Qingfeng was even quicker. Without thinking, Zhou Qingfeng grabbed the grenade and threw it back out. As the guards exclaimed, the oak door was closed again.

A few moments after the explosion, Zhou Qingfeng smiled and opened the oak door. It was his turn to throw the grenade.

The two grenades killed five of the guards. There were more than ten guards out there but most of them had already run away. When Zhou Qingfeng rushed out, all of them did not have the guts to stay.

Meanwhile, the sound of a bark rose from the other end of the corridor. Again, the guards started to fire. Soon, DogMeat appeared with a few bullet holes in it. The blood on his mouth showed that the numbers of people it killed was not little.

Sisters, Ellie and Eileen, were following DogMeat. Both of them were carrying backpacks. As soon as they saw Zhou Qingfeng, they called out his name.

“How is it going out there?” Zhou Qingfeng asked.

“The Cuban guards can’t get in. Li Cha’s action group somehow blocked the routes around the town hall. The Vulture is on their way here. They should be here in around eight minutes. We’ve planted a few Claymore mines at the entrance and they will be activated by infrared. They will be killed as soon as they get closer!”

This is the first time Ellie and Eileen participated in this kind of mission. They were very excited. Even though they had to cross over tons of corpses along the corridor, they were not afraid at all. While they walked, Ellie stepped on someone’s fingers and the people shouted.

“Please don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me, Mr. Hugo! I’ll give you back all the gold and I’ll tell you where the gold storage is. It isn’t just gold, there are tons of valuable things collected by Carnell, the numbers are unestimated.”

It was McGrady shouting on the floor; he did not manage to escape. Meanwhile, he could not do anything but surrender.

Zhou Qingfeng gave him a pat on his shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. McGrady. I’m not gonna hurt you. You’re a real problem-solver. I have a question now, where does the secret pathway lead to?”

“The underground garage.”

“There must be another way to the underground garage. Please bring my two little sisters there, is that alright?”

Looking at DogMeat with the titanium teeth behind Zhou Qingfeng’s smile, Mr. McGrady had no choice but to obey. Zhou Qingfeng let Ellie and Eileen use an alternative route towards the underground garage. On the other hand, Zhou Qingfeng got some bombs from the sisters and returned to the secret door in the office.

Meanwhile, behind the bullet-proof door, Mr. Carnell was confident that Zhou Qingfeng was already dead. Also, he was confident that no one was going to break through the two point five centimeters thick door. He was trying to contact and organize the guards around the town hall to fight against the Polarlys Legion.

However, the actual situation was different from what he thought. The town hall was under attack, there were more than hundreds of deaths and dozens of vehicles destroyed. The rest of the guards had no choice but to withdraw to the other streets.

The situation in the town hall was even worse. No one was able to answer Carnell. After a few moments, someone knocked on the secret door.

“What the hell, is he still alive?” Commander Carnell could not believe it. He regathered the guards around him and camped in front of the door. Everyone stared and aimed at the door silently. However, nothing was happening. “I think he’s dead, there’s no way so many of us can’t kill just one of him.”

As soon as Commander Carnell thought he could relax, the wall beside the door exploded. The shock from the explosion hit the guards and they were all sent off by the wave.

An explosion right in front of the face could destroy someone’s will. Commander Carnell was hit by the broken wall pieces. With the smog from the explosion, he could not see anything. He was just crawling on the floor and had no idea where he was headed. When he arrived at another room, he heard the explosion from the control room. Obviously, someone was trying to destroy the control room.

“Damn it! Where did he get those bombs? And he went for the wall instead of the door.” Carnell was terrified by the sound of the gunshots, screaming, and explosion. He could not be bothered about Zhou Qingfeng anymore, he just wanted to get out of that place.

“Get out of here! Take me out of here! Let’s go the underground garage. Gather all the soldiers in the city, we’re gonna beat that b*stard hard!” Carnell led his guards and ran away from town hall. He was getting further away from Zhou Qingfeng.

However, he was one step closer to death.

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