Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 231

Chapter 231        It's a Pain to be Famous

Mystery, novelty!

This was currently the feeling conveyed by the movie to the public. In the past, whenever a blockbuster was produced, the film’s marketing department will always try their best to advertise the movie across the globe as an effort to force the public to spend their money to watch the movie.

However, the news about ‘Wasteland’ was extremely scarce, with the exception of a website which served as a public advertisement site for the movie. There was no press conference, no television show, or scandal between the actors. No one even knew who the actors were.

This experience was beyond everyone’s expectation, but the mysterious element had prompted people to want to know more about the movie. A Facebook group was already created by its fan base and there were a huge number of people who kept looking for elements of interest in the film.

First of all, someone said, The film has a very accurate resemblance to the city of New York. The movie definitely uses practical effects instead of CGI. The movie will definitely be a long-running series in the future as well.

Someone then reported a scoop, I’ve found the location where the film began - the Catclaw bar from Queens. When I ventured into the bar and looked at it, it can be said that the bar is exactly the same as the layout of the movie, even though the movie is set ten years later. Even the chaotic environment of the bar looks exactly the same.

As an underground bar, the owner of the Catclaw bar did not know if he should laugh or cry. He had watched Wasteland and was dumbfounded when he found out that his own bar actually appeared in the movie.

Some of the local police from Tianyang city were also big fans of Wasteland. When they read the news from the internet, they even jokingly headed to the bar the next day to find a pair of Russian immigrants called Ivan and Yakov. The Portaschi brother could not be found, but instead, the police had caught quite a few drug addicts at the bar. They also issued the owner of the bar fines for providing alcoholic drinks to underage teenagers.

Apart from the frustration, the owner however soon realized that the business of the bar had increased more than tenfold. Fans who were looking for fresh stimuli all headed to his bar. A lot of people were looking for an Eastern European prostitute named Leina. As a result, the prostitutes in the bar soon changed their name to Leina.

The fans also wanted to take a photo of the Portaschi Brothers. Hence, the owner of bar hired two strong Russian immigrants and faked them as the Postarchi Brothers in order to turn a photographing session into another source of revenue. This was truly the art of making business!

Zhou Qingfeng could only grudgingly accept all the news. There was no way he could alter anything about it.

However, all the news was just the beginning. The next day when Zhou Qingfeng returned to his house, Aunty Zhang suddenly rushed to his house, “Xiao Zhou, did you actually star in a movie?”

“Huh……?” Zhou Qingfeng was shocked at first, but he soon replied, “Oh… you must be talking about the movie called Wasteland. I think I only look like the protagonist. Do you actually think I’m really starring in a movie?”

Aunty Zhang threw a few glances at Zhou Qingfeng’s house. She looked at the gray walls, broken furniture, and dirty rubbish before finally saying, “You have a point. There’s no way an unorganized person like you will actually star in a movie.”

Zhou Qingfeng somehow felt offended by Aunty Zhang’s reply, but he knew that he should not attempt to explain it. Hence, he could only ask with a bad mood, “Aunty, is there anything I can help you?”

“Oh dear…… it’s all about the ladies,” Aunty Zhang sighed. “Do you remember that I’ve introduced two women to you a few days ago? Although I’m the one who selected them, they are willing to meet up with you. However, the fact is that I’ve actually given your photos to quite a few of people but they don’t seem to be interested in you.”

“However, things took a-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn yesterday. I received more than a dozen phone calls last night, all asking about the actor of the movie. I felt strange at that instant and I replied that there’s no way the guy which I’ve introduced is an actor.”

“I never expected that you’ll actually become famous! I’ve tried my best to explain to all the women through the phone, but more than ten of them actually came to my house to meet you. They even said that they don’t care if you’re the actual protagonist. They’re satisfied even if they could only meet the look-alike.”

“My house is now full of those women. Hence, I’m here to ask you, do you want any of these women? If you’re still looking for women, you can just take all the women away from my home.”

“No, thank you.”

Zhou Qingfeng instantly shook his hand and thought to himself, I’ve already passed the stage of ‘beggars can’t be choosers’. After all, I still prefer the women I knew before I got famous. At least everyone’s more comfortable with each other this way.

“What a pity!” Aunty Zhang even said that there were quite a few rich women among the others. However, when she showed the photos of the rich women to Zhou Qingfeng, the latter instantly felt like vomiting. He instantly stated that he was not in the mood to be in a relationship.

Aunty Zhang finally left Zhou Qingfeng’s house as he insisted on his decision, but Zhou Qingfeng still could not have peace of mind. Someone soon knocked on his door saying that he was a reporter from City Evening News. He was trying to interview the house owner after receiving a scoop from trusted sources.

F*ck…… Zhou Qingfeng did not even dare to open his door this time around. He hid behind his door and asked, “What’s the scoop about?”

“A junior high school student said that he had seen someone living here that looks exactly the same as the superstar. That’s why we’ve decided to pay this house a visit.” The reporter asked from outside the house, “Can you please open the door? We just want to have a chat with you for a while and maybe, take some of your photos too.”

Zhou Qingfeng crouched and looked outside his house through the door seam. He saw that the reporter indeed brought a junior high school student alongside him. The student even shouted, “We had some noodles in a noodle shop a few days ago and we instantly recognized this person. He said that he was not an actor, but he really did look like ‘Victor Hugo’.”

Zhou Qingfeng sighed and cursed in silence, Whose child is this? Doesn’t he have anything else to do other than cause troubles for me? He even brought a reporter with him. I don’t think I can stay in this house anymore, but then, where should I live?

No, I can never become the focus of media!

There were simply too many secrets inside Zhou Qingfeng’s body. Once he was targeted, all sorts of thing will begin to unravel. He then immediately opened the window, climbed down the water pipe from the fourth floor, and left his house.

However, even though Zhou Qingfeng had temporarily freed himself from the reporter, he realized that he was now, homeless. Furthermore, he did not have any money in his pocket, and hence, he will not be able to live in a hotel. What should I do now?

While Zhou Qingfeng was still in the middle of his distress, Feng Wan, who was an editor in City Newspaper, suddenly rang him and asked, “Xiao Zhou, I heard that there’s a movie recently that received quite a good review. Should we check it out?”

Zhou Qingfeng wanted to mourn after he heard the word, ‘movie’ - I just don’t want to talk about any movies right now!

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