Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 221

Chapter 221        Decoy

Zhou Qingfeng was very familiar with the wedding schedule since he was the one that organized it. In general, it was the bride’s father’s responsibility to walk her down the aisle. However, due to the absence of Rachel’s father, the bride could only attend the wedding ceremony by herself.

It was very hard to walk while hiding, not to mention walking while hiding under the wedding dress of a busty woman. In order to keep up with Rachel’s pace, Zhou Qingfeng had no choice but to lightly hold on her thighs.

I must say that this laser hair skin treatment is indeed extremely smooth and flawless!

“Ah… my dear aunt, you’re still here.” A frivolous voice could be heard from far away before it gradually approached Rachel, “My uncle is waiting for you. Can you walk a little faster? You do know that you’re not attending a funeral, right?”

Rachel and Zhou Qingfeng instantly realized that it was Hashim judging solely by the voice. It seemed that the latter was even trying to lean closer to Rachel to sniff her neck. He wore a smile on his face and said, “My dear aunt, you’re just so pretty. No wonder my uncle is so obsessed with you. I really do want to replace my uncle straightaway and be the one that marries you.”

Rachel stopped walking forward. She really wanted to kill the bastard standing in front of her, but the latter had no intentions of leaving. He then stuck his head next to Rachel’s ear and whispered, “My dear aunt, do you know that I’m actually the one who chose the bra that you’re wearing at the moment? How does it feel? Too bad I’m not going to be the one to take it off.”

Hashim tried to poke fun at Rachel as he reached his hand out to pull the bride’s lace collar in order to peek at her bra. However, Rachel was instantly enraged. She straightened her face and immediately gave Hashim’s face a slap.

After the loud slapping sound, Hashim’s face instantly turned red and swollen. He pushed Rachel away and shouted, “F*ck you, b*tch! Do you really think that my uncle loves you? You’re only a goal which he’s been trying to conquer, and he’s this excited only because of the difficulties he faced in pursuing you. I’m pretty sure he’ll let anyone do whatever they want once he gets tired of you.”

Rachel immediately took a few steps back after she was pushed so furiously. However, Zhou Qingfeng was still hiding under her wedding dress and he could not keep up with the sudden incident. The indecent man who was hiding under the bride’s wedding dress was instantly exposed.

Ah-ha…… Hashim was actually extremely infuriated at first. However, he was dumbfounded when he saw a man suddenly appear on the ground. The two female guards were dumbfounded as well, but their reactions, unlike Hashim, were extremely quick. They quickly pulled out their guns even though they did not know what was actually going on.

Bang…… Bang…… Two silent gunshots erupted. Instead of Zhou Qingfeng getting himself into the action, Rachel took a step ahead and initiated the attack. She was originally holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand, but the flowers turned out to be a modified silencer. She was able to eliminate the two female guards who were standing two to three meters away from her with the modified silencer in her hand.

“What’s going on?” Hashim remained dumbfounded.

Zhou Qingfeng shouted internally in regret: Oh… No! It seems that things didn’t quite go as planned. This isn't when I expected to launch the attack. However, he knew that there was nothing much he could do now. He then pulled out a folded MP7A1 submachine gun out from his back coat, mounted a silencer, and began to look around for surrounding movement.

On the other hand, Rachel dropped her flowers and grabbed Hashim by his neck, “Where’s your f*cking uncle? I’ll shoot him in the head.”

“Both of you… Both of you…” Hashim was completely dumbfounded by the sudden incident. As a result, he stuttered and his face even turned pale, “Since when did you guys team up?”

The incident took place in the corridor of the VIP lounge, guarded by guards on both sides of the hallway. Zhou Qingfeng quickly discerned the direction before running towards a specific direction with the gun in his hand. “Bring this idiot along and follow me. Fernando should be in the VIP room now, but I do fear that the guards around him will be too much for us to handle.”

The situation was not particularly optimistic for them, but Zhou Qingfeng knew that they could only try their best. Rachel pulled out a dagger from one of the female guards’ corpses and cut off the pannier of her wedding dress, revealing her sexy legs. She then pulled Hashim and followed Zhou Qingfeng from behind.

Zhou Qingfeng lifted his gun and opened up the path in the front. He even fired a gunshot when he saw a guard in the corridor. When he pushed the door open to the VIP lounge and walked into the room, he found that Fernando Rethnor was indeed in the room. However, instead of a countless number of guards, there were only two to three of them, accompanied by a lot of bridesmaids, including Katrina who had snuck into the room.

Zhou Qingfeng was overjoyed when he found out that there were not that many people in the room. He then lifted his guns and sprayed his bullets at the guards. With the high firing rate of the MP7A1 reaching its full potential, the forty rounds of large-capacity cartridges were able to bring him an exuberant feeling.

Fernando was shocked when he realized that the guard had suddenly collapsed to the ground. After identifying Zhou Qingfeng who had broken into the room, he was even more puzzled, “Jim Jones, is that you?”

“Guess you’re out of luck!” Zhou Qingfeng pointed his muzzle at Fernando and landed a heavy kick on him before he conducted a frisk on him, “Where’s the detonator to the Polarlys? Hand it to me, now!”

However, after searching for quite a while, he only got himself a gun and the so-called detonator was nowhere to be seen. Hence, Zhou Qingfeng grabbed Fernando by the neck out of anger and yelled at him, “Where the f*ck is the detonator?”

Fernando seemed to be extremely nervous with his weird expression and twitching right eye. He even lifted both his hands as a sign of surrender. When facing Zhou Qingfeng’s muzzle, he burst into tears and said, “I don’t know… I really don’t know what you’re talking about. I do not have the thing called the detonator with me.”

“Are you still trying to play some tricks with me?” Zhou Qingfeng fired a shot on Fernando’s thigh.

Fernando screamed due to the excruciating pain. However, Zhou Qingfeng throttled him in order to prevent him from attracting too much attention. He then continued asking, “Don’t f*cking wasting my time. Tell me where the d*mned detonator is!”

“I don’t know, I really don’t know.” Zhou Qingfeng pressed Fernando down on the sofa, “I’m not the Fernando that you’re looking for, and I really have no idea what the detonator is.”

What……? If you’re not Fernando Rethnor, then who the h*ll is?

All of a sudden, Hashim, who was being subdued on the other side of the room, smiled and said, “You guys have only captured a decoy. My uncle knew that someone would be coming over to ruin his wedding ceremony, and he felt particularly strange about the ‘Jim Jones’ who seemed to be too familiar with him. It seems that my uncle is a living prophet!

Welcome to the madhouse, Jim Jones! I set a trap and you sprang into it gloriously! Now let’s get this party started!”

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