Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 233

Chapter 233        Movie Theater 

Li Changmin’s lover originally had other places to go, but when she heard that Zhou Qingfeng was bringing Feng Wan to the movie theater, she was interested as well. Li Changmin felt unhappy when he was inside his lover’s car. He even tried to search the internet for information about the Benz Pickup truck. He eventually found the asking price of the vehicle and he instantly felt like he was completely defeated by his opponent.

He originally thought that his ex-wife found herself a useless man hence, he might still have a chance to get back with her. He thought that they could at least be friends with benefits, but now it seemed that he was completely out of luck.

Tianyang city was experiencing an economic recession. As a consequence, the entertainment industry was performing poorly. There was only one movie theater in the entire city and it was extremely worn out as it was built around the last century. Li Changmin entered the movie theater but she did not pay much attention while selecting the film. All she said to her man was, “Lick my p*ssy when we get in.”

When a couple decides to come to a movie theater, most of the time, they were not there to watch the movie. Instead, they only wanted to use the dim lighting of the public location to do something private, exciting, and entertaining.

When Li Changmin finally entered the theater, the movie was already halfway through. The theater was not well-facilitated and there was almost nothing to take cover from in the seat. With the help of the lighting from the silver screen, Li Changmin can vaguely see that Zhou Qingfeng and Feng Wan were sitting not far away in front of them.

Feng Wan was actually very gorgeous. There were quite a lot of people who fell in love with her in the past. She, who was now in her thirties, appeared even more mature and sexy. She was not tall, but feminine. To put it plainly, she had a dignified appearance, with a busty figure and two sexy thighs.

As Feng Wan had never given birth, she had quite a tight p*ssy. The size of her 34C breast was spot on as well. Li Changmin was once fascinated by her pair of pure jade-like gifts from heaven. Her cleavage was visible even without the help of a push-up bra.

Li Changmin originally wanted to sit beside Zhou Qingfeng but his lover refused to do so. He could only sit behind them and stare at them from time to time.

At the beginning, Zhou Qingfeng and Feng Wan were only whispering into each other’s ear and laughter can be heard from time to time. However, both of them soon developed to the point where they began to cuddle with each other. In Li Changmin’s view, Zhou Qingfeng was just brazenly entangling his ex-wife and his ex-wife was constantly trying to get rid of him.

However, it was not long before the two started to kiss. The silver screen suddenly lit up and Li Changmin can clearly see that Zhou Qingfeng had already put his hand into Feng Wan’s shirt. It seemed that Zhou Qingfeng was trying to untie her bra. Li Changmin was immediately infuriated, as he said, “How dare he do such a thing in public? Doesn’t he know that this is a f*cking movie theater?”

Li Changmin nervously looked at his surroundings. It seemed that he was afraid of his wife being seen by the others. Actually, there were indeed quite a lot of people in the theater who were paying attention to Zhou Qingfeng and Feng Wan. After all, although there were more than a hundred seats, they were only filled up by around thirty to forty people. Feng Wan was the prettiest female among them all.

The film was still showing on the silver screen but Li Changmin was no longer interested in watching the movie. He could see that Zhou Qingfeng was kissing his ex-wife a few seconds ago, but as the lighting inside the theater turned dim once again, he did not have a clear vision on them.

“Have they finally separated? Or did he already untie her bra? How dare the bastard bully my wife?” Li Changmin knew that there was nothing he could do. Hence, he tried his best to stare at them.

After waiting for a long time, the silver screen finally lit up again. However, Feng Wan did not leave the theater. Instead, she was sitting on Zhou Qingfeng’s lap. Her skirt had already been pulled up to her waist and even her panties were torn to the side, exposing half her buttocks.

Li Changmin was instantly dumbfounded. He had married Feng Wan for several years and he knew that his wife was extremely conservative when it comes to sex. She had never done anything inappropriate even when she was in her house, let alone in public.

Li Changmin always felt that even though he had divorced, Feng Wan still belonged to him. However, now it seemed that his wife was going to be taken by another man. Li Changmin was paying close attention to them and he saw that Zhou Qingfeng was pressing Feng Wan’s breast with one of his hands while touching her thighs with his other hand.

However, Li Changmin soon felt that it was too much for him to handle. Zhou Qingfeng slowly pulled down his zipper while his wife’s butt was moving up and down. Li Changmin almost fainted from the scene. He knew that his wife had already been penetrated by another man and both of them were making love in a movie theater.

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