Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 228

Chapter 228        Nieto's Anger

During Fernando Rethnor’s wedding ceremony, Nieto and his team were assigned with a mission to guard a viaduct. Since the place was considered an ‘outer zone’, it was far away from John F. Kennedy International Airport. Basically, if something indeed happened, they were to become cannon fodders.

While staying at the top of the viaduct, Nieto continued to practice his gun-wielding and shooting. An instructor was also being assigned to train him, but instead of giving him advice, the instructor only gave him some food before shaking his head and walking away.

Nieto stayed on the viaduct from morning until three in the afternoon. All of a sudden, he heard some noises near the subway station, which was not far away from the viaduct. A voice, which he was extremely familiar with, could be heard screaming from miles away.

Nieto stopped wiping his gun. He stretched his head out to have a look. To his surprise, he saw Guzman - who had been bullying him since he first met him - having fun from around fifty meters away. He was stunned when he saw Guzman. The latter was drunk and even the explosion of the nuclear bomb failed to wake him up.

Nieto and his entire team had no choice but to flee due to the massive earthquake caused by the explosion. Guzman soon realized that he was in big trouble as well. However, after just a short instant of panicking, he quickly regrouped and sent his men to contact the members of Skull and Bones around him. Meanwhile, Fernando Rethnor suddenly emerged from the subway station.

Without wasting any more time, Guzman showed his wild scheme. He commanded a large number of soldiers to enter the subway station. He even specifically ordered them to enter from the two different entrances, while he took care of the main entrance himself. It cannot be denied that he was actually quite talented, as his ‘three-direction attack’ had indeed caused Zhou Qingfeng to fall into an extremely passive situation.

After hearing the sound of gunshots and explosion, Nieto instantly turned emotional as he recalled his experience from his past two months. At first, he was tempted to join Zetas before he was forced to join the battlefield. Although he was able to live on and eventually got two women as his reward, things did not go too well for him.


Nieto recalled the woman who had taken care of him whenever she can. However, he kept ignoring her, resulting in her tragic death.


Nieto then recalled the woman whom he tried his best to protect. However, he was ditched by her in the end.

He was grief-stricken when he thought about the humiliation which he had gone through for the past two months. All of a sudden, he lifted the M14 and aimed at Guzman.

“I'm going to kill him. I will not let go of this man."

Nieto was despised by his instructor and companions every single day of the past two months and he felt that his life was already pointless since that day. As a result, he decided to fire a shot after aiming at Guzman. He wanted to exchange his own life for Guzman’s death.

Guzman, on the other hand, was leading dozens of his men while launching the attack into the subway station. Zhou Qingfeng, however, did not seem to be giving up anytime soon. Although Guzman had the numerical superiority, his attacks were not very effective as his opponent had the ‘Awe-inspiring murderous’ ability. Zhou Qingfeng will get stronger the more he kills. Nonetheless, Guzman felt that he still had a higher chance to win the battle.

However, Guzman was surprised all of a sudden. Nieto’s bullet did not land on him. Instead, it landed on a soldier beside him. Blood splashed all over the place like Nieto had just stabbed a beehive. Dozens of muzzles instantly turned towards Nieto and countless of gunshots could soon be heard.

“Nieto,” Guzman straightened his face after noticing Nieto on top of the viaduct. He commanded his men, “Head to his direction with a roundabout route and kill him. He should be extremely easy to be dealt with. He’s just an idiot. “

Guzman’s men soon reached the top of the viaduct. They then began the crossfire. However, Nieto could not hit any of his targets even after depleting the magazine. Fortunately, he had mounted a bayonet on the m14 barrel. Hence, he decided to rush down the viaduct.

Guzman’s five men were completely dumbfounded even when Nieto was already in front of them as they did not expect that someone will actually charge forward with a bayonet these days.

Nieto’s face was once disfigured by the claws of DogMeat. When he finally decided to give up his life and roar, he looked extremely fierce. Two men were still reloading and they turned around and ran away when they saw Nieto. The other three men tried to shoot him but they failed to hit him. In the end, Nieto was able to stab one of the men with his bayonet.

Fearless courage was required for charging with a bayonet as death could happen in a split second. The cruelty of charging with a bayonet was far more daunting than shooting a gun from a distance.

“Guzman, do you still remember me?”

After having tasted the first blood, Nieto was getting crazier and crazier. He kicked the corpse out of his way and turned his bayonet at the other two men.

Most of Guzman’s men were mere rookies. They had tried their best to shoot the guns. However, they were still not able to hit Nieto even though they were only a few meters away from each other. Nieto then lifted his bayonet and stabbed another man again.

Nieto indeed seemed to have given up everything. After killing two people in a row, he did not chase down the rest of his enemy. Instead, at an extreme speed, he rushed towards Guzman’s direction.

“Did those five idiots fail to kill a single man?” Guzman waved his hand and ordered, “Hand me the machine gun. I’ll kill the idiot as soon as he appears right in front of me.”

Guzman ordered his man to aim the m60 machine gun at Nieto as he waited for him to emerge from underneath the viaduct. However, after running through several obstacles, Nieto suddenly appeared from fifty meters away with his newly reloaded m14. He shouted once again with an overbearing voice, “Guzman, do you still remember me?!”

Dhuk Dhuk Dhuk…… While the m60 was being fired, Nieto pulled the trigger of his m14. To everyone’s surprise, Nieto was safe and sound, while the m60 gunner got shot in his head.

“Idiot!” Guzman was infuriated.

He needed full attention to deal with Zhou Qingfeng. However, a gimmick suddenly appeared from nowhere at such a crucial point in time. What’s worse was that the gimmick was extremely annoying. Soon, he decided to just push the dead gunner away and personally control the m60 to shoot Nieto.

Both sides were firing at each other for quite awhile, but neither managed to hit their target. However, many men around Guzman had already been killed by Nieto’s shots.

After finishing his magazines, Nieto charged forward once again with his bayonet.

Guzman then waved at his men angrily and ordered, “Why are you standing there? Shoot him!”

However, when Guzman finally turned his head around to have a look at his team, he realized that several men from his team had already been eliminated by Nieto. The remaining ones were just standing there as they enjoyed the scene. Guzman’s men had always been known for their cruelty. Hence, when they saw the weak Nieto charging towards Guzman, none of them wanted to help him out.

“I’ll settle you guys once I kill that idiot.” Guzman took an m1911a1 out from his holster and took a great aim before pulling the trigger. However, when Guzman pulled the trigger, no bullet was shot. It turned out that the bullets were malfunctioning.

At that instant, Nieto had already arrived at a distance of within ten meters away from Guzman. He was running at the speed of a 100-meter sprint and he was finally able to close the gap between them.

Guzman pulled his trigger just to realize that his bullet was malfunctioning. However, when he lifted his gun once again. The bayonet, which was dripping in blood, had already arrived at the front of his chest. The feeling of fear finally conquered his mind. He straightened his face and asked, “Nieto, do you really dare to kill me?”

The sharp bayonet penetrated through Guzman’s chest. Nieto then yelled at him, “What makes you think I don’t?”

When Nieto pulled out the bayonet, Guzman’s blood, just like his men before him, squirted all over the place once again. Nieto shouted, “This is for the men who were forced by you to join the battlefield.”

He pulled his bayonet out and stabbed Guzman once again…...

“This is for the families that were destroyed by you.”

He pulled his bayonet out and stabbed Guzman once more…...

“This is for Sofia, who was harassed by you to death.”

And again...

“Last but not least, this is for myself, for the pain that I’ve been through the past two months. Now, it’s time for you to go to hell!”

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