Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 237

Chapter 237        Stalker

The arrival of the cataclysm, the derailment and overturn of trains, crashing vehicles, and losing control of the cargo ship. The movie ‘Wasteland’ used about two minutes on the introduction of how the government, police, military, and foundations disappeared before the cataclysm.

The people who watched the movie were shocked by the lifelike scenes. When they saw Zhou Qingfeng spend a few days to use all his strength to rescue the people out of the subway station, everyone in the theater cheered.

The first part of ‘Wasteland’ ended here. A lot of them were not willing to leave after the movie because they enjoyed the movie a lot. Meanwhile, all the theaters around the world launched the movie almost the same time.

Feng Ruhai was reading the news on his mobile phone, and he especially paid attention to ‘Wasteland’. He was interested that how much that movie could earn.

In China, a few large cinemas were going to have their first round of screenings today, and the box office result was released on the same day. Feng Ruhai was completely dumbfounded after he saw the data.

Three hundred and sixty million!

When the data was announced, all social and entertainment media were shocked. It was a movie that was posted online, and despite that, it won the highest national record at the box office on opening day. The impact to the box office market was as if it were a tsunami; all the filmmakers were deterred.

Everyone thought the movie would sell well; everyone thought the movie was going to be popular, and everyone thought the movie would open a new market. However, they never thought it would bring about a revolution to the movie industry. The few most authoritative entertainment media centers reported things about the movie for a few days straight.

“The result is out, and any argument about the movie can be stopped now. For those who thought the movie would run at a loss and that the hundreds of millions of dollars would go to waste, now you can be ashamed of what you expected.”

“The result of the movie was unbelievably good. It’ll definitely earn more than two billion yuan and more than one point five billion dollars as it would not be a problem for the global box office.”

“Since there is no issuer and producer, the cinemas all over the world made a lot of money out this movie. As long as the second part of the movie keeps the same standard, it will definitely be a best-seller. There’s a chance that it could be the next Harry Potter. It’s gonna generate a huge income.”

“Unfortunately, nobody would use such method. The company spent billions of dollars on the movie and launched it for free. Not to mention the movie companies in China, even the companies from Hollywood would not take the risk.”

“The company who made ‘Wasteland’ must be crazy. It was such a bold move without any common sense. Fortunately, the movie was a huge success. All the movie companies around the world are waiting for the second part of ‘Wasteland’, and they’re all triggered by the huge benefits from the first part of the movie.”

“According to internal information, the sample of the second part was already approved and companies were very confident with the second part of the movie. They were discussing with the company who made ‘Wasteland’ and both parties have reached an agreement on the distribution of benefits.”

“Hahaha…., just received a notice, an A-list actor complained to his boss that ‘Wasteland’ affected his latest movie.” It’s not fair!

As a result, the actor was immediately insulted by his boss. The boss said, “Hundreds of your stupid movies couldn’t even beat just one movie from Victor Hugo.” The actor was ashamed.

“The impact of Wasteland is unbelievably huge. Now, all the movies are avoiding the screening period for ‘Wasteland’, otherwise, they are going to be hugely impacted. If the second part of ‘Wasteland’ is coming out next month, the entire moviedom is gonna be affected.”

“Let those directors cry, we should get rid of those bad movies from the mainland. The movie market is growing larger and larger in China but the movies are getting worse and worse. All of them shouldn’t stay in the moviedom.”

“Due to the surge of the reputation around the world, Hollywood’s 20th Century Fox has sent an offer of one point five billion dollars to acquire the film company that produced ‘Wasteland’”.

“The worth of all the characters in ‘Wasteland’ was also announced. The person who acted as Lena Fox is worth twenty million dollars. The other characters like Butcher and David Lawrence were more than a million dollars.”

“How about the main character, Victor Hugo? Take a guess, it’s a number that you can’t imagine, it’s freaking fifty million dollars, not yuan. It’s the price of an A-list actor in Hollywood. I’m so jealous of him.”

“What’s even more surprising is that after 20th Century Fox sent the offer to the website, the film company that produced ‘Wasteland’ instantly rejected them. Here’s what they replied with: ‘F*ck off, don’t interrupt my game.’”

The news attracted everyone’s attention. After the series of news, everyone could not wait to understand the story behind the movie ‘Wasteland’.

Especially when they realized the worth of the characters from the movie, the audience went crazy. Before this, ‘Victor Hugo’ was just a C-list actor with the worth of around five million dollars.

However, Victor Hugo’s worth increased dramatically after the first global screening. It was almost the same level as the top actors in Hollywood. It was a formal legal offer, and as long as Zhou Qingfeng agreed, 20th Century Fox would pay fifty million dollars for him as an actor.

While everyone was shocked by the price, the people in the moviedom thought the price was completely reasonable. The reason was that ‘Wasteland’ earned so much more than what they expected and it would definitely continue to grow.

As long as Zhou Qingfeng agreed, people would still pay for him even if he was not going to do anything in the movie. That was the great impact of being a global influencer.

While everyone was talking about ‘Wasteland’, the website which launched the movie posted a blurry photo. It was a couple kissing on the bench in a park. The caption of the picture was, “All of you that are looking for the main character, look at what he’s doing now.”

When the picture appeared, a number of female fans went crazy and started to comment.

“Hubby, who’s that whore trying to tackle you?”

“Shameless b*tch, leave my man alone!”

“Oh God, punish that woman, she’s insulting my idol!”

“Argh…., I can’t take it! She’s so lucky, I wish I could replace her.”

“Oh my boy, leave that old woman alone and come to me. A pair of 40 H cup breasts is waiting for you!”

When Zhou Qingfeng saw the picture, he was surprised and shouted, “God, you’re such a freaking stalker!”

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