Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 232

Chapter 232        Country Bumpkin

Zhou Qingfeng had nowhere to go, thus, he accepted the invitation. Aunty had spent more than ten thousand yuan for the car plate registration. She did not have enough money but luckily Zhou Qingfeng sold Mr. Ma the Jade Guan Yin and thus, she was able to borrow some money as there was expected income.

Finally, Zhou Qingfeng could drive the Benz pickup truck freely on the road. It would not be a problem to run thousands of kilometers at full charge. The driving experience was smooth and luxurious; it was worth the price. The only drawback was that the vehicle had been bumped and knocked in the Wasteland. Even though it did not affect the driving experience, it did not look pleasant.

Feng Wan asked him out for a movie and he thought it would be nice to give her a ride. When he arrived at her house, he saw the beautiful young lady standing at the side of the road. There was a man standing beside her and he kept teasing her. She looked annoyed.

“Yo…. is this your new boyfriend’s car? Oh my God, this is the first time I’ve seen someone pick up a girl for a movie with a pickup truck. Why don’t you get a tricycle instead? Isn't it much more sustainable? Hahaha….!”

The man could not help but laugh when he saw Zhou Qingfeng’s Benz Pickup truck. After he saw Zhou Qingfeng walk out of the car, he came closer to Feng Wan and whispered in her ear, “Wan, so this is the man that you mentioned who is better than me, your standards are getting lower and lower.”

Feng Wan straighten her face when she saw that Zhou Qingfeng did not even tidy his hair. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses, a t-shirt and a pair of normal jeans. The way Zhou Qingfeng dressed was too simple. That old and damaged pickup truck was indeed unpleasant to look at; she had no idea he would show up with that.

Women would definitely prefer a boyfriend that they could proud of, no one would like to have a boyfriend to be disgraced. If it was not her former husband and she needed to get a hold of the situation, there may be a chance for her to leave without saying anything.

“Sister Wan, who is this?” Zhou Qingfeng did not bother about how the man looked at him, he was just a little bit annoyed by how the man pointed at him.

“This is my former husband.” Feng Wan said angrily. “We have been divorced for many years; I had no choice but to live with him, not in the same room though. He heard when I called you and insisted to meet you.”

As a woman, Feng Wan hoped Zhou Qingfeng could make her feel proud. Unfortunately, she was a little disappointed. Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng looked natural and put his hand out, “I’m Zhou Qingfeng, unemployed.”

“I’m Li Changmin, fitness trainer.”

When the man mentioned his career, he raised his chest on purpose and said proudly, “Zhou is young! But you’re a little skinny. There will be a huge improvement if you’re trained by me. Back then, Wan was attracted to me all because of my fit body.”

Li Changmin’s body was like those of bodybuilders; his muscles were solid and huge. The muscles on his chest and his biceps were obvious and toned. He must have put in a lot of effort to train his body. In fact, his body would definitely be attractive to ladies.

Even though Zhou Qingfeng had double the physical strength of a normal people, he looked skinny. He was fit but not bulky, and he did not have deterrence compared to Li Changmin. When they finally shook hands, Li Changmin tried to impress Feng Wan by showing off his strength. Unfortunately, his smiling face was frozen after a few seconds.

Feng Wan wanted to remind Zhou Qingfeng to beware of her former husband but looked surprised when she looked at both of them, it seemed like Zhou Qingfeng was the one who had the advantage. As for Li Changmin, it was not just a huge loss, it was a bloody disaster.

Is my hand still there?

Is my hand broken?

Why can’t I feel my hand?

There’s no way my hand is broken, right?

Li Changmin could not feel his right hand and he even felt that half of his body was paralyzed and numbed. He could not even lower his head and look at his own hand. It was such a terrifying feeling; he felt like he was bewitched.

Zhou Qingfeng let go of his hand, pat Li Changmin’s shoulder, and teased, “It seems like Mr. Li isn’t healthy enough, you look sick by just shaking hands.”

After being patted and pushed by Zhou Qingfeng, Li Changmin’s body returned to normal but the red marks on his hand were too obvious. Li Changmin cursed in his mind, What the f*ck, you’re sick. Bloody monster, why…, how did you have such strength?

Feng Wan was rather happy when she saw her former husband beaten. She took the initiative to grab Zhou Qingfeng’s arm and said, “Let’s go, we’re gonna be late for the movie.”

Li Changmin thought he was not prepared for that and he was shocked. When he saw Zhou Qingfeng and Feng Wan so sweet together, he shouted, “Hey, my girlfriend is coming too, why don’t we use her car. Your pickup truck is just… not very good-looking.”

Indeed, the old and scratched Benz pickup truck did not look pleasant. At the same time, a bright and shiny Benz S600 came from the junction. It was a good-looking, stylish, and high-end commercial vehicle. A woman with fancy and fashionable clothing came out of the vehicle, the most important thing - everything on her was expensive!

The Hermes bag was worth more than a few hundred thousand yuan and the pink LV scarf would be at least a hundred thousand yuan. How would normal people like Feng Wan look at her?

As soon as the middle-aged woman appeared, Li Changmin immediately smiled and approached her. He served her like he served the emperor - with so much care.

The moment Feng Wan saw the middle-aged woman, the clothes she bought on eBay looked so much simpler. The cost of her entire outfit was not even enough for the woman’s shoes. She felt even worse when she saw how her ex-husband acted in front of that woman.

Zhou Qingfeng felt anger from Feng Wan. He immediately called her name softly and…. grabbed her waist with one hand, held her back with another, and started kissing her.

Feng Wan was shocked; her eyes were wide-open when Zhou Qingfeng kissed her. After a minute of kissing, she was pulled by Zhou Qingfeng and got into the car.

Before Feng Wan could complain about what Zhou Qingfeng had done to her, she was amazed by all sorts of high-class decorations and advanced accessories in the car.

For the Chinese, a pickup truck was considered the lower class as they were used to move items or transport. A pickup would only cost a few ten thousand yuan in China. However, the people of United States loved their pickup trucks. The practical structure of half-carriages had always been respected by the people of United States.

As a result, a normal pickup truck was so cheap in China but the high-end pickup truck was worth millions in the United States.

Feng Wan touched the real leather seat cover and turned on the sans surround sound system in the car. The music was like a live concert for Feng Wan; she had never experienced this.

“Umm…, where did you get this Barbra Streisand’s disc?”

“I don’t know, it came with the car.”

“Stop lying, it’s the original collection disc, it definitely is. How can it possibly come with the vehicle? It’s worth more than hundred thousand yuan.”

“You like it?”

“Of course, American classic is my favorite!”

“It’s yours now.”

“Really? Ah…., I can’t take it. Come nearer, my baby….”

While Zhou Qingfeng and Feng Wan kissed passionately, the lady with the fancy and expensive clothes saw it. She stared at the Benz until it left and asked, “Is that your ex-wife’s new boyfriend?”

Li Changmin immediately laughed and said, “Yeah, he’s such a country bumpkin, trying to show off his pickup truck. He’s ridiculous, hahaha…. I have never met someone with such weird taste.”

The middle-aged woman turned around and glanced at Li Changmin with an unhappy face, “You’ve been together with me for quite a while, why are you so stupid? You know it’s a pickup truck but do you know that the Benz Pickup is worth more than eight hundred million yuan? Such an idiot.”

“What? Eight million!” Li Changmin had his eyes and mouth opened as if he was choking.

The middle-aged woman was even more annoyed when he saw Li Changmin’s face. She thought angrily in her mind, What a shame, little do you know, you’re the real country bumpkin!

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