Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 234

Chapter 234        The Pro in Acting Pro

When Zhou Qingfeng and Feng Wan came out of the cinema, it was already late at night. The reason they took so long was that Zhou Qingfeng’s pants were completely soaked. It looked like his pants had been splashed with water. However, some people would be able to tell that the stain was not plain water.

In the dark, Zhou Qingfeng quickly ran back to his pickup truck with Feng Wan. He shook his pants and teased, “Sister Wan, look at my soaking pants, it’s all because of you.”

“Nonsense,” Feng Wan blushed as Zhou Qingfeng teased her; she really enjoyed herself in the movie theater. She quickly blocked Zhou Qingfeng’s mouth with her hand and said, “I hate you! It’s our first date and you’re already bullying me.”

Feng Wan acting cute was indeed attractive and Zhou Qingfeng could not resist it. Both of them kissed and made out in the car before Zhou Qingfeng sent her back home. Both of them naturally walked into the room. It was a normal two bedroom house, plain and simple. The decorations were tidy and clean; there were many plants and paintings in the house.

Li Changmin was not back yet. Zhou Qingfeng sat in the living room for a few moments and he went into Feng Wan’s room. Both of them had kissed and made out, thus, he went straight into her room. It was very small, less than only ten square feet. There was not much room left after putting the bed and cabinet.

Zhou Qingfeng lied on the bed and obviously, he was not going to leave tonight. Feng Wan smiled while urging him to shower and took his clothes to wash.

“Sister Wan, what does your father do?” Zhou Qingfeng was lying on the bed in his underwear; he was holding a photo frame he grabbed from the table. It was Feng Wan’s family photo: Feng Wan and her old parents. The photo looked like it was taken at least ten years ago.

Feng Wan’s heart pounded as she looked at the half-naked Zhou Qingfeng. His muscles were toned and lean; she was completely charmed. However, when Feng Wan saw Zhou Qingfeng holding the family photo, her face instantly changed and she grabbed the photo away from Zhou Qingfeng.

“What happened?”

“My mom died many years ago, it was all because of my father. My father remarried and I’m living alone. Don’t ever mention him again,” Feng Wan was still mad when she thought about him.

The old couple in the photo looked happy and kind, especially her father with his big eyes and thick eyebrows that looked decent. Zhou Qingfeng did not care too much about Feng Wan’s family issues. After both of them showered and washed, they went on with their business. Since then, they started to live with each other.

The only flaw is that Feng Wan did not allow Zhou Qingfeng to take off her pants. She was afraid that Zhou Qingfeng would be sick off her and run away. She wanted to hang onto his appetite and enjoy the feeling of being pampered. Zhou Qingfeng was speechless about that.

The next day, Feng Wan went to work and Zhou Qingfeng stayed in her room to read some books. Most of them were about literature, music, and media. They all belonged to Feng Wan. However, they were some books related to medicine and biology. There were even photos of the author on each title page; it was Feng Wan’s father.

“Medical processor of Ronghua Medical University, Associate Dean of Affiliated Hospital of Ronghua Medical University, honored professor of Hopkins Medical School in the United States, and adjunct medical specialist at United Nations World Health Organization, Mr. Feng Ruhai.”

Zhou Qingfeng was astonished when he saw the series of titles. He thought that Feng Wan’s father was really impressive. He opened one of Professor Fang Ruhai’s book and started to read. With his ability of ‘Naturally gifted’ and the enhanced intelligence by NTZ-49, he spent only one morning and finished the entire book.

“‘Introduction to Biology’, it’s the basics of biomedical science. Well-written, clear, simple, and easy to understand.”

Zhou Qingfeng thought he only spent a morning learning everything and it was worth more than hundred classes to a first-year medical student.

“Feng Wan’s father is actually pretty good at writing this kind of books.”

Zhou Qingfeng got all the books related to medicine and biology out of the bookcase. There were more than ten books and all of them were as thick as bricks.

Fortunately, Zhou Qingfeng was going to learn about biology and medical science. ‘Introduction to Biology’ summed up everything and led him through the other books written by Feng Ruhai. Zhou Qingfeng even looked back and forth to verify what he had learned. The more he read, the more he thought the author was great.

“Strange, this book is really not bad! Why does a man with such high education and academic level have such a bad relationship with his own daughter?” Zhou Qingfeng was fascinated by his book because it was highly related to him. Compared to Professor Kelvin and Professor Alonzo, their work had much higher values but clearly, they were not suitable for Zhou Qingfeng who had zero basic knowledge.

Zhou Qingfeng read the books for the whole day. During the evening, Zhou Qingfeng could hear the sound of a door opening; someone came back.

As the house was small, Feng Wan’s room faced the main entrance and her door was usually closed. However, Zhou Qingfeng needed some fresh air and he left the door opened. The moment the door opened, a white-haired old man walked in. The old man looked smart and sassy. He saw Zhou Qingfeng sitting on Feng Wan’s bed while reading books.

Both of them were astonished and they stared at each other for a few seconds. At that instant, Li Changmin showed up from behind and said, “Dad, you need to talk to Wan, this is the toy boy she’s dating now. He’s definitely here for her money.”

“I’ve searched and checked his car, I’m pretty sure it’s smuggled and probably isn’t worth a lot of money. Maybe it would be confiscated by the police one day. He’s just an uneducated, cunning gangster. Although I’m already divorced with Wan, I still care about her. The reason why I invited you here today….”

As Li Changmin spoke, he realized that the atmosphere was a little unusual. He turned his head and saw Zhou Qingfeng sitting while holding ‘Molecular Biology’. There were also tons of academic books placed on the table.

He looked freaking smart and awesome!

Shit...... Li Changmin was shocked. Finally, he met a better actor than him.

Last night, when Li Changmin saw how Feng Wan was teased and how sexy she was, he felt hot and mad. He realized, he was attracted by Feng Wan, who was so secretly hot, again.

In order to get his wife back, Li Changmin invited his father-in-law on purpose. He had thought about the ways he would encounter Zhou Qingfeng - fight, quarrel, denounce. However, he never thought Zhou Qingfeng would act like a pro!

He did not expect that Zhou Qingfeng would get all those medical books out and even read with full focus. Li Changmin thought it was a great one. He could not fight against Zhou Qingfeng!

Fortunately, Zhou Qingfeng scratched Feng Ruhai’s itch, the old man was very proud of his books.

As expected, Li Changmin invited the old man and he talked a lot about Zhou Qingfeng but it was all useless when they saw Zhou Qingfeng reading the books with full concentration. Feng Ruhai slowly walked towards the door, looked at Zhou Qingfeng, and asked in a deep, low voice, “Do you understand it?”

“It’s not bad, it’s actually pretty good,” Zhou Qingfeng replied calmly.

The old man smiled.

Li Changmin was pissed off.

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