Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 223

Chapter 223        Comeback

The M134 was a six-barrel Gatling machine gun which could drive a six barrel rotation when being fired. If the barrel rotation was accelerated, it could even reach a superb firing rate of 6,000 rounds per minute in a matter of seconds, and its projectile could literally destroy any obstacle that stood in its way.

Due to the surge of adrenaline as a result of facing the T-1 combat robot and more than twenty South American mercenaries, Zhou Qingfeng had no other choice but to issue orders with the fastest speed possible.

“Katrina, kick that robot.”

“Stupid dog, bite the eleven enemies on the left-hand side.”

“Rachel, get down.”

Zhou Qingfeng’s three orders were loud and clear, but after he finished shouting, the first barrel of the Gatling machine gun had already been switched to the right position and a gunshot could be heard. A 7.62mm warhead flew out of the barrel, followed by the second and third bullets, creating a bulletstorm in a matter of moments.

When the first warhead was released from the muzzle, Zhou Qingfeng activated his ‘As quick as lightning’ ability. He then swiftly picked up the MP7A1 from the floor and aimed it at the twelve enemies on his right.

Zhou Qingfeng activated his ‘As quick as lightning’ ability three times in a row as he wanted to exchange his physical energy for three seconds of time in order to allow the ejection of all 40 bullets in the magazine.

The twelve enemies had almost surrounded Zhou Qingfeng with their muzzles. However, they could not achieve anything within three seconds. Hence, they were all slaughtered by Zhou Qingfeng.

The MP7A1 spewed a line of bullets as Zhou Qingfeng’s wrist moved, and burst after burst of blood could be instantly seen. The mercenaries were wearing lightweight bullet-proof vests. However, even then, they could not withstand the high penetration force of the warheads.

The flowers of death kept blossoming one after another. Zhou Qingfeng then dashed towards the end of the twelve mercenaries, who were now all dead, to pick up another gun to continue his shooting session.

The three seconds of time had passed by in the blink of an eye, and the entire space came back to life once again. The M134, with its deafening roar, released hundreds of bullets and instantly tore apart the spot where Zhou Qingfeng was originally standing at. There was a big hole in the cement floor and half of the entire floor had been completely demolished.

Hashim tried to dodge the bulletstorm, but he ended up falling into the big hole. Rachel too quickly laid on the floor, but she was able to hide in the corner by simply rolling towards it. Meanwhile, the T-1 combat robot swang its six-barrel Gatling machine gun. Apparently, the combat robot had lost Zhou Qingfeng’s trail.

When Fernando Rethnor, who controlled the T-1 combat robot, tried to turn the robot’s body, he saw that Zhou Qingfeng had already finished slaughtering dozens of his men. However, he did not even have the time to be frightened. Katrina screamed from behind and launched an explosive kick towards the combat robot.

Fortunately, the body structure of the T-1 combat robot, which was made up of titanium, was the same material that was used to enhance Katrina’s legs. An ordinary person would undoubtedly die if Katrina kicked that person.

However, even the T-1 combat robot could not completely withstand the attack. Its body instantly collapsed and rolled on the floor before it finally slammed into the wall at the other end of the lounge. It continued to fire its machine gun, but its attack was no longer a threat for Zhou Qingfeng.

On the other hand, the other eleven mercenaries had experienced a great disaster as well. DogMeat rapidly rushed into the lounge and locked onto its assigned targets.

It was an extremely terrible thing to be locked on by the robotic dog. Instead of using its strong teeth, DogMeat leaped towards the mercenaries and scarred the backs of their necks. Their neck bones then gradually detached themselves from the backbones and four to five of them had died within a split second.

Fernando Rethnor, who stayed inside the terminal building monitoring room, was completely dumbfounded. He had already fired his shots, but he only saw Zhou Qingfeng suddenly disappear in front of him. He too did not have the time to react when Katrina landed her kick on the combat robot. Furthermore, he had now lost control of the combat robot. He could hear the gunshots and screams through the combat robot, but he soon lost contact with his men.

What’s going on?!

Tens of thousands of question marks immediately emerged inside Fernando Rethnor’s brain as he immediately felt a sense of déjà vu. He clearly remembered that he had the high ground last time, but everything took a 180-degree turn in just the blink of an eye. His entire body was instantly soaked in cold sweat when he recalled that he had to run for his life last time around.

“No, no, how could I still lose this time? There are tens of thousands of warriors under my command, there’s no way I’ll lose to that kid anymore!” Fernando Rethnor then turned his body around and yelled angrily at Ted who was just standing right beside him, "Send someone over and kill the kid immediately. Believe it or not, he’s on his highway to hell!"

However, when the order was given, Zhou Qingfeng had already killed the last enemy that stood in his way. The whole VIP room was now full of corpses and rags.

“Thank God, we’re still alive." Rachel could not believe her own eyes. For her, this was a complete miracle. She too had killed a disoriented mercenary, but she was really weak when compared to Zhou Qingfeng or Katrina.

“Victor, I just don’t understand… How could you be so lightning quick? I haven't gotten up from the floor, but you've already killed a dozen or so people on the right." Katrina sat on a scrawny sofa cushion and began to stuff the food from the floor into her mouth.

Zhou Qingfeng also did the same thing as the both of them belonged to the ‘explosive’ category. Hence, whenever they launched an attack, they needed to regenerate themselves by eating tons of food. After devouring the food and brushing Katrina off with some perfunctory explanations, he ordered DogMeat, “Go out and kill anyone in sight.”

Surprisingly, Hashim, who had fallen into the big hole on the cement floor, was still alive. Both his hands were gripping the broken concrete floor and his lower body was suspended in the air.

Even after they finished eating all the food inside the VIP lounge, Zhou Qingfeng only filled up half his stomach. He then turned his head around and threw a glance at Hashim. Underneath the VIP lounge was the lobby of the entire terminal with an overhead height of more than 20 meters.

There were thousands of guests who had been invited to the wedding ceremony that were in the lobby. However, they were now running like headless flies after experiencing the sudden incident above their heads.

When Zhou Qingfeng gradually approached Hashim Rethnor, the latter had no other choice but to force himself to smile, “Mr. Jones, I really did recommend you to my uncle, and that’s why you have the chance to stand in this ship today. Can’t we just forgive each other and start to get to know each other again?”

“My name is not even Jones.” Zhou Qingfeng fired a shot at Hashim’s head. After watching the corpse fall down to the lobby, he then said, “I’ve kept it in for so long, and unfortunately, an apology is not what I wanted.”

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