Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 230

Chapter 230        The Future Superstar

I’ll sail across the wind and the billows. These boundless open vistas will all be mine!

“Go to hell, New York! Ain’t nobody got time for you! No matter how hard you guys fight for life, none of you will escape the fate of destruction! I’m now sailing in the middle of the ocean and those disasters will no longer have anything to do with me. There’ll be no such thing as the nuclear shell in this ocean.”

Zhou Qingfeng stood on the edge of Polarlys and shouted in order to vent the tension and pressure he’s faced from the past two months as he watched the Statue of Liberty slowly disappear from the horizon. For now, both Polarlys and Bird-of-Paradise had already gone deep into the middle of the open sea. Hence, Zhou Qingfeng was able to temporarily escape from all the trouble and clamor.

In order to save fuel, Zhou Qingfeng decided to shut down Bird-of-Paradise and chain it onto the back of Polarlys instead. With the help of Polarlys’ two 100-megawatt nuclear reactors, two boats sailed slowly into the ocean at the speed of an eight-segment snail.

Meanwhile, the perfect living facilities on Polarlys had finally given Zhou Qingfeng and his men the long-sought-after ‘comfortable life’ - something that had not been heard in the Wasteland for quite some time. They could finally take a warm bath, swim, and have a proper meal before going into their room to have a sex party.

“Commander Hugo, where should we go next?”

“I don’t care anymore. We should at least enjoy our lives in the ocean for quite a while.”

“Commander Hugo, do you want to have a look at the staffing table?”

“Look for Miss Fox, I don’t have time for those things.”

“Commander Hugo, who will be responsible for the training of our armed forces?”

“Look for Butcher, Katrina, or even Mox. Just stop bothering me.”

Without pressure, Zhou Qingfeng instantly turned into a rice weevil. He carried Jenny and Nancy, the two blond, busty women into his room and had a few great moments, before returning to his 2016 space time.

In 2016, Zhou Qingfeng was still inside the hospital ward. In order to obtain the artificial throat for Mox’s throat surgery, he had Fang Ruhu, who kept looking for trouble, as his target on purpose. Fang Ruhu’s issues had finally been settled but Zhou Qingfeng was still in the ward.

Zhou Qingfeng gently wiped off his trail, climbed out from the opened window, reset the railings before quickly leaving the hospital. The next day, news of the patient who mysteriously disappeared instantly spread throughout the entire Tianyang city. Rumor had it that due to the mysterious element of the incident, even the cops who were handling the case were frightened.

However, Zhou QIngfeng no longer had anything to do with the incident. Now, he had to worry about another thing - how to use the technology of 2016 to replicate NTZ-49 within a year and even upgrade it to the ‘perfect’ NTZ-50.

The world of the year 2030 was in a complete mess. Hence, it was almost impossible to reproduce the NTZ-49 anymore. Furthermore, during Fernando Rethnor’s attack, the equipment from Alonzo’s Superpower Laboratory had been completely destroyed. Professor Kelvin, who was responsible for the drug development had died as well, leaving behind a large number of experimental records and learning materials.

It was not easy to gather professional personnel and members in 2016 because in the current world, Zhou Qingfeng did not have any money and connections, not to mention the technology.

After taking a brief look at the information left by Professor Alonzo and Professor Kelvin, Zhou Qingfeng instantly knew that it will be absolutely impossible for him to get it down all by himself. He realized that he must recruit someone to help him out.

“I think I should just go to New York and find Professor Kelvin and Professor Alonzo as soon as possible. They might still be alive in this world.” Zhou Qingfeng searched the internet and quickly found out information about Professor Kelvin. The latter was a Nobel Prize winner in Biology and Medicine and was considered a pioneer in his field.

The internet provided a mode of contact for the Medical Center of Columbia University. However, even though Zhou Qingfeng got the e-mail address, he soon realized that he did not know how to speak to him.

Am I supposed to say, ‘Hi, we know each other in the future. I now have a big project that can change the fate of mankind. Are you interested to join me?

There’s no way he’ll give a f*ck!

Professor Alonzo was an extremely well-known figure in the world of medicine as well. He was a visiting scholar of several universities in the United States.

Zhou Qingfeng had a lot of research materials on the NTZ project and he could have just sent the information to Professor Alonzo. However, there was no way he could predict the outcome of it. First of all, he will not be able to explain the source of the information. Secondly, he cannot guarantee whether or not Professor Alonzo will help him.

Equality in terms of ability had always been an important element of collaboration. For instance, an elephant will never collaborate with an ant. The latter will never be able to provide the former with any benefit. After hesitating for a long time, Zhou Qingfeng thought to himself, I need to build my own biological experiment team, but first, I’ll need to invest a large sum of money in it.

The so called ‘large sum of money’ was not a few thousands nor a few millions. In these days, to build a high-end biological experiment laboratory, a basic investment of a few billion was required, followed by a subsequent investment of dozens of billions of dollars. Zhou Qingfeng might be able to get around the subsequent investment, but the initial investment was mandatory for the project.

Just when Zhou Qingfeng was worried about the money, he suddenly received a text message from his phone, Are you distressed about the money for the investment? You can get a portion of the movie ticket revenues as your start-up fund.

Zhou Qingfeng was dumbfounded. The sender was titled ‘God’. However, when he wanted to give the sender a call, he was informed that the number was not in service. He then quickly searched the internet and found out that the movie which he starred in will be premiering soon. The first movie was provided free to the cinema, but this time around, they actually charged the customers before letting them watch it.

How much money will it be then?

Zhou Qingfeng instantly searched for the ‘Wasteland Movie Box Office Estimate’, just to find out that the news had already been spread all over the world. In just a single day, every major film and entertainment media had issued articles to discuss ‘Wasteland’.

The production of the movie.

The cast of the movie.

The revenue model of the movie.

The revolutionary meaning of the movie.

All of these had caused a hot debate, but what mattered most was that the movie industry was still optimistic about the movie. Market research showed that although many people had already seen the film on the computer, they would still like to watch it on the silver screen once again.

“The movie is already so exciting on the computer screen. I believe that it’ll be at least ten times better to watch it in theaters.”

“It’s a crime to not watch the Imax version for these kinds of blockbusters. It’s essential for these movies for it to feel ‘live’.”

“I’ve already watched the teaser and it’s indeed interesting. I believe that instead of a mere bluff, this will be an excellent movie and a must-watch for all the movie lovers out there.”

“I’m a big fan of Victor Hugo. I must support him.”

"It can be expected that for the next few weeks, ‘Wasteland’ will conquer every single screen in the whole country."

“Even though we still have no idea about the production team of the movie, especially the actor that plays the role of Victor Hugo, I must say that the man is now the hottest star in the entire world. Once the movie has premiered, I’m pretty sure that he’ll be extremely famous.”

“The guy who plays the role of Victor Hugo will definitely be the future king of the movie industry.”

After reading so much about the movie, Zhou Qingfeng could already feel a fire burning in his heart. He was dying to know, how much money will I actually be getting?

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