Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 222

Chapter 222        Delay

The situation had been completely overturned; even Zhou Qingfeng who usually had a strong psychological mind was affected. When he heard Hashim say that the Fernando in front of him was a decoy, he understood why the ‘Fernando’ in front of him was acting so weird.

The real Fernando had a lot of problems but he was not any worse than David Lawrence. Zhou Qingfeng grabbed the decoy’s arm and checked his bones and muscles. He realized that the decoy’s body was unfit and too normal to be the strong leader of mercenaries.

At that instance, a clattering sound rose from the corridor outside the VIP room. It sounded like something was moving along the corridor. All of a sudden, a laugh came out of the public broadcasting speakers around the VIP room, “Jim Jones, it was a great show, you’ve earned my applause.”

The round of applause came from the speakers and Zhou Qingfeng could imagine the real Fernando Rethnor laughing at him with a cigar in his mouth. Rachel pointed the pistol at Hashim’s head while she looked around. She was confused, “Where is that scum?”

“In the monitoring room of the terminal building. It was all planned. He knew it and he was waiting for us.” Zhou Qingfeng glanced around the room and found a few security cameras at the corners. He destroyed all of them so that Fernando could not see them.

“Surrender, Jim Jones! I really appreciate your ability. Tell me your true identity, I might give you a proper position. You could stay by my side and wield the power together with me.” Even though Fernando could not see him, he was as calm as if everything was under his control.

Zhou Qingfeng was not interested. He spoke to Rachel, “Watch him closely, he’s your shield.” Then he closed the VIP room’s door and commanded DogMeat who was sneaking around the airport to come closer to him.

Katrina, who had been standing quietly at the corner, went to pick up two M4A1 rifles and a few magazines from the dead guards. Then she returned to corner without saying anything. Zhou Qingfeng blocked the door with a few heavy couches; he was planning for a defensive stance while waiting for DogMeat.

However, after Zhou Qingfeng set everything up, the door suddenly exploded. Bullets sprayed in from the outside; everything including the door, the couch, and the coffee table were destroyed and scattered. Following that, a controlled combat robot rushed into the room.

The combat robot was holding a 7.62mm six-barrel Gatling machine gun. The firing rate of thousands of bullets per minute shattered all the furniture and decorations; the ceiling was falling from the top.

The entire VIP room had turned into a mess. Even the ferroconcrete suspended on the observation deck was destroyed and it fell to the ground. The high-class and luxury VIP room immediately turned into a ruined room.

The combat robot emitted a buzzing sound and its unbreakable armor shell would not fall to the weapons Zhou Qingfeng had in hand. Other than that, its flexible fighting arms could destroy any type of defense in front of it.

“Surrender, Jim Jones! You’re done for!” A distorted electronic voice came out of the robot. The voice was simple and boring, but it carried a great sense of murderous intent.

Zhou Qingfeng and Rachel thought that they would be fighting the mercenaries who had rushed into the VIP room. However, they were speechless when they saw the combat robot. They immediately surrendered.

“D*mn it, what the hell is this?” Looking at the six-barreled Gatling, even Rachel whom was tough all the time was frightened. The unfeeling robot was indeed terrifying.

Hashim was set free and he shouted excitedly, “Two idiots, how dare you fight with my uncle?” He slapped Rachel and kicked Zhou Qingfeng in the stomach, “Both of you are scared, right? This beast was made by the U.S army, a T-1 combat robot. It’s specially made for urban warfare.”

Zhou Qingfeng recognized it and knew about the robot, but he could not do anything to that real killing machine. A human’s speed, agility, and power were so much weaker compared to the machine. “I’ve been wanting to get this machine but I couldn’t find one.”

There was a camera on the T-1 combat robot; it did not have high artificial intelligence as it was being controlled by Fernando from somewhere else. Very soon, Fernando started to laugh in an exaggerated manner through the public broadcasting speakers, “Jim Jones, you’re surprised, aren’t you? Look at your pale face, how dare you fight against me? Now…., kneel down!”

Zhou Qingfeng had already dropped his weapons. With both hands lifted, he slowly knelt down with one leg. Rachel said hurriedly, “Don’t kneel, he’s making fun of you. That’s how terrible he is. He’s gonna insult you and kill you.”

Regardless of that, Zhou Qingfeng knelt down with one knee. Hashim cursed while he drew closer to him. He kicked and forced Zhou Qingfeng to kneel on both knees, “I don’t have a choice. If he likes to throw insults, let him.”

Zhou Qingfeng was kneeling on the ground with both of his hands up. He secretly glanced at Katrina at the corner. The ferocious lady was hiding with a few bridesmaids in a corner. Except for Zhou Qingfeng, her speed of picking the rifles was so quick that even Rachel did not notice.

Fernando thought Zhou Qingfeng and Rachel were the only enemies in the room; he never thought Katrina was one of them. The ferocious lady made eye contact with Zhou Qingfeng and slightly shook her head to express that the weapons in her hand could not do anything to the combat robot either.

Zhou Qingfeng wanted to use his ‘As quick as lighting’ ability to fight against the robot. However, even his power that was five times that of normal people could not destroy that robot that weighed at least a few hundred kilograms.

There might be a chance for Katrina. Her biomechanical legs were made of titanium. The normal forces from her legs were five times that of ordinary people and her power was fifteen times stronger. Thus, she might be able to destroy the robot.

However, it was not just the T-1 combat robot. More than twenty mercenaries rushed in. All of them aimed their rifles at Zhou Qingfeng and Rachel. Zhou Qingfeng could not fight with so many of them unless DogMeat was with him.

Fernando was still laughing sarcastically at Zhou Qingfeng. Hashim walked up to Zhou Qingfeng and continued to slap and curse at him. As Hashim was slapping him, the makeup of Zhou Qingfeng’s face started to fall off.

Hashim looked at the powder on his hand confusingly and peeled an artificial face mask off of Zhou Qingfeng. He turned around and laughed at the camera on T-1 combat robot, “Uncle, he’s not even white; he’s an Asian. He has been acting like Jim Jones all this time.”

While Hashim was shouting, Fernando Rethnor recognized Zhou Qingfeng’s face. The horrible memory of Zhou Qingfeng instantly came up in his mind. He immediately shouted with his eyes wide-open, “Damn it, he’s Victor Hugo. Get the f*ck off, I’m gonna kill him.”

At the same time, a ‘woof’ sound appeared while Fernando was shouting; DogMeat had finally arrived at the front of the VIP room.

Both Rethnors, ready to die!

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