Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 220

Chapter 220        Gigantic Cannon

Polarlys, captain’s cabin.

Fernando Rethnor dressed formally and walked out of the cabin. There were around ten elite mercenaries acting as guards around him together with the drunk Hashim and Zhou Qingfeng.

Fernando frowned when he saw his drunk nephew but he remained silent. Instead, he thanked and praised Zhou Qingfeng for his preparation; he promised that Jim Jones will be promoted.

While Zhou Qingfeng spoke, he looked at the twin sisters behind Fernando. Sisters, Eileen and Ellie, were arranged according to plan on Polarlys. Both of them saw Zhou Qingfeng’s sign and subtly nodded their heads.

The twin sisters had two missions. Find the TNT and dismantle it if possible. However, it required a combat engineer’s high-leveled skills and they had to face the guards. Therefore, their second mission was to pour anesthetic gas into the open ventilation on the ship if necessary.

With the help from the vice-captain, Allen Darick, Eileen and Ellie found the ventilation system on the ship. They pushed the big bottle of anesthetic for medical use into the ventilation pipe that contained a small amount of blasting charge. Once it was ignited, more than half the people on the ship would faint.

“Anesthetic gas is ready,” Eileen said to the wireless radio.

On Bird-of-Paradise, Lena, who was in charge of giving instructions replied, “Control the situation, wait for Victor to come back.”

“Got it.”

Eileen and Ellie returned to the upper bridge, found an M40A5 sniper rifle which was also prepared by Zhou Qingfeng in a toilet. Before this, the Brotherhood of Steel sent a helicopter here and they were easily eliminated by the air defense missiles. Right now, the two sisters will need to kill the mercenaries who were in charge of the missiles.

“Sniper is ready.”

“Hold on,” Lena replied.

They were waiting for the moment when Zhou Qingfeng killed Fernando, got the remote control, and saved Rachel.

Meanwhile, in Kennedy airport, people already started the party. The grand wedding was being preheated. Even though there were not any expensive and fancy decorations, Zhou Qingfeng managed to liven up the place.

Half-naked girls were shaking their bodies; everyone on the track in the airport was dancing the Samba. Some of the mercenaries under Fernando were fighting in Staten Island and the rest were gathered at Kennedy airport. They were in charge of the security of the wedding and at the same time, they joined the wedding.

Some of the Samba girls with fancy clothing and jewelry were carrying trays of diluted wine for the soldiers and people in the wedding. The airport was filled with the crowd of people and everyone was enjoying the wedding.

When Fernando Rethnor arrived with the helicopter, people started to cheer. The fast-paced music surrounded the entire airport; people waved their hands excitedly.

“Hahaha…., I like this. I like this wedding.” Fernando had a cigar between his lips, he gave Zhou Qingfeng a pat on the shoulder and said, “Not bad, well done.”

They walked into the airport and arrived on the seventh floor which used to be their base. The lobby was filled with thousands of the guests invited. The wedding ceremony will be held here. A priest was standing in front of the decorated temporary hall. Flower girls and bands were all ready.

Zhou Qingfeng had been looking for a chance to be alone with Fernando and capture him. However, Fernando was always surrounded by his guards. When they arrived at the wedding scene, he was forced to leave Fernando and he could not get closer.

Even so, Zhou Qingfeng had a plan for that. He withdrew from the crowd and sneaked into a bathroom. He opened the ceiling and climbed into the ceiling that was filled with dust. His target destination was the VIP room in the terminal building.

After around ten minutes, Zhou Qingfeng arrived at the top of the VIP room’s bathroom. Looking down from the ventilation pipes, he saw Rachel in a small changing room. Rachel took off her wedding dress and was trying to get rid of the chastity underwear.

She hated the chastity underwear!

“Hey….., Rachel,” Zhou Qingfeng whispered and opened the ventilation cover. He slowly got into the small changing room.

Rachel raised her head and shouted softly, “Victor, get this thing off me right now, I can’t stand it anymore. Give me a gun, I’m gonna kill that b*stard.”

“Shhh…., calm down. Hmm…, how do we get rid of this?” Looking at the sexy, blonde lady without clothes in front of him, Zhou Qingfeng had a feeling that his nose was going to bleed, “If I open it now, you’ll be naked.”

“I don’t care, I’ll be fine with just the wedding dress.” Zhou Qingfeng thought that the angry Rachel was interesting. She even moved her breasts towards Zhou Qingfeng and said, “Try your blood here, I think this little window is where you verify DNA.”

“Uh…, alright.”

Zhou Qingfeng was excited when he thought about seeing the beauty’s naked body in front of him. While he was thinking of how to get the blood, someone knocked the door.

“Ma’am, you’ve been in there for a while. Can you please come out immediately?” A hoarse voice spoke; it was obviously one of the female guards, “Don’t try to get that underwear off of you, it’ll kill you, I’m not kidding.”

The guard kept on knocking the door and finally, she lost her patience, broke the door, and came in. They saw Rachel, still wearing the wedding dress and sitting in the changing room. There was no expression on Rachel’s face and it seemed like everything was fine.

As for Zhou Qingfeng…. he could not return to the ceiling, thus…. he hid under the bulky wedding dress.

Through the light coming in, Zhou Qingfeng could clearly see her sexy legs and butt. He was greatly tempted to lift his head. Finally, he could not breathe properly and his nose started to bleed.

Meanwhile, at Farmingdale, twenty kilometers away from Kennedy Airport, a grand looking heavy tank trailer was sitting outside the Ninth armored battalion. Butcher walked towards the trailer and shouted to his men, “Get it out of the trailer. Slowly.”

On the trailer was a gigantic M110A2 self-propelled artillery used by the people of the United States in the 1980s. The cannon’s length was eight meters and it had a 203mm diameter; it was an extremely powerful mechanical vehicle.

M110A2 has the largest diameter in U.S military history. It was already retired and was unused for ages. Zhou Qingfeng got it out of the U.S weaponry when he was controlling the logistics center. Zhou Qingfeng had a special plan for it.

David Lawrence arrived at the self-propelled artillery with a gang of old, retired soldiers from Brotherhood of Steel and asked, “Do you guys know how to use it?”

“Sure, of course,” a bearded man stood up and quickly got on the M110A2. After a basic check, the man said that the artillery was well-maintained and ready to use.

“Just to confirm, are we really going to use this?” he asked seriously. “Are you guys aware of the consequences?”

Butcher laughed coldly next to him, “They fed us the 155mm cannon. We’ll show them a 201mm one!”

David Lawrence nodded his head and said seriously, “We can’t hold on any longer in Staten Island. But, we can never let a Brazilian to take control over New York. New York can only be ruled by the people of United States.”

The man nodded his head, made the sign of a cross and said, “I never thought that I’d need to use this in my life. God, please forgive me.”

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