Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 227

Chapter 227        Guzman's Chance

Once the nuclear shell struck, Zhou Qingfeng, who was wearing the nuclear biochemical protective suit, stayed in the facility room for more than thirty minutes. Even though he had expected that the power of a thousand ton nuclear shell will not reach twenty to thirty meters underground, he was still worried about the aftershock.

When the shock wave arrived, Rachel fell into Zhou Qingfeng’s arm and Katrina’s face was pale. DogMeat was in its worst condition, it was terrified by its animal’s instinct. With its tail between its legs, DogMeat was crying underneath Zhou Qingfeng.

After the wave, the lights in the facility rooms blew up. Zhou Qingfeng turned on a torchlight, looked at the two ladies, and laughed, “We’re still alive, right?”

Katrina calmed down a little and asked angrily, “What did you say? A nuclear shell is coming? You need to explain. Why is there a nuclear shell?”

“Actually, I was just worried that Fernando would get me. I’m not afraid of him, it’s just that he and his mercenaries were a little overwhelming. They were really hard to deal with and I had to think of a way. Initially, I thought of poisonous gas, but then, I thought again…, why don’t I use nuclear?”

“So, you got yourself hit by a nuclear shell?” Rachel was shocked. She stared at Zhou Qingfeng, “Are you crazy? Is there anything you can’t think of?”

“Yeah! By the way, your husband is in it too. He agreed to launch the nuclear if necessary.” said Zhou Qingfeng.

“But, you’re the one who planned this, am I right?” Katrina glared at him and shouted. “I’m on your side and you didn’t tell me!”

“Uhh…, right! It was my idea, nobody else would have such great creativity,” Zhou Qingfeng thought his imagination hit the right spot.

“Creativity, your a**!”

“I was freaking out.”

“You’re freaking crazy!”

“I wish you’d go to hell.”

“You’re playing with our lives.”

“I’m not going to forgive you.”

Rachel and Katrina were both outraged. They started hitting Zhou Qingfeng. Before this, Katrina and Rachel were not close because of the issue with David Lawrence. It was so rare that they had a common thought - to beat the b*stard in front of them.

Meanwhile, DogMeat was standing beside its owner, doing nothing. It was even wagging its tail to support the ladies.

After thirty minutes of ‘brutal abuse’, three of them opened the facility’s door and walked out carefully with the protective suit. The geiger counter showed that the current radiation around them was a thousand times higher than safe conditions.

“We need to get out of here,” Zhou Qingfeng led the two ladies and DogMeat and started walking.

“Where are we going?” Katrina asked.

“I’ve prepared a few vehicles in the subway tunnel. I hope they’re not destroyed.”

Zhou Qingfeng observed around with the torchlight and saw the devastating condition of the entire subway. There were tons of black human-shaped marks on the wall; they must have been burned and killed by the high-temperature shock wave.

“It’s horrible,” Rachel grabbed Zhou Qingfeng’s arm tightly; she was terrified by the burnt corpses.

Zhou Qingfeng crossed the platform and walked into the tunnel. All of a sudden, he saw a pool of blood with a layer of bloody skin, “Someone’s still alive.”

Rachel and Katrina were disgusted when they saw the cooked and bloody skin of humans. When they arrived at the end of the tunnel, Zhou Qingfeng realized that one of the few motorcycles he covered with a canvas was stolen, “Someone had it tough!”

Due to the radiation, wireless communication was temporarily shut down and Zhou Qingfeng could not contact the people out there. Three of them and DogMeat went along the tunnel with the motorcycles.

They went from Kennedy airport to Lynbrook station and they will be staying there to clean up the radioactive dust on their bodies. Surprisingly, the stolen motorcycle was sitting right where they stopped.

“Wow, he used the same route as us,” said Rachel.

“It’s completely normal. I’ve placed a light source every three hundred meters in the tunnel. He must have seen that and followed the light source all the way here,” Zhou Qingfeng frowned and decided to stay. His cleaning equipment was hidden in that station.

The radioactive dust attached on their skins and clothes would constantly emit radiation. Thus, they must be cleaned. After making sure that the radiation dose was safer around them, three of them took off their protective suits. They cleaned themselves and continued their journey.

“Nuclear radiation is terrible. Does that mean that New York is unlivable from now on?” Rachel asked.

“No, a nuclear explosion isn’t that bad. The radiation level will drop to normal after a few days. It would be even quicker if it rains. Only the explosion that was caused by the melting core in the nuclear power station would have long-term consequences. That’d be a huge disaster.”

After he explained and re-armed himself, Zhou Qingfeng said, “Alright, let’s get out of here. Angie told me an hour ago that she has settled the bomb on Polarlys. It’s not under Fernando’s control anymore. Now, we have to get there as soon as possible and leave this place.”

As soon as he finished talking, he heard something coming down the stairs of the subway exit. Zhou Qingfeng waved his torchlight and snapped, “Watch out! Grenade!”

The grenade exploded.

At the exit of the subway station, Guzman was commanding dozens of soldiers and they were ready to launch an attack. Next to Guzman was the visually unrecognizable Fernando Rethnor.

“Mr. Rethnor, don’t worry, I’ll send people to kill the b*stard, Victor Hugo, down there. I’ve sent more than five hundred armed soldiers. They will be separated and going down both ends of the station. That b*stard can’t escape,” Guzman promised Fernando while patting his own chest.

Fernando Rethnor looked like a huge, cooked prawn right now. His entire back of including his head and arms were burned and injured.

The leader of Skull and Bones had come to his final moment. He was lucky enough to survive the scorching shock wave, find the motorcycle prepared by Zhou Qingfeng, and came all the way to Lynbrook.

That said, Fernando had reached his limit; he could not stand it anymore. He was sitting on a huge rock and kept on mumbling to Guzman, “Kill that b*stard, kill Victor Hugo. If he’s dead, you’ll be the new leader of Skull and Bones; you’ll be rewarded with Polarlys.”

Guzman was motivated by Fernando’s words. He saw the mushroom cloud before this and saw Fernando Rethnor’s situation. He knew it was going to be a huge impact on Skull and Bones. However, he thought that if he could get just a little bit out of Fernando Rethnor, he might be able to transform from an ordinary squad leader to one of the Big Fives.

“Mr. Rethnor, Victor Hugo is my enemy too. Surely, I’ll fulfill your wish. I swear to God.” Guzman thought the lucky goddess had finally come to him. He was determined and decided to give it his all; he was going to fight with his life.

While the soldiers were getting chased into the subway. Nieto was holding an old M14 alone, sitting on a viaduct not far away. He was staring at Guzman’s hideous face calmly and quietly.

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