Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 225

Chapter 225        Fire!

“Turn my guards up. I need brave warriors to cover me right now.”

“I'm not going to die so easily! Give those heavy duty weapons to the guards. We need to kill that kid today at any cost!”

“Shut this entire airport down immediately. Everyone, head to the terminal lobby now and fill it up with our firepower. I would like to see if that kid can withstand my all-out attack?!”

Fernando Rethnor, who stayed inside the terminal building monitoring room, had been watching Zhou Qingfeng all the time as the latter’s unstoppable force was slowly reaching him. Still, he decided to take a tough stance and gave out orders to his men. His cronies, however, kept urging him, “Mr. Rethnor, we should fall back now. We’ll let the soldiers take charge of the fight back.”

The confident poser indeed got a big slap in his face this time. He originally thought that he would be able to get Zhou Qingfeng for sure with his well-planned trap, but he now was facing something difficult. He had shown all his hands, and hence, he knew that falling back was his only choice now.

Under the protection of his cronies, Fernando Rethnor left the monitoring room. However, Zhou Qingfeng had blocked the escape route. Therefore, he could only descend into the underground area of the terminal building since he might still be able to leave quickly if he was to leave the building via the subway system.

On the other hand, after receiving the order from their chief commander, Fernando Rethnor’s guards began to regroup and open up a new path with their firepower. They were able to break into the building structure of the seventh terminal. With the newly opened path, they quickly pressed on towards Zhou Qingfeng.

Zhou Qingfeng, who was carrying an M134 with him, had finally reached the monitoring room as well. He deduced that Fernando Rethnor had escaped in a hurry by looking at the messiness of the tables inside the room. He then ordered, “Stupid dog, go and look for traces of that man.”

DogMeat had a few sniffs inside the monitoring room before he finally turned around, barked, and rushed towards the direction of the target’s escape route. Meanwhile, Katrina asked worriedly, “Victor, there are a large number of enemies that are gradually approaching us… Why don’t we fall back for now and plan for another comeback?”

“This will be the last time, and also the only time where I have the chance to lay my hands on the ‘Polarlys’. I will not give up so easily.”

“But even if we eliminate Fernando, his guards will still kill you. You do know that there are up to a thousand people chasing after us, don’t you?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll have ways to deal with them even if there are over tens of thousands of them. To my surprise, Fernando actually escaped via the subway route. This has actually saved me a lot of time.”

Zhou Qingfeng insisted on chasing Fernando. Hence, Katrina and Rachel had no other choice but to follow him. Although there were around fifty people that stayed beside Fernando, the side with numerical superiority did not have the confidence to face the firepower of Zhou Qingfeng’s M134.

The airport’s subway station had been built at least twenty to thirty years ago, and hence, it was not well-facilitated. With DogMeat’s incredible sense of smell, Zhou Qingfeng was able to keep track of Fernando Rethnor. However, to everyone’s surprise, the latter suddenly decided not to run away anymore. Instead, he turned around and set up several multi-angle firing stations. He planned to trap Zhou Qingfeng by waiting for the guards to kill him from behind.

Fernando ordered dozens of his men to stay back and block Zhou Qingfeng from continuing to move forward. It was obvious that he was trying to sacrifice the life of his men in exchange for more time for his hundreds to thousands of guards to arrive. His method seemed to be working as even Katrina had no other choice but to fight back.

“Victor, didn’t you say that you had a way to deal with them? Don’t tell me that your plan is for me to fight against hundreds of people by myself. There’s no way I can win this fight.” Katrina had completely maximized the usage of her M4A1, and she would soon be running out of bullets.

On the other hand, Fernando himself had joined the line to fight against Zhou Qingfeng as well. Due to the broad layout of the firing station, his cross-support was very effective. As a result, Zhou Qingfeng was not able to fire his M134 at will. As he had already used his ‘As quick as lightning’ ability three times in a row, he was now relying solely on his “Awe-inspiring murderous” ability to stay alive on the battlefield.

The reduced efficiency of Zhou Qingfeng’s killing spree had risen the team morale on Fernando’s side as a consequence. They were confident that they could get rid of the pesky boy in a matter of minutes. All they needed to do now was to drag the battle as long as possible and wait for the arrival of their reinforcement troops.

“Bear with me… We will win this battle!” Even though Zhou Qingfeng’s every shot successfully landed on the enemies, the enemies had the absolute numerical superiority.

“Victor, this will not work. We must break through. Otherwise, all of us will be dead in no time.” Even Rachel felt that their situation was deteriorating. Although she was hiding behind Zhou Qingfeng the entire time, she had to dodge the stray bullets from time to time.

However, Zhou Qingfeng refused to listen to them. He sent out a final attack using the M134 and was able to kill another two of the mercenaries that were hiding behind a solid wall. This allowed for them to march forward for another seven to eight meters.

At that instance, Zhou Qingfeng’s second 5,000-magazine box had also been depleted. He then decided to simply throw his M134 away. Taking advantage of the opening after killing the two mercenaries, he took Rachel and Katrina as well as DogMeat with him and entered a facility room in the subway.

Before entering the facility room, Zhou Qingfeng actually gave out an order to Butcher via the wireless radio, “Fire.”

It was just a simple word, but Butcher had already been waiting for it for a long time. He, who was twenty kilometers away from the scene, was actually camping in a large parking lot surrounded by a tall, mighty M110A2 self-propelled artillery. After receiving the order, he immediately shouted at David Lawrence, “The target is John F. Kennedy Airport. Fire.”

“Fire!” David Lawrence then yelled at the cannon crew members, “Launch the W79 nuclear shell.”

“Yes, sir.” After the gray-haired member from the cannon crew stepped on the launch pedal, a thick, long, and hard 20,033-mm artillery shell immediately launched into the sky with a thunderous roar!

For a distance of 20 kilometers, the W79 nuclear warhead needed about a minute before it could arrive at the airport. As for Zhou Qingfeng, he needed to make sure that he could survive within the one minute.

“You’re crazy, there’s no way to escape here.” Katrina, who entered the facility room, was the first one to be infuriated. She even wanted to straightway open the iron door and rush out of the room.

However, Zhou Qingfeng stopped her and pressed her on the wall, “Can’t you just have a little bit of confidence in me?”

“Could it be that there’s a secret passageway in this room?” After looking around the facility room, which was around ten square meters at most, Rachel offered a guess.

“I’m sorry, but there’s no secret passageway in this room.” Zhou Qingfeng then quickly moved a few steel plates out of the corner of the facility room as he tried to seal the iron door completely.

“You seem to be well-prepared.” Katrina discovered that there was a pre-welded frame on the iron door, which just so happened to fit a hundred kilograms of steel plates. “But I don’t understand, why are you trapping all of us in this room? Is someone coming to save us?”

“I’m indeed well-prepared. But, I’m sorry once again… No one going to save us neither.” Zhou Qingfeng soon pulled out a big bag and revealed the nuclear biochemical protective suit inside the bag, “All I want to say is that a nuclear shell is heading towards our direction.”

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